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  1. Thank you, have you to fill in the esa forms every year, feel so silly because im not to sure about this, thanks for your help.
  2. Awk thank you so much, maybe now i can start eating again lol it was like a death sentence just waiting on the phone ringing, which it never did.
  3. no i dont get income, my husband works, and yes i do get dla. why did i not have to do a medical? i do know they wrotr to my doctor, i suffer from mental health, thanks for your replys.
  4. Hi , hope im posting in the right place, got a letter this morning from the esa saying i have been put in the support group, im not to sure on these things , what does tha mean? also i did not have to go for a medical which i was dreading, please help. thank you.
  5. Thank you so much for your reply.
  6. Thak you for your reply, think maybe your rite
  7. My friend was there for her medical 2 weeks ago, and the dr asked her to wait outside. as im waiting to for a date to go for my own medical i was a bit ankouis. thanks for your reply
  8. irenef32


    Can your dla be took of you right away, if you fail the esa medical or is it only a matter of time. please help thank you.
  9. Hi, could someone please tell me why when doing a esa medical the doctor sometimes asks you to wai outside till he makes a phone call? thank you.
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