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  1. As DragonFly1967 said previously, my tenancy agreement trumped their contract. They argued a point that stated I had to follow guidelines set out by landlord which would be provided to me in writing. They couldn't get that this statement in my tenancy agreement was not the rules in writing. It was comical watching them make fools of themselves trying to argue this (hard to explain on a post, probably had to be there). They then tried to say the text on the permit covered this. The judge dismissed badly worded text on the back of a scrap of cardboard and said it does not stand up against a bind
  2. Well common sense prevailed. Had to wait around at the courts for 6 hours whilst the judge got through the other 5 cases brought by ANPR. What a bunch of jokers these people are, very unprofessional and know very little about the law. I think the highlight of listening to them stumble their way through trying to make a case against me was when their 'legal' representative tried to quote another case similar to mine.... 'Its like that other case, you know the one, o whats its called - you will know better than me your honour what was it called again?' - Brilliant preparation! They also produced
  3. The court papers stated 14 days before the hearing. I sent documents to ANPR 3 days before the deadline and delivered to court 2 days before. I hadn't considered they may try to give me documents on the day. I hope the judge is trying to make an example of them by taking it to court. Will I be able to submit these expenses/losses on the day or should I have included it in my defence documents? Thanks
  4. Only four days until court and ANPR appear to be taking this all the way. I called the court a couple of weeks ago and ANPR hadn't withdrawn their claim so I got all my evidence together - tenancy agreement, letters to ANPR, phone records showing I called them the morning after the ticket, emails from the agent representing the land owner & VC5 document. I sent copies (recorded deliver) to ANPR and hand delivered copies to the court - I have received nothing from them. The letter states each party must deliver to the other party and the court copies of all the documents they intend to rely
  5. Well tomorrow is the deadline for ANPR to pay £55 to take me to court. I received a call from them today offering me one last chance to pay before proceeding to court. Their 'legal representative' said if I paid £210 in the next 24 hours they would drop the case. I told her I would see them in court!! Hoping this is their final bluff and I never hear from them again. Has anybody else experienced this tactic?
  6. Cheers Cardiff Devil. You have eased my worries - I was never any good at poker!
  7. I was issued with claims forms from the County Court Bulk Centre in Northampton last week, I've logged my defence on moneyclaim.gov.uk and yesterday received a letter from Small Claims offering mediation service and requesting dates I couldn't attend court. Although I know, 100% that I am in the right and these people are profiteering leeches I am now getting nervous that they have takien it this far and my over sight of the POPLA process could be costly. The fact no passes were issued for the car park till mid-feb may also be thrown out unless I was to call other business owners as witness
  8. Thanks for that Billy 's mate. I have just discovered my next mistake. POPLA have told me that the incorrect details that appear after entering your code are there as guidance and should be typed over, i presumed it was an autofill attached to the code. I have asked if my appeal was dealt with but I know I was very late logging this appeal as it didn't register with me when I first read ANPR's response. I just rushed head first into another letter to them. Do you still think my tenancy agreement will surfice? Thanks
  9. Hi All, I was about to pick up the phone to try and negotiate a settlement with ANPR but after reading threads on here I thought I should ask your advice. Long story so I will try to keep as brief as possible. I rent an office space and my tenancy agreement states I am entitled to two parking spaces in the twelve space private car park. Last November I changed my vehicle, the car I bought went to my local garage to be serviced and I placed my parking permit in the courtesy vehicle. The day I collected my new car I forgot to move the parking pass back. I received a tick
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