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  1. Closing in at almost 3 months without nicotine or any substitute and believe me, I had stressful days, very stressful! I still consider myself a smoker (don't want to celebrate too early), but it can be done.
  2. See this to challenge the service charges and get a refund: https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/408668-management-company-accounts-many-duplicate-invoices/ And this: https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/414687-undocumented-service-charges-refundcourt-action/
  3. Moving forward is letter before court action and 14 days later mcol. No ifs, no buts. Should they reply to the lba saying that they already made their position clear and they won't refund, you would be saving some time. This is shocking. You went to a Toyota dealer and got stitched up, imagine how confident the little back street dealers must feel!
  4. Advice from an expert in multiple painful back conditions: 1. Screw the employer 2. Screw the money 3. Screw the customers 4. Your health comes first, everything else after 5. Your gp has signed you off for 2 weeks, this means you will not be fit for 2 weeks. If things change you call them, otherwise you'll be off for 2 weeks. 6. Do not go back to work unless you're fit to work. If this means you'll never go back, accept that bad things happen. 7. Concentrate on getting better and plan for a future with less money in case you leave the job and have a gap in employment. 8. Record their telephone calls, you'd be allowed to use them in ET if you chose to despite different advice from "experts" 9. 99% of bullying employers and their pet managers only bully people who let them. As soon as you stand up to them they back off and leave you alone. I say 99% because I am reasonable but in my experience it's 100%. 10. If they try to even remotely dispute your gp sick note, tell your gp. Last time i did this the employer ended up sacking 2 of their pet managers (scapegoats) and making a massive apology. 11. Do not believe for 1 second that employers are always right. Usually they're wrong and cannot follow the simplest of procedures, so even if they can do certain things legally, they most likely screw things up because they are incompetent. 99% of them in my experience cannot organise a piss up in a brewery. 12. DO NOT IGNORE YOUR BACK PAIN OR YOU WILL REGRET IT. (CAPITAL LETTERS ARE INTENTIONAL HERE)
  5. Don't you know? We'll survive for a few weeks on whatever we have here then we'll all starve to death. Nothing will come in, nothing will go out. Brexit Apocalypse...
  6. I got a similar one of them over 10 years ago and ignored it. Never heard anything but maybe i'm wanted in france. I shall never set foot there again.
  7. That gearbox was a goner when you got it, no doubt about it. Also because there's very little you can do to damage an automatic gearbox in 6 hours.
  8. Well said. I couldn't have found better word to describe "The bigger picture"
  9. How much money are we talking here? £20 or £200? Have you spoken about this to the LL? If he's not around on the 08th he could send someone to collect the keys. I can't see anyone arguing over 4 days rent. What would he do with the deposit then?
  10. If your wife is in a union, get them involved. The employer might try to put the blame on your wife as she's leaving, so no active employee is disciplined. The union will know how to act, in most cases like this they use delaying tactics until leaving day; it works in a way, but i disagree with it.
  11. If you send the paint back make sure you keep a sample in case they claim it was the correct colour.
  12. Now that you have his number you can close the transaction for cash outside ebay and make more money. Let the guy fight his battle if he wants to.
  13. Wrong colour, automatic refund/replacement. I ordered from them before and a pot arrived half open with paint spilled out. They sent an immediate replacement and let me keep the opened paint. Maybe they didn't want to deal with this just before a sunny weekend... Wait monday, i'm sure they'll send you the correct paint.
  14. Don't be fooled, it's all a money making scheme and nothing more. The fines are issued by machines without human input, so if you are just over the limit at 3am empty road, you would get the same treatment of someone dangerously speeding in traffic at 5pm. The set up is made to maximise profit, many cameras are fitted on stretches where there's nothing around a nice dual carriageway with a 30 or 40 limit. But then you can do 60 in a bendy country lane where two cars can't pass at the same time. Camera vans parked up to make money more or less everywhere. No, i haven't got done many times, only once years ago but it was a speed trap and the officer who stopped me kind of admitted it. In some civil places, to make motorists slow down where there's a real need of doing 30, they put camera signs and visual warnings; everyone sticks to the speed limit and nobody makes money. In my experience the speeding tickets are just to be accepted as an extra tax for us motorists, unless there's a gross mistake i.e. limit is 40 and they clocked the car at 36 but still issued the ticket.
  15. You can return because of wrong colour, but not for ANY reason within 14 days. It's a mixed paint to customer specification, so if the product is fit for purpose, this would be one of the cases in which the customer cannot simply change their mind.
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