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  1. Hi Tawnyowl link to my post is here>>> http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?380090-4-wks-missed-to-BH-now-demanding-good-backs-help
  2. Hi Claire0o0 you have done as they have asked, and if they will not take the 40.00 a week that you are offering, then they are in the wrong? as you are still willing to pay more then 50% of your weekly bill, its them that are not helping. Don't cry anymore, or get upset, as you have done all you can, the only way they can get the items back? is if you let them take them, or if they take you to court?? and they never take anyone to court, Please take the time to read over some of the BH posts in here, to put your mind at rest, I have not paid BH anything from 2012, as i am taking them to court, regarding the OSC and DLC. i did what you have done and made them an offer of payment? but they would not take it, I even sent a complaint to FOS and some 8 to 10 months later they sent me a letter saying they could not help me Regarding the OSC or DLC, and this is why i'm now going to court. you are in safe hands on CAG!
  3. Hi all, i have the court papers, who do i send it to, is it the CEO ?? of BH Mr Leo McKee?? or do i send it to the CEO of Caversham Finance Ltd???
  4. I don't think they have gone to court before, as the lime light will be on them to much, I have a witness, that will take the stand if this goes to court, that i was made to take the OSC and DLC was added at the same time
  5. Hi all, I got a letter from BH today, and this is what they said. Dear mr XXXXXXX Our Ref: XXXXXXXXX Thank you for the letter dated the 4th Aug 2015 As stated in our letter dated the 30th July 2015, we have issued our final response to your complaint under the Reference xxxxxx and XXxxxxx and therefore will not be re-opening your complaint unless further evidence is provided. yours sincerely xxxxxxxxxxx
  6. Hi all, LBA was sent out to BH and they have until the 18th to get back to me, and if its not good news, i will then be sending court papers out to them.
  7. wow take a time out will you!! I use to be with BH and i have made do with out them, for the past 3 years, you can pick up 2nd hand items for 40.00 to 60.00 and for most that are with BH thats about how much they pay to them each week, so they could go and get a 2nd hand cooker within 1 or 2 weeks, you don't always need a cooker to eat?
  8. Take a look at this, by right BH should take part payments HIRE-PURCHASE ACT 1967 As at 30 July 2012 Appropriation of payments made in hire-purchase agreements 10. A hirer who is liable to make payments in respect of two or more hire-purchase agreements to the same owner shall, notwithstanding any agreement to the contrary, be entitled, on making any payment in respect of the agreements which is not sufficient to discharge the total amount then due under all the agreements, to require the owner to appropriate the sum so paid by him in or towards the satisfaction of the sum due under anyone of the agreements, or in or towards the satisfaction of the sums due under any two or more of the agreements in such proportions as he thinks fit, and, if he fails to make any such appropriation as aforesaid, the payment shall by virtue of this section be appropriated towards the satisfaction of the sums due under the respective hire-purchase agreements in the order in which the agreements were entered into.
  9. Hi beth0o0 Don't waste your time by going to them tomorrow with the offer as they will not take it, as this is what i did when i fell behind, and they would not take it, they wanted the full arrears paid at the same time, send them SAR for all the paper work they have on you, and then start claiming the charges and the insurance back of them, as there is no law that says you have to have the insurance, and they are breaking FCA Rules by making Customers take it out.
  10. Thank you for pointting that out must be my keyboard is messed up
  11. Hi all, well i got letter back from BH today they are sticking to there guns, They said,>> We can confirm that we have reviewed your complaint logged on 10th October 2013 under the complaint reference XXXXX As no further information has been provided since your first letter, our decision to not hold your complaint is final. I will be sending them a Formal letter before action, now!!
  12. I'm not sure what she is on, all i know is she made the claim about 6 weeks ago, i will find out.
  13. Hi all, My wife left me last year, But i have won her over and she will be coming back in 2 weeks time, I'm on IC ESA SG , but my wife has put in for ESA, in the last 2 months, as she has fibromyalgia when she comes back to live with me, i understand only one of us can claim ESA?? but she should also be on it in her own right, so what way does this work, as she is not fit for work!! will the JC still call her in to talk about work. Please help if you can, as i'm not sure what way all this is going to work, i also get top rate PIP for both. Thanks
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