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  1. How much money are we talking here? £20 or £200? Have you spoken about this to the LL? If he's not around on the 08th he could send someone to collect the keys. I can't see anyone arguing over 4 days rent. What would he do with the deposit then?
  2. If your wife is in a union, get them involved. The employer might try to put the blame on your wife as she's leaving, so no active employee is disciplined. The union will know how to act, in most cases like this they use delaying tactics until leaving day; it works in a way, but i disagree with it.
  3. If you send the paint back make sure you keep a sample in case they claim it was the correct colour.
  4. Now that you have his number you can close the transaction for cash outside ebay and make more money. Let the guy fight his battle if he wants to.
  5. Wrong colour, automatic refund/replacement. I ordered from them before and a pot arrived half open with paint spilled out. They sent an immediate replacement and let me keep the opened paint. Maybe they didn't want to deal with this just before a sunny weekend... Wait monday, i'm sure they'll send you the correct paint.
  6. Don't be fooled, it's all a money making scheme and nothing more. The fines are issued by machines without human input, so if you are just over the limit at 3am empty road, you would get the same treatment of someone dangerously speeding in traffic at 5pm. The set up is made to maximise profit, many cameras are fitted on stretches where there's nothing around a nice dual carriageway with a 30 or 40 limit. But then you can do 60 in a bendy country lane where two cars can't pass at the same time. Camera vans parked up to make money more or less everywhere. No, i haven't got done many times, only once years ago but it was a speed trap and the officer who stopped me kind of admitted it. In some civil places, to make motorists slow down where there's a real need of doing 30, they put camera signs and visual warnings; everyone sticks to the speed limit and nobody makes money. In my experience the speeding tickets are just to be accepted as an extra tax for us motorists, unless there's a gross mistake i.e. limit is 40 and they clocked the car at 36 but still issued the ticket.
  7. You can return because of wrong colour, but not for ANY reason within 14 days. It's a mixed paint to customer specification, so if the product is fit for purpose, this would be one of the cases in which the customer cannot simply change their mind.
  8. Seems to be only 3 years. For vehicles of that price??? https://www.landrover.co.uk/ownership/warranty/land-rover-standard-warranty.html
  9. I can confirm that Audi, Toyota and VW warranties get automatically transferred to new owner, no need to register.
  10. Don't Land Rovers come with manufacturer warranty which is transferable like all other car manufacturers? If the car is 3 years old /22000 miles, surely the manufacturer warranty should step in. I'm sure land rover don't want bad publicity and a gearbox failing at 22000 miles, considering that a lot of their vehicles with 300k+ miles are still on original gearbox. Someone on top gear once said that they are the most reliable and the least reliable cars.
  11. If the recording definitely proves an offence, I would disclose it to the relevant authority. Then if the offender wants to sue me for exposing them, they'll have to face a judge and be shamed again which is extremely unlikely. The problem is: does the recording DEFINITELY proves guilt?
  12. Last time i closed a ltd company (not to avoid paying ccj) it took me 5 minutes to fill a form. 90 days later the company had been permanently closed. A lot of people do this every day after piling up debts, it's the easiest [problem] out there. In fact, companies like screwfix have found a way to slightly close the loophole by getting directors to sign a personal guarantee (with little knowledge of what it is). We have seen many former directors on this forum crying about personal guarantee after the had piled up lots of debts and closed the ltd company.
  13. Company will fold as soon as court papers are served. They're probably piling up tons of requests of refund so to maximise their exit bonus. Classic limited company car traders trick.
  14. Just wanted to say that you are one of a kind for stopping and exchanging details when riding a bike. Most cyclists would have gone with the wind. We need more cyclists like you. Nice one!
  15. So you bought the car from a limited company. Tough luck unfortunately. These characters know that they can pile up ccjs, shut the company and open up next day in the same place, same people, different name. All perfectly legal (ish). Sounds like they are in another dispute with the man you spoke to, so more evidence supporting the classic scenario of the limited company. In view of this your best bet is to either get a ccj and hope the company is still standing at enforcement stage, beg for some money from them (unlikely to happen) or sell the car in bits to limit your losses. Sorry.
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