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  1. Thank you for advice went to link and it says I will not be affected until2015 ii can stop worrying over it now xx
  2. Hi I am currently getting dla higher rate mobility low rate care with indefinate award will this new pip affect or will I just get put on it x
  3. Thank you for the advice I will send a letter straight away xxx
  4. Hi can anyone advise me I have had to finish work due to illness had an account with studio 24 for a few years my current balance is 650.00 I had no problems paying when in work I phoned and explained my situation and they said as long as I carried on making minimum payments monthly I would be fine I am struggling to pay but have not missed any payments I made a mistake last month and paid twice in march beginning &end of march now they are saying I missed April and have given me a default notice and charged me 17.00 plus I have to pay 73.00 this m
  5. Hi it looks like they are accessing everyone I have been on esasupport group since July 2012 received a letter about my appeal ??? I haven't appealed so it looks like I have been reaccessed without them telling me
  6. hi can anybody help me i have had to leave work due to illness when i was checking my credit card statements it had taken a payment for ppi which i wasnt aware i had would i be better claiming for sickness or mis sold ppi:???:
  7. thank you for your prompt message i think your right i will do a paper claim i was just wondering if it would be easier xxx
  8. hi as anyone on here completed a dla claim form on line or is it best to do a written claim?
  9. hi i was put in the wrag and had to go for an interview there really is nothing to worry about i have only ever been to that one and the advisor just gave me his card and said if i had any problems or if i wanted his advice i could ring him
  10. hi i was on esa contribution based in the wrag my 12 months was up in april so i can no longer claim any benefits as my husband works full time but as you can imagine losing my wage and now the benefits we are really struggling i have sent a letter for reconsideration as my condition as deteriorated since i had my medical with atos dr have not heard anything as yet but after reading some of the threads it seems impossible to ge into support group if i get turned down are they saying i am fit for work would i then be able to claim jsa
  11. hi could you give me some advice my niece got a provident loan which was fine for a few weeks but then the agent stopped calling for her payment she as rang the office several times and was told they would send someone round it is now 4 weeks and still no one as come she phoned office again yesterday and was told that it is her responsibilitey to pay the loan she asked how to pay and they said send a cheque she does not ave a bank account and was told thats her problem and they are passing her name to debt agency is there anything she can do about this what are her rights
  12. thanks for your reply hb will give them a ring tomorrow xx
  13. hi could anybody help me i am on long term sick from work my ssp ran out 12 jan i have rang dwp and was asked lots of questions about my illness and told i might be able to get contribution based esa they said they would send me questionare and other forms explaining what to do next that was 2 weeks ago not heard anything will i get any benefits as now not getting anything from work .
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