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  1. Most car park "management" is fairly useless anyway, especially when the PPC just relies on ANPR. That will deal with overstaying (apart from "double dipping") but, unless there are feet on the ground, there is no way of ensuring that disabled bays are not misused or that nobody has parked sideways over three bays. The only solution is pay-on-exit with a human patrolling the car park. Finally ( and the government are proposing this) PPC charges must be brought into line with council parking charges and they must not be allowed to charge any more than local authorities.
  2. I'm surprised the PPC and airport haven't come up with the old chestnut of "security" at the airport. As if the sending of a bit of paper a few days after the event would deter a potential car bomber or terrorist.
  3. This lack of car-parking space in many Aldi stores is down there policy of building shops on small penny-packets of land that other supermarkets won't touch. This leads to not only small car-parks, but lack of storage space. Hence all the complaints about the aisles full of pallets of stuff, especially at Christmas.
  4. Parking Prankster has now blogged about this case. Read and enjoy (especially Trev's "creative accounting") http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/anpr-court-update.html
  5. UKPC staff are on a bonus scheme and it's in their interest to produce more tickets so they can earn more money. This Parking Prankster blog explains it all:- http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/uk-parking-control-warden-explains-how.html
  6. Now featured on the BBC :- http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-34172701
  7. UKPC have finally admitted that some of their "wardens" have been altering the time stamps on photographs used on their PCNs. The "wardens" have been sacked and the loophole in the software has been closed. This was after the company initially said that all the photos were correct, the time stamps could not be altered, and that the motorist would have to pay up. This story has been featured on the BBC, the Sunday Times and by the Parking Prankster. If anyone suspects that they have been the victim of this sharp practice you should contact PPC, but also the BPA and possibly Trading Standards.
  8. There have been a couple of mentions on this forum hinting that the relationship between PE and Morrisons a turned sour and that the new boss of the supermarket is trying to ditch the PPC. Does anyone have more information on this story? Thanks.
  9. Parking Eye do not mention this appeal on their website. They are still gloating on their "win" at the COA. Going on past form, they will probably "forget" to mention the latest appeal in the paperwork they send to motorists and when filing court papers.
  10. All Parking Eye signs have those meaningless phrases about disabled and P&C drivers "only in marked bays". That could be interpreted as meaning that those category of drivers can only park there and nowhere else. I think a judge even remarked about this at a trial. In the case of PE it's even worse , they say "parent and toddler" . How do you define a "toddler" . Other PPCs set an upper age limit for children in P&C bays. How can a PPC "attendant" (of a PPC ANPR camera) determine the age of a child?
  11. That goes against this Parking Pranktster blog:- http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/co-op-confirm-they-have-not-cut-deal.html
  12. So who does this "Chris Jones" actually work for , the CO-OP or CEL?
  13. You have not received a County Court Judgement. What you have received is an empty threat about taking you to court. You really should start your own thread.
  14. Is this the PPC where Watchdog sent in an undercover reporter? This is being broadcast next week (Thursday 28th)
  15. The Parking Prankster's latest blog has some interesting things to say about CEL/Deal and all its many personas :- http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/co-op-confirm-they-have-not-cut-deal.html
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