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Found 6 results

  1. I had a parking ticket come through the post last week and it cited I now owed £110, I didn't received the initial parking ticket I went on to Harrow Council's parking website and looked at the evidence, the photos were so badly taken, that there was no photos of my car reg, the double yellow lines or the parking ticket on my windscreen. I do recalled the night in question as I brought over a bookcase for a friend of mine, and parked outside his flat, , and I do not recalled any parking ticket on my windscreen. I have further checked and there are double yellow lines on one side and single yellow on the other side of the road looking back I am pretty sure my car was on the single and not the double yellow lines. Do I have to accept that the ticket was lawfully applied, it seems odd that the photos were so badly taken, could the same be applied that the ticket was never put on my windscreen, and that I in fact came downstairs and drove away before it could be applied on my windscreen
  2. UKPC have finally admitted that some of their "wardens" have been altering the time stamps on photographs used on their PCNs. The "wardens" have been sacked and the loophole in the software has been closed. This was after the company initially said that all the photos were correct, the time stamps could not be altered, and that the motorist would have to pay up. This story has been featured on the BBC, the Sunday Times and by the Parking Prankster. If anyone suspects that they have been the victim of this sharp practice you should contact PPC, but also the BPA and possibly Trading Standards.
  3. Last week a PCN was issued to me in central London with a code 01 "Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours" I was under the impression I was parked in a valid space and I was inside my car when the attendant was issueing a ticket, when I realised he was placing the ticket on the windscreen I then drove off and he was not able to take any photographs. When I have checked the PCN number online there are no photos whatsoever on the file. Is this ticket valid? Presumably they need photographic evidence that a parking offense was committed. Thank you.
  4. Hello, I received a penalty charge for allegedly driving in a bus lane while in London. However the photographic evidence is highly unclear with no clear display of our licence plate. When I requested clearer evidence they sent us a picture of a darkened car with a licence plate in clear white with my plate on it. None of the pictures they have sent us have any clear discernible evidence that it was our car. Whilst i was in London on the date of the incident, i think i was, the evidence seems really concerning in that it could have been any car. Furthermore, the original pictures sent were during the daytime and yet the only picture where there is a clear licence plate is near pitch black and the quality seems highly contrastable to that picture and the others. Is there any way of defending this and can you offer any advice please? Thank you
  5. I have been doing a little bit of letter tennis with a Debt Collector over a PCN; I asked for copies of any photographic evidence taken at the time the PCN was issued.... Response: There is no such evidence available; however under the British Parking Association's code of practice, I am under no obligation to provide such evidence. Therefore whether I provide it or not will not effect the outcome of this matter. Correct or not.....??? I thought they had to take photos as part of their evidence or how else can they prove that the vehicle as actually there, committing an offence, and the PCN was fixed to it. Plus if I want to see their photos (evidence) I am fully entitled to.
  6. I have a question regarding property inspections: Our landlord made an appointment for inspection and no one ever turned up. Now about two weeks later a new inspection was timetabled where photos will be taken, without an apology for no show last time. There are several questions I am asking myself: Do I have any right to complain if appointments are not kept and I am not informed, do I have to let people take photos (and of which areas) and what can they be used for (advertising online?), if the date the landlord fixes does not suit me, can I ask for a different one and where are these rules set out? Kind regards and thank you for any answers
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