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  1. Yes filed my defence. The company doesn't exist & didn't exist at the time so no one to sue.
  2. This was the response from my appeal from an independent Adjudicator.
  3. In common parlance, the word “taxi” is used interchangeably to mean a private hire vehicle and a licensed hackney carriage. In law however, the word “taxi” has a specific meaning. The main body of regulations governing signs on roads in Great Britain is the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016 (TSRGD). It is those regulations that require the word “taxi” to be inserted in relevant bus lane signage where taxis are permitted. The word “taxi” is specifically defined in Schedule 1 to the TSRGD as being a vehicle licensed under section 37 of the Town Police Clauses Act 1847. Such vehicles are “licensed hackney carriages”. A “private hire vehicle” is licensed under Part II of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976. It is not a “hackney carriage” and as such is not a “taxi” within the legal definition. As a licensed private hire vehicle driver Mr. ? would have known the difference between the two types of licence.
  4. Its Manchester council fining me it's the police town clause act 1847 they are sticking with a taxi is a hackney carriage only
  5. I received a PCN notice for using a bus lane in Manchester Oxford Street (whitworth Street West To Chepstow Street ) I seen the signs saying buses taxis & authorized vehicles only, with me being a private hire taxi I proceeded through, but then received a pcn notice I have fought it but they say I am not a taxi in the eyes of the law & quote me the police town clause act 1847 a taxi is a hackney carriage only. can anyone give me any advice
  6. [[template removed - dx] read its top red line please I take it this is the CPR 31.14 request form that you send with all mine & their details on
  7. Do I send the solicitor a CPR 31.14 form Or just a letter saying the limited company does not exist so no one to sue
  8. Just filling in my defence on the mcol website Do I only put The company named in the claim as the defendant does not exist and did not exist at the time so there can be no cause for action against it. The claim should be struck out under CPR 3.4 and 24.2 in the defence part Sorry new to all this
  9. Ok that's great, do I need to go on the mcol website or do I email the solicitor to explain this to them ?
  10. On companies house it says this company is dissolved. The insurance is in my personal name not the limited company, but the v5 log book is in the dissolved companies name. All the letters regarding this claim are addressed to the dissolved companies name. I personally know the post man & he gives me all the mail for the closed shop.
  11. I myself was the sole director of the company the company was dissolved in Nov 2015 & the pcn was issued in jan 2018. The vehicle is still registered in the dissolved company name to this date
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