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  1. It is possible to get legal aid for upper tier but the appeal can only be based on a point of law.Get yourself a lawyer that handles legal aid cases.
  2. If you can sit at a desk top computer then they assume you can sit at a desk and work.I told them I lay down and use a tablet to shop.
  3. Well worth appealing as I was initially denied DLA but on appeal they used my ESA medical which put me in WRAG to then grant DLA.
  4. Can anyone point me to the government literature where it says you can claim CTC for a child educated abroad if the child returns to the UK in the summer holidays. Thanks.
  5. Got a payment yesterday,25 quid,living in Essex if that matters.
  6. I think a lot depends on the individual local authority and benefits office. I got HB and ESA after a couple of weeks.A good habitual residency form must help.
  7. I was told that it would be once a month.
  8. When i received the letter i rang to ask for my WFI to be conducted over the phone as i have mobility problems.I was told it was permissable.If you are able to get to the jobcentre then they will assume you can get to some workplace.
  9. I thought you had to have HRM to get a car classed as disabled.I took the HRM certificate and log book to the Post office and they gave me tax on the spot and they sent the log book off to have the taxation class changed to disabled.
  10. Appeal.Do not let them grind you down.
  11. All of the councils i have looked at so far in Essex appear to have online housing benefit and council tax.
  12. I access my housing benefit details online.When i first approached my council for housing benefit they sent me a form to access the account online.I go online to see when next payment is.
  13. I have the same question,i am receiving ESA (income based)
  14. Unfortunately if you want the money you have to jump through a lot of hoops.Most need all the cash they can get.If cash is not too tight then extra income can be weighed against the stress of the supplementary benefits.
  15. 10. Planning and following a journey. a. Can plan and follow a journey unaided. 0 points b. Needs prompting for all journeys to avoid overwhelming psychological distress to the claimant. 4 points c. Needs either – (i) supervision, prompting or a support dog to follow a journey to an unfamiliar destination; or (ii) a journey to an unfamiliar destination to have been entirely planned by another person. 8 points d. Cannot follow any journey because it would cause overwhelming psychological distress to the claimant. 10 points e. Needs either – (i) supervision, prompting or a su
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