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  1. Can anyone tell me if I'm entitled to Maternity Allowance whilst being on ESA. I've been on ESA over a year now and have been awarded the support group. Im currently pregnant and not quite sure if it's worth applying. there seems to be conflicting information online so feeling rather confused. Thanks for reading and for any replies.
  2. hi Ell-enNana thanks for the response. we did ask for a breakdown but they said they can't provide it. just told us the monthly amount and referred to it as the interest not yet charged on the arrears. we have escalated our query to the complaints department but they gave us the same answer. were now waiting for a formal response in writting from them. the lender is ucb homeloans.
  3. Hi all, Wondering if anyone can help with this. we have had a suspended order on the property whereby we have been paying a small amount each month towards the arrears. finally last month we were in a position to pay a lump sum and clear all the arrears. now we are back on track with our mortgage payments. when making the payment we spoke in length to the advisor to ensure our normal monthly mortgage payment would remain the same. we have been assured that would be the case a week later received a letter detailing an additional charge on top of the m
  4. Good and useful points regarding keeping an updated file! We've requested reports etc from G.P which we will keep in the file also once we get them so it's a bit easier to refer to the next time we need to. Ruby - ur right it may be worth enquiring if we get to that stage. Every thing helps I guess
  5. Thanku all for the info We will make a call to them to find out exactly the length of time for support group. I'm hoping they adhere to the tribunal recommendation but as u all said it's not binding but fingers crossed! As for another esa50 I think if that happens then we will definitely attach the tribunal recommendation and question it if it happens straightaway. I must admit it's all so complicated but thanks for making me understand it & be able to follow it. Margaret - i will look at the link (thanks) when I can absorb the info properly. It looks interesting!
  6. Thanks both. For now we're just happy tribunal went in our favour. Having read the decision myself it also states on the letter "tribunal recommends xxxxx should not be reassessed for a period of 2 years". I'm presuming this is the length of time my friend will be in support group!
  7. Thanks RMW I'll let him know as he's been on appeal rate!
  8. Thanks Margaret. My friend won his appeal & he has been put in a support group! I'm over the moon for him Just now need to understand what happens now. I'm presuming they will back date any payments owed to him. How does the support group work? Is anyone on here that might know & shed some light? Once again a massive thank you all for the support & advice as it shows even at the last stage of prep everything helps no matter how small. I couldn't have done it without ur guidance on the site
  9. just looked it up online and reading through if the appeal is upheld and the correct scoring given to my friend then he should be put in a support group also!
  10. not sure what the criteria of the support group is.... where does one look for that
  11. just also wanted to say thank you to you all for the help and advice i found it really useful in helping prepare my friends appeal case.
  12. Quick question is each area scored out of 15 points as i have now gone through them all and have got a total fo 120 points my friend should have been given. From the threshold of 15 points to 120 sounds a lot to me.
  13. Only thinking of what can be used in absence of DR or Hospital Consultant Report if tribunal goes ahead as scheduled.
  14. just to add there is a medical report from 2010 - carried out independantly by his work place - which outlined in detail his health condition. Is it a good idea to use this as I believe it is still valid to his current medical conditions. admittedly it does not mention much about the care needs.
  15. Hi all, im trying to get some advice re esa tribunal for a friend who is in pieces at the short hearing date - only had 15 days to prepare. A big pack has arrived which contains all the paperwork from both atos and him and well its a minefiled. I cant understand some of the paperwork as their is a lot of legal jargon. Problem he faces - everyone including dr and hospital consultants are away over xmas and new year so he is unable to get any supporting documents in time. 2 questions really....... 1. Can we request a later hearing date 2. If the hearign still
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