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  1. Yes there is probably something wrong, the freezer is cooling too much and thus its probably iced up. I have a fisher paykel and how this works is there is a timed defrost with a heating element to keep the fridge freezer frost free. By putting it on super mode you are creating more ice and totally covering the cooling fins so the air is not cooled and getting warmer. You got it working again because the ice has been defrosted away and it takes some time to get down to temperature esp if you have filled it with food. Could be a failed part, defrost element, temperature sensor, pcb or a
  2. Original tyres, how long have you had them, regardless of mileage prolonged exposure to weather conditions does deteriorate the tyres.
  3. There's not much that comes packaged in a tv nowadays, screen, stand, remote and some cables. , which is pretty much the same with the 4 TV's I've had.
  4. My problems have always been resolved at first point of call, the OP is looking for someone/somewhere further up within Amazon. Anyone know, seems the complaint is very simple, Amazon had failed to inform carriers there will be 2 packages and has inconvenienced OP. Whether the OP wants to pursue Amazon through the equalities act is up to them but as has been advised it looks to be a non starter, then again unless clued up I for one don't know. I would give the OP a name or address if I knew and let them get on with it.
  5. Advertising as taxed for test drive purposes I understand but advertising with length of time left would imply it's available to pass on to the prospective buyer.
  6. Surprisingly some are still advertising their cars with tax left. Guess not all are up to speed with the changes.
  7. On the eurocarparts website, parts with a surcharge are only refundable if the part can be reconditioned. Suppose that's what the op thought when he heard the diagnosis hence not bothering returning, possibly the same terms with most part suppliers.
  8. For an extra fiver you can do 5 with autotrader/experiian, should you wish not to proceed and I think there's some extra guarantee that goes along with the check.
  9. Don't expect too much, it's Christmas, could be anytime or any day. If you have a printer you can drop off at their collection point, that is if they say they will send a courier round. Or you can wait it out till after xmas before easy return is expired and see if they charge you then take it from there.
  10. Seeing that you don't have to cancel a sorn when taxed and insured, probably not.
  11. The salesman was a donkey, making a complaint would suffice but "fix him" is vindictive.
  12. What car is it, those with insight can offer a representative value as to average price and what you should realistically be aiming for.
  13. Print off the form and send it off. As with sorn and the like it's always reassuring to receive that acknowledgement through email but as it stands you are restricted to postal claim. Follow up with email enquiry to [email protected]
  14. Have you tried different browsers, or forgot to tick or enter something.
  15. That's the advice usually given, comes with experience and messing up. The problem probably is the masking tape is never completely flat, paint gets under, dries then adheres to the tape then your end result.
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