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  1. Hi I have had no response from my email sent to the accountant last week.
  2. Think she is a sole trader, I am a limited company, plus I got all the gateway codes that she needed & the letters came back to me saying that she has requested them as my new accountant. No never only just gone with her
  3. No I haven't the accountants professional body yet
  4. Sorry yes sent that yesterday via email & the amount is £656.25
  5. Despite all my emails phone calls & messages to yourself, you still have not done any work & now I have fines to pay from companies House. I have had to instruct a new accountant to sort this matter out so I don't get any more fines which would put a big impact on my company & could possibly close it. I would therefore request all my money back which has already been paid to you, unless you give me no option but seek legal advice.
  6. Hi I got a new accountant & they asked for half payment & the rest on completion of the accounts, but then asked for more money so paid them a little bit more leaving still a quarter of the payment left to pay on completion of my accounts. With endless texts emails & phone calls still not getting back to me, since then I have had to get a new accountant because now companies house has fined me & give me 28 days to submit the accounts or bigger fines can I pursue my previous accountant for a refund
  7. The court has cancelled the hearing for another date to be confirmed due to covid19. Plus I have received from the other party a notice of discontinuance, so I take it that when I spoke to the court they probably had not seen that notice.
  8. Oh I will phone the court friday & see if it has been cancelled & if not I will explain to the court what they have sent me thanks for the advice tho
  9. I have replied to the email to agree for this matter to be closed & no further action. I appreciate all the help thanks
  10. Just received this by email Without Prejudice Save as to Costs Dear Sirs Our client is willing to try and settle this matter without the need to attend Court and the further costs that would be associated with having to attend. We appreciate you are a litigant in person and may not therefore be as familiar with Court procedure. Our Client proposes a 'drop hands' settlement, whereby both parties discontinue each of their Claims and walk away, bearing their own costs in the matter. In essence, our Client will end its proceedings against you if you choose not to proceed with a claim for costs. If you need to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact us.
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