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  1. Back to the dictaphone like the good old days. Still works perfectly. Until they find a fix, if...
  2. Sorry Bazzas, but i entered a 12 months contract in January and got a new phone would be a bit of a waste to buy any phone now, don't you think?
  3. Have you got a spare iphone to give me? At the moment i haven't got a spare grand in my pocket.
  4. Yes, no voice recording from other side, only my voice, even if i use the loudspeaker. I took suggestions from the net and disabled all other apps using microphone including "hello Google" but nothing changed. Not only they don't pay tax, they want to help squashing the consumer (taxpayer).
  5. Is your phone updated to G950FXXS4DSC2/G950FOXM4DSBA/G950FXXU4DSBA?
  6. Hi, following an update yesterday on my android i found that the automatic call recording app i was using (cube acr) stopped recording the other party voice. Quick online search and found that it's Google interpretation of European legislation. They don't want the consumer to be able to record companies talking rubbish and making false promises. I tried another dozen apps and got the same result. Where do we go from here? Back to the dictaphone in the pocket, ready to record incriminating claims from dodgy companies? Or is there a solution someone has already worked out?
  7. I like ericsbrother idea about the fence. That would make think quite awkward for the council. Police would say it's a civil matter and advise the council that knocking the fence down would be criminal damage. The council would be forced to start a court case but in the mean time other residents could jump on the bandwagon and build a fence. Imagine that...
  8. Yes, both name would appear, unless one of them gives authority to act. So, if there was no flood, why did simply business insurance inspect the damage on 31 December 2018? What happened that made the LL open a claim?
  9. He's having a laugh. Half of the stuff on that list is his responsibility. The rest cannot be proved or needs to be quoted. For example: he claims that there was z flood caused by you and he tried to claim through his insurance which denied payment because the damage was caused by your negligence. All of this will be in writing from the insurance, including all the damage inspected. So, if insurance documents say that the water damage was caused by your negligence, the judge will most likely agree. With things like bathroom picture £100, he's got no chance. No evidence of what this picture was and how much it costs, unless he kept the receipt and has a photo of the bathroom. Got to say, judges are not impressed by shabby landlords not protecting the deposit, not doing a proper inventory, failing to have gas appliances inspected, letting central heating system deteriorate to the point of seizure, leaving rent increase open to interpretation and claiming crazy amounts to scare tenants. Holes in the walls, concealed plaster damage, do you know anything about it? Scruff marks don't count as after so many years it is expected to have some wear and tear. As a landlord i redecorate my property every 6 years and this is in the contract. LL cannot expect a perfect property after people lived in it for many years. So let us know what happened with the alleged flood.
  10. The council will always be adamant that they're right, even when they've been to court and lost. See the deeds and throw the book at them. If you have legal cover with your home insurance it might be worth letting a solicitor deal with the council. Commonly speaking no council can charge you to use your own land to park your car.
  11. If your land has only rights of pass and repass, tell them to jog off. Unless the deeds say something specific to parking, your land remain yours and you can park there without any permit.
  12. What about the deeds? Is there something regarding right of pass and repass?
  13. Fundations won't fail for a 2 foot hole, not in a few days, so don't worry. It would take a long time and a lot of rain to start deteriorating the fundations.
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