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  1. There you go then. Why don't you gamble on a turbo from a scrappy or ebay? I got lucky once with an ecu that lasted the life of the car and only cost me £80.
  2. Turbo failure on a tdi with 100k miles. Starts sounding more like "common". I've had VW all my life and if looked after they'll go forever, but then maybe i've been lucky. Don't know if you can claim a new turbo from dealer, surely that would make him a loss on a 10 yo car which in market terms is an old banger.
  3. In all fairness it's a 10 year old car, so unless is one of the vehicles in the luxury bracket (which i consider >60k new), then we all need to accept that the threshold of "banger" is very close or being crossed already. Then there are exceptions to the rule, but a 10 year old corsa with 10k miles on the clock, mint condition and fsh is still an old banger because of market rules, despite being a jewel.
  4. Dashcam, dashcam, dashcam. Whenever everyone installs a dashcam, it will be too late.
  5. It's all hearsay. If you complain they'll deny everything. You better move on and make sure you book your future appointments with gp of your choice, you can do this.
  6. Why don't you ask for it via the normal procedure and if they decline then think about all you can throw at them?
  7. Yes, if everything works out the car would be yours and free from finance.
  8. I wanted to avoid saying this because the employers masqueraded as union reps on this site will inevitably attack me as usual, but here it comes: When I need holidays i tell my line manager: "I won't be in on these dates" I give plenty of notice so to avoid problems. Only once a manager said that if i took holidays they would be unpaid and unauthorised despite an official large family reunion and 4 months notice. HR informed and manager moved because he refused to see me in the office after my "betrayal". But to do this you have to be in a position in which you're either essential to the business or ready to leave at the drop of a hat (or simply enjoy a good fight with no care for the consequences)
  9. It depends how good or bad your employer is. Asking doesn't cost anything, so do it. I suppose they know about your son's condition, otherwise you must let them know officially.
  10. You couldn't make it up. Falsifying signatures on court papers. They really have balls, don't they? Is it because authorities let them do whatever they want without consequences?
  11. Yes, start getting everyone involved. Expose them but be careful to be absolutely factual. Don't say "they stole my property " but explain that they entered and removed goods and when challenged they said things were stolen, no break in, no police report.
  12. Better to have someone filming both parties, so they can't say you were provoking from behind the camera. Also, if someone is close to you and they come forward, the camera held by you will not show who moved, so they can say you attacked them first. Seen this many times with employees wearing body cameras. Be careful.
  13. Make sure you have someone videoing whatever happens there, or you could find yourself in trouble with "witnesses" against you. I would personally stay outside and talk to them from the street. That way you wouldn't even trespass. Bring all records with you so when the fool calls the police you'll have something to show them rather than telling them your version of events. Hopefully someone (not you) will be nicked. Whatever they say, remain calm, even if they say bad things about your family. Again, get someone to film them and you.
  14. Of course, you are on holiday and incidentally you will come back same day as new regulations come in force.
  15. Not really, you have proof that you are an innocent buyer as you had an hpi check done. So theoretically you should keep the car and pay nothing more.
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