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  1. Starting a thread to look for advice i will need in the near future a first time ESA form is being sent for me Hi I'm after some advice on a new ESA Assessment and what happens to my DLA IIB and being a carer i get DLA, IB, IIB, Industrial Injuries i have an debilitating industrial disease a Variable condition and after a chest x_ray Gp says i have pleural thickening of the lungs too i use medications and use a nebuliser machine four times a day because of my condition I'm going to fill the form in myself the best i can. local CAB Etc are booked up for months and local advice centres say i need an appointment rather than a drop in appointment but everyone is booked up with appointments for weeks and weeks 1, if im passed as fit will DWP Notify DLA & IIB Depts of there finding and will i automatically lose these benefits ? or do i notify DLA.IIB Depts myself what do i claim if I'm passed fit ? 2. i know you can appeal against ESA if i fail,if i do that do you lose your benefits i think i read on the net you lose benefits while waiting for the appeal to be heard if so what do you live on ? 3. The Caring part i do last year my wife was critically ill she gets Full DLA And after loads of tests MRI etc she has impaired judgement, severe Short term memory loss.including loss of cognitive functions very poor mobility awful muscle wastage she needs help with dressing bathing medication she cant be left on her own she has nerve damage so she drops everything she tries holding or picking up she cant do her insulin or meds she cant read labels or understand things you can tell her something 10 mins later shes forgot she needs help at night and has continence probs she has to be taken to endless GP Hospital Rehab appointments too if im put into a workgroup or told i'm fit to seek work and attend courses etc who will care for her 24/7 ? this is going to be a nightmare and very complicated any Advice appreciated Thanks Pit
  2. Small Claims help. This is a long story Had a phone call last night (Monday) from a woman wanting to speak to the wife i passed my wife the phone and put it on speakerphone. (I Do that because of the wife's ill health,confusion and memory loss etc when talking she gets her conversations wrong) its was a women from a shop who was asking for £700 for a new shop door she mentioned a solicitor and small claims court the alleged incident happened on Saturday evening she alleged the wife bumped into her shop door with her mobility scooter causing some damage the wife on the phone refused to pay £700 as we don't have that kind of cash the women then said she could get the damage repaired by a friend of a friend of a friend not questions asked if we give her £230 the wife refused and said take me to court.as she hadn't caused any damage this is where today i start to investigate the situation my wife was at a shop on Saturday paying for some items and thinks during this time the lever on her scooter was caught causing it to move forward a little.she says it did no damage to a door she remembers a woman running and swearing at her saying you've RAMMED my door the wife said she hadn't damaged the door and told her where to go.she has outbursts like this and panic attacks when stressed etc. now the wife's sister was with her but she didn't see the alleged incident but she says there was no damage to the door she suggested the police be called which they did.now during the time they waited for the police to attended a guy showed up after just a few minutes after the alleged incident happening and took the shop door off so by the time the police showed up they couldn't see the door in place or any damage etc they assessed the situation and said the wife hadn't done anything criminal and left I'm putting this up to get advice on what to do if we get court papers now the shop owner has contacted the wife a few Q.s so What do i do now. who was the guy who was handy with his tool bag at very short notice to remove the door on a Saturday teatime should he have done that ? what about leaving the door in place for evidence ? the police might have wanted to see this phone call came Monday evening the wife was down town Monday afternoon the same undamaged shop door is still being used and the shop is open for business I've have been to town today the shop has no new door or any visable i could see and whats interesting is the shop isn't accessible with a scooter there's a step approx 100mm high and the shop front and door are approx 125-150mm set back of the step a woman was outside the shop on a scooter she couldn't get in to the shop our scooter is similar it wont go up this size of step to get near the door and as far as i know the women hasn't suggested the scooter went in the shop so i cant see how it caused any damage if it did at all i have spoken to the wife's sister today if she knows where this guy who removed the door came from she suggests he was all ready there working on the said door when the woman who suggested to have the door fixed for £230 no questions asked is she after a fast buck what about a receipt in this situation vat etc the wife and her sister totally refute any damage the wife's mobility scooter has no damage to the front or its flimsy fiberglass cover i do know the shop it has heavy steel doors they would withstand a brush with a mobility scooter no problem if that happened at all can i represent the wife she has recently been seriously ill on life support in hospital for 10 weeks 30 days of which she was ventilated on life support with severe septicemia and bacterial meningitis this has left her with many problems she has confusion.memory loss.changed personality.she cant remember our grandkids on occasions she will be going through rehab for years and years they say she talks in riddles and forgets things all the time by next week she wont know anything about this she cant do her own medication she needs someone with her all the time needs help with dressing washing etc if she cant remember this incident would the court take this into consideration i don't want to get a solicitor etc the phone call upset the wife very much and she cant be doing with the stress i don't know how the women got our telephone details unless it was from the police the wife did give police her details Thanks in advance
  3. Hi. I'll just bump this thread it seems the latest one on these Scotcall ppl just to let ppl know There about I just had a home visit from these ppl for someone that's not here (no debt is reconginised with these ppl or who they are hopefully collecting for) Q.Who am i (lol keep your nose out) they left a card and asked if i see the person can i pass it on to them its very important they will again call next week. and hope they will hear off the said person before that as they Dont want to be taking this any further but will I Cant wait for them to come back they wont be calling again Ty
  4. Thanks for the replies ppl The women's voice was very Distinctive that's what rang alarm bells.i wonder if this is a new ploy by these type of company's.
  5. Hi. Had a phone last week around 7pm last week someone asking again for a woman that don't live here they said they were lewish group.? there telephone number was on 1471 told them where to go.. now yesterday had a phone call asking for the same women and could they do a survey.? (1471 says number withheld) told them where to go now tonight had a phone call again asking for a women that don't live here and i said you rang last night asking about a survey.. whats going on ...they hung up..1471 says number withheld. i swear all 3 calls came from the same women I'm registered with the TPS So shouldn't be getting survey calls anyway and if these calls are from the same company are they breaking any rules withholding there number and trying the survey con is there an easy way to get these ppl of my back. Thanks
  6. Thanks for that hallowitch I won't be out until Wednesday now so i will get a letter prepared will i have to put my name address Tel Number etc on the letter. i don't fancy giving them my details i do have a few times dates etc i have logged could these go in the letter.? Thanks all for your reply's
  7. Hi. Nintendo/Jimbo Iv'e done that to help others out with the number.ty They have been at it again on the phone.wont listen and are after peoples personal details over the phone would i be within my rights to report these to the Information Commissioners Office.Data protection etc ? are these rossendales allowed to keep ringing and asking for peoples personal details ? i will not give anyone's details over the phone ever.so they can ring as many times as they want. Thanks
  8. Hi.Again The catalogue and rossendales have all the details they need about my daughter. Again yesterday and today they have rang again for her they wont listen and keep asking who lives here and what address they are ringing. i won't disclose anything to them over the phone i have 4 times now logged when they have rang i'm registered with The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) will making a complaint to them stop these people. Thanks.
  9. Hi.Again. hope you all had a good day yesterday, i will continue on this thread.as my first post catalogue debt This thread seems to have a situation i have The original post about a catalogue and phone calls and spammers reply. not sure about starting a new thread to combine it all together after reading spammers reply ^ about phone calls. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/welcome-consumer-forums/235076-eos-solutions-re-catalogue.html On from the original situation we not had any calls from rossendales again yet its seems to have gone the otherway would rossendales have passed it back to the catalogue ppl (Littlewoods) ? now on the 24th dec we got 4 calls from a ShopDirect and a Littlewoods on a 0800 number again asking for the Daughter they confirmed who they were when i asked who was calling again i told them they have the information they need. there was 2 calls in the morning i didn't log the exact times of these but the 2 in the afternoon i did,on the last call i told then to stop ringing as this is my number I dont want this harassment and i'm registered with the (TPS) Telephone Preference Service they said they will look at there info and database Because i wrote the information down on a notepad about the calls in the afternoon the wife has seen this and has got herself in a bit of a state about the catalogue debt etc she's been talking about the bailiffs losing and more so about losing her Bed etc i'm trying to calm her down. she's a chronic diabetic and its not under control at all.she's had a operation on the arteries in her legs that hasn't worked she has no circulation in her lower legs and feet and part of her illness condition she spends hours a sleep in the bed she can't deal with this.looks like i'll take them on again we not had any calls for the wife about this but its getting her down what i did find interesting yesterday is the daughter thinks that littlewoods has been putting pressure on there agent (the old lad) and they have sent the agent what seems to be a credit agreements as there was none and littlewoods have asked there agent to hand these out to her customers telling her she must get her customers to sign these. i can confirm we and the daughter haven't had any such things sent to our house's.to initially sign on if they have done this i'm sure the agent wont have any idea how to explain what these are to her customers before anyone signs anything if this has happened is it legal the way they have done this. i cant ask the wife as she's not up yet,so im not sure if she has signed anything Thank You
  10. Thanks all i will see how it goes with the calls they may drop off now Xmas is here i never divulge anything over the phone. if they don't reply to who they are if i ask "who is ringing plz" i don't tell anyone anything. its not for me to pass anyone's info on over the phone just to be safe from identity theft data protection.etc they don't say who they are its stuff like "tell her its Brenda she'll know who it is" i just caught on to who it was via 1471 and the callers number was not withheld again thanks all
  11. ty.ppl they have been ringing for the daughter she don't live here they haven't been to the house or sent any mail. so what can i do about this debt collector who's after information but that's nothing to do with me.? they all ready have the info there after Thanks
  12. Hi. my first post and thanks for having me. Had 2 calls today from a number 01706 833*** after googling it comes back to a rossendales the thing is they didn't say who they were and on each occasion asked for my daughters but my daughters don't live here there grown up and they got there own homes/addresses etc there can only be one thing that this is about my wife and daughters were customers of a old lady that ran a catalogue who recently totally lost her way with running this and the payments seemed to be messed up by her we never missed any payments its only about 4 week ago my wife got a statement saying she owed about £500 but we have a statement from 5 weeks ago saying our balance is about £250 so she contacted the catalogue saying there balance is wrong and they were looking into it not heard anything since my wife and daughters details with this catalogue are under there own names & home addresses etc. i rang the daughters today they haven't been contacted by anyone on there catalogue bills we haven't received any calls from the 01706 number about the wife's account so i hope there still looking into the wrong balance its only by chance they asked for the daughters and they weren't here visiting or i would have passed the phone to them when i picked the phone up they just said e.g "hello is Julie there" i could have easily passed the phone to them if they were here how do i deal with rossendales with these calls that are not for me. and how come there ringing me to speak to the daughter im posting because after googling these rossendales dont have a good reputation after reading google results p.s. this can only be a catalogue bill nothing to do with council tax etc Thanks.. merry xmas & a happy new year all
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