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  1. She didn't act like that outside the house when her and I were together, as I had to push her wheelchair, now she's single however!!!
  2. Trust me, I was there "nothing else has worked (prescribed pain killers)" I assume was the "Other Stuff"
  3. When someone controls you , your money, the fact you cant have friends, speak to relatives , leave the house, other than to work , then its pretty clear to me that they are very manipulative, I was with her when she got the patches from her GP, the conversation was short and sweet "Im in loads of pain, depressed by it, cant move, nothing else has worked (prescribed pain killers) what can I have stronger" The GP then put her on morphine patches and that has stayed the same in all that time. I understand it looks like I am an accomplice, but when I wasnt permitted access to my own
  4. how about pictures brick laying or riding rollercoasters? Maybe DWP would want those?
  5. it was in reply to someone who asked if the people had seen her care plan It's pretty pro DLA here and for those who are genuine, I agree, but if actions like this stop it getting to the genuine, then surly , it needs stopping
  6. she doest have a care plan, she has morphine patches and a supporting letter from her GP, no care plan, ever.
  7. talking to her isnt an option, she just hurls abuse, I got out because for years she was physically, emotionally and financially abusing me tbh. She isnt the type of person you can have a chat to , everything is ultra defensive mode.
  8. The sad fact is, the videos are all one month apart ,showing that it's not just a day, like I say, she's never walked un aided before, be it sticks or a wheelchair I know that genuine disabled people are being taken off DLA unfairly but this runs much deeper, I know it does.
  9. without sending them proof, wont it just seem like another "Bitter and twisted" ex though ?
  10. I have the videos, so its not really stirring TBH It's clear that I have been taken for a ride , They have not reported her because they wanted it to be my choice, so that I didnt blame them. When someone claims to be unable to get out of bed daily, for 4 years, then the next thing is they are in a supermarket , bending, stretching, then carrying lots of bags in their arms, then walking totally unaided etc etc, the proof is there really.
  11. Long story short, my ex has been claiming High rate mobility and medium rate care for 4 years, shes never had an assessment, it was granted to her for chronic fatigue syndrome and the only evidence was a GP letter. I had no reason to disbelieve her, she always walked with 2 sticks and on outing made me push her in a wheelchair, during the night I'd need to help her use the toilet and before work, i'd help her out of bed and to get dressed. My friends all told me that I was being taken for a mug and there was actually nothing wrong with her and they knew it, I of course , back my ex ,
  12. Thanks, it seems crazy, I always thought failing to notify a change equals benefits fraud tbh, but I thank you for your time I submitted tax credits at the same time as child benefit, do ill chase them today
  13. Sorry, to confirm, I now have child Benifit However it's only bring paid as of January Not oct-dec The months that were the most expensive, owing to having to buy my child a whole new wardrobe and toys etc I don't think it's fair that my ex has had 12 weeks x £20 for a child that wasn'tlliving with her and it seems that she's ok to keep that money and not give it bback? Many thanks
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