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  1. A story about my ESA Been on ESA for about 8 years after every "assessment" I’ve been placed in WRAG. TBH that was never a problem for me as I only had a phone call every 6 months or so from Job Centre. That changed about 14 months ago as I was transferred to one of the providers and had to start going to meetings. The first woman I saw was great and advised to request to put in the support group, so I did. It took 8 months for a "assessment" (in the meantime I was passed to many different providers) This "assessment" was a complete joke the report was filled with lies
  2. I had a compliance officer visit as I had too must savings about 10K for a 6 month period. I played ball with them and supplied everything they wanted (EG bank statements) I was expecting an overpayment but not had contact from them since supplying the info, and that was over 2 1/2 years ago. So from personal experience let them have bank statements (if they want them that can get them anyway)
  3. A bit of a follow-up question. I understand someone that is on Contributory based ESA that is put in the support group will stay on it even after a year. But that person would like to have BT Basic and other bits you can get being on income based ESA. So if a person gets the income based top-up, can that person get BT basic and others bits based on income.
  4. Hi, I know if you get DLA (MRC) and are on income based ESA you get the severe disability premium. But if a person is on Contributory based ESA and gets PIP Daily living component (Standard) will they get the severe disability premium? The person lives alone and no one claims any carers allowance or any other benefits. Thanks in advance EDIT to add more info
  5. One thing that has been missed out is that DLA won't be affected by any savings, so that would stay the same. (even if someone got 100k)
  6. You need to claim back all expenses EG postage & calls because of their error.
  7. Thanks Starry. I guessing it (Disability premium)will get back dated if the claim for PIP is successful. It's for a friend, and she lives alone & no carer.
  8. Is there a code number on form? the title relates to a ESA50 so it's confusing.
  9. Regarding the Severe disability premium on ESA Can you still get it while on the assessment rate of ESA?
  10. Stacey, I logged on to ask the same question as you (glad I had a quick look at though posts ) I been waiting 6 months since the forms when in. My thoughts are the longer then better, saves having to jump though hoops every year to 18 months.
  11. Thanks for the reply. From Oct renewals will be PIP I think. Think I will return forms end of Sept, that gives them 2 months to sort it, as I stay on DLA
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