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  1. Thanks for this Eric's brother but I think I am going to count my blessings. The suggested fine and costs on the letters sent to me go up above £500 and whilst I know I could have paid the amount within 28 days and not suffered a ccj, it still makes me feel sick when I think what I could otherwise spend £500 on!!!
  2. I have now sat and looked at the documentation. The notice of discontinuence is dated 18/05. Cant read the signature but isnt Schwartz or Cohen. The letter attached from DEAL is dated 19/05 and is marked urgent sent by guaranteed next day delivery before 1pm.. Looks like it is signed by someone called Debs ! but is a true signature rather than a template. I suppose they leave it till the eleventh hour to see if you will actually pay
  3. Not sure but I am now vehemently joining the campaign against these people in whatever way I can. I have lost sleep and been stressed over the tactics used. Fake and photocopied letters, non practicing solicitors' who cant spell their own name, electronic signatures etcetc. The whole practice is disgusting
  4. Hi Everyone The mysterious letter at the post office was a notice of discontinuance. It had been issued on the 18.05.2015. However being the untrusting soul I am (thanks to all your advice) I went down to Wakefield court and confirmed the case had in fact been discontinued. Watchdog are investigating these people so I have supplied them with all the documents shared on here. Cant thank you guys enough for all your help and support. Day at home for me then!!! Thank you
  5. Thanks to everyone who has given me advice - most appreciated. I cant tell you how much this has stressed me out. Came home today to find there is a registered letter waiting for me at the post office - could this be my cancellation of court hearing tomorrow I wonder? I will know when I pick it up in the morning. I am still set to go but stil wonder if I wouldnt have been better off paying. This has been a minefield and I still dont know if I will step on a shell
  6. I have updated the title here and new docs have been sent for approval
  7. Documents amended and re added Friday 22nd May My court date looms Attached is more information and any further advice would be gratefully received
  8. The date I parked was 29/03/14 and I was originally pursued under the protection of freedoms act and accused of trespass. I ignored this as it was a free car park so didn't think I was trespassing. The telephone number listed on the claim form for you to contact DEAL only ever goes to an answer machine in my experienceI have never been able to get through to speak with anyone. The website advised for paying the debt is the same on both sets of correspondence which I would suggest proves the tenuous link alluded to in some of the thread replies.
  9. Hello Ericsbrother apologies I am unable to reply to your pm as I dont have enough posts, however thank you for your advise. I will use every single piece of it and that of others. I need to get my paperqork in order to proceed Thank you again Thankyou Bazooka boo I will be going to court Hi honeybee13, I dont want to pay, the thought of going to court and a few sleepless nights made me feel the only way out was to pay, however I have now changed my view. I dont blame anyone who deos pay though the paperqork looks very official and is clearly designed for that purpose.
  10. Gosh, you guys are amazing. I have just got the papers and my credit card to pay the offered £215 but again am now reviewing based on your advice. How can these people get away with this and why do shops such as the co-op allow them to do this? I have sat outside the carpark in Ossett where I incurred the fine on 3 seperate occasions and the carpark is never abused. Perhaps because of the parking eye scenario but how are they allowed to get away with this? For me the coop are just as much at fault as the people they employ to manage the free carpark! Am still wavering as
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