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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there, just after a little bit of advice my friend Sally has been having loads of problems dealing with Samsung after buying a £170 TV and trying to get her £30 Cashback. Btw the TV was bought from Pc world although this is of minor relevance in the matter. She has been on the phone and emailing in total utilising about 7 hours to no avail. I advised her to email the CEO and ask for compensation for not having been giving her rightful £30 VAT money back. The Senior customer services chap from exec office has now responded and said that the cheque will be issued, wheter this will materialise is anyone's guess! However he has said he will be unable to offer compensation. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to how to chase up the compensation bearing in mind Samsung have been giving Sally the run-around for 4 months, and its more than likely she is not the only one this has happened to! Look forward to any advice and have a lovely day. Best regards BB
  2. I bought a printer from Amazon on 22 Jan this year. It was advertised with £60 cashback if you also bought some ink to go with it. So I did. To claim the cashback you have to register at the EPSON UK websites (allowing them to use your data) and provide proof of purchase that shows all the details. I provided my Amazon order acknowledgement and my Amazon invoice. Each document showed all the details being requested by EPSON. Both were rejected with no explanation. I have asked Amazon 3 times to provide me with a VAT invoice, it has not been forthcoming. I know I am being yessed to death so that I cannot claim my cashback. What course of action is open to me. I am absolutely livid. I'd be very grateful for any suggestions
  3. We bought a BEKO fridge / freezer that comes with a £100 cashback deal. One of the reasons that swayed our decision from another similar different brand fridge was the cashback offer. They have a form you fill out on their website to claim. But when you fill it out and press submit, it refreshes the page and everything is blank again. No messages, no emails or anything from them. We filled this out 3 times on different browsers and computers. We have contacted them on the contact form but no answer. It seems that they don't want to give cashback to people. Whats the best route to go down with this? Edit: I've emailed the CEO and will update here if I get a response.
  4. Ask the experts: My accountant says I should pay income tax on the cashback I earn from credit card spending. Is that right? Q: I would very much like your comments on my situation with regard to credit card cashback. I use an accountant to submit my tax returns. I have taken out a credit card from Capital One to earn 5pc cashback on my spending. My accountant has stated that he is OK about earning points on Nectar and Tesco Clubcard but, as I have been able to accumulate sizeable cashback, he says I am using the card effectively to increase my income and therefore it must be taxed. In light of your recent article on HMRC taxing bonuses on funds, I wondered what your comments would be… Andrew Oxlade says: Your accountant raises an interesting point. The background to this was a decision last month by HM Revenue & Customs that it intended to start taxing "loyalty bonuses" paid on investment funds. This began on April 6, the start of the tax year. These bonuses are paid because of a complicated and convoluted way in which funds are sold in the UK. "Fund supermarkets" enable investors to buy, sell and hold a variety of funds. They are paid by the fund managers to offer this service. Some, however, pay back investors a small fraction of this money as a "bonus". On a £100,000 portfolio, this could be nearly £200 a year with the largest fund supermarket, Hargreaves Lansdown. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/borrowing/creditcards/10027264/Will-I-have-to-pay-tax-on-credit-card-cashback.html
  5. I have a medical condition, memory problem and as such I ended banking my cashback cheque after more than 6 months. The cheque has now been returned to me as out-of-date. Do I have any rights to have the cheque issued again? Thanks for any help
  6. Tigi

    Samsung Cashback

    I bought a laptop from PC World in August which was a Samsung model which came with a £100 cashback offer, I sent my cashback form via post with all the relevant documents and received an email from Samsung to confirm receipt of it and that it would be processed within 30-45 days for purchase. On day 50 I had still not received anything from Samsung so I phoned them up to find out what was happening, I was told that they had a massive backlog and they gave me a reference number, still not confirmation as to when I would receive the cheque and that it could take another 45 days. I have had a manager from PC World chase this for me who got know where but was advise by Samsung that only two people where doing the claims and that it could take up to 365 days. I have again chased this with PC World and they have said that they cant do anything even though it was there offer at their store and I have also sent Samsung another email asking where the cheque is. I have contacted Watchdog and am wondering whether its a good idea to contact trading standards as I cant seem to get my Cashback off them, this was the whole reason I went for the deal in the first place and if I knew it was going to take this long to get it back I would of gone with the other choice of laptop which was £100 cheaper in the first place. Anyone got any ideas as ive now been waiting 81 days?
  7. Hi there. I bought a phone via E2save with cashback if I send back the relevent bills. Now, the instructions on the E2Save website are very clear as to what to do and the T&C's seem acceptable (bar the bit about not being responsible and declining cashback if bill lost in post or on their premises I presume). So, I am due to send in a bill now and will follow their instructions: within 60 days of bill date. Send via Recorded Delivery. Is there anything else I can do to cover myself in case they try and pull a fast one? Thanks for any help with this.
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