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  1. I understand. What i don't understand is how the justice system arrived at this point in which criminals are vehemently protected and victims risk being sued for asking help from the justice system. It's all gone wrong. BTW, I don't think there's any doubt that she scraped her door against my mirror, unless incidentally at the same time she swung the door open, an ostrich lied an egg on my car and when she swung it again to shut it a velociraptor jumped on the roof. Her children will grow up thinking it is ok to damage others' properties and be smug about it. Many times I hope I could go back in time when spending a couple of months at her majesty expenses would've been a problem.
  2. Just venting out my frustration. This being scratched my mirror and walked away in October. I plastered facebook and local forums with her face. Today I saw her again in the same car park. Completely arrogant to the fact that she can go around damaging cars and get away with it. She arrogantly said that she knew nothing about it and drove off, but somehow she looked at my car 20 yards away as soon as I told her. Was with her daughter setting a great example for future generations. No worth reporting a scratch or insurance would double for next 5 years. Moaning over. Thanks for reading.
  3. I don't understand what link you want me to post. Brexit happened: if you want a link to this fact you really need help. I then made 2 predictions. There are no link to predictions because if they happen, they happen in the future. I was right with my prediction that Brexit would go ahead, you were wrong. Let's see my other 2 predictions, it will take 5 years for the first and 15 for the second.
  4. Brexit happened: FACT! Uk leaving nazist EU doesn't mean Uk people are stupid. Again you believe to be better than anyone else. You are not: FACT! Bye.
  5. Tobyjugg2, unfortunately most of my posts are censored, so i can't reply and will go away again as clearly i'm not welcome on this forum. You seem to talk down to everyone by using cut and paste rubbish and trying to show tha above us all. What you should look at is FACTS. First of all is the fact that you were convinced brexit would be stopped, i said it will go ahead. In case you don't know, Brexit happened, exactly as I told you. You were wrong but insist in saying that you are right. I made my 2 predictions and from your answers it is clear that you haven't got a clue about basic economic and financial matters. I hope you see this post before is censored. My advice to you is to anchor your feet to the ground and look out of your window, good luck with your delusion.
  6. Sorry to reappear after a long pause. I just wanted to say: "I TOLD YOU!". Brexit has happened as I predicted and despite all the effort in stopping it. Now for the next 2 predictions: 1. In 5 years time our economy would've grown faster than any other European country. 2. In 15 years time the EU in its present form will cease to exist. See you later.
  7. I take it that your September payment is due now and for a couple of days they want to put everything together and close your file. Unfortunately whatever you do, the 3 October is early next week, so no time for anything. Just get at them on 04 October to get paid. Call every hour and escalate to higher manager at every call. If it is a large organisation go as high as the chain takes you otherwise you'll be forgotten until next payday at the end of October. If you sustained any charges for their late payment tell them that they must pay these charges and if they don't, come back here.
  8. I got worst since i joined cag and started reading about everyone being squeezed for money. LOL
  9. This is another trick. They offer you a settlement even though they're shutting down the limited company as i predicted. You drop the car and they don't pay you. In the mean time the car has been stripped and sold for parts, the limited company has folded and you are left dry. Your only hope is to start a section 75 as suggested or try to convince companies house not to strike off the company which is near impossible. The fact they have 60 cars for sale means nothing. They can sell them to a new limited company for £1000 each and use the money to pay wages. All in one day.
  10. Lots of issues here. First of all you have to return the deposit to him and make him sign a receipt or protect the deposit and follow all the relevant procedure. Unfortunately even if he owes you money there is no way around it. You could let him sign the receipt and then give him a receipt covering the arrears: if he is naive he might accept this so no money would change hands. Secondly, you must make sure you're up to date with gas and electric certificates, epc, fire safety etc. Once all is ok and he is 2 months in arrears, you can serve a valid section 21 notice. However, as he breached the agreement by keeping a pet, you could issue notice without the 2 months arrear. One thing to keep in mind is that he could sue you for 3 times the deposit and he would win. So maybe it's best to amicably try to get rid of him.
  11. So it's all done and dusted. Don't jump ahead of time, thinking about tribunals and being dismissed. A little recommendation for future reference: 1. Record all meetings with management, you never know when that recording will come handy. 2. If you can, always take someone with you, better if a union rep. 3. Don't trust anyone in the workplace, they can be blackmailed by management and they will think to save themselves rather than you. On this last point there are exceptions of course and in my life I have come across honourable colleagues and managers who don't let anyone compromise their integrity. However as a rule of thumb, better safe than sorry. 4. The note takers only take notes, then these notes are "reviewed" by managers and made available to you. Usually you won't be allowed to walk away from the meeting with photocopies of original notes because they need to be "reviewed". Hence the need for a recording, especially if it's a gross misconduct case. Note: "Review" = Falsify
  12. Ultimatum = 30 days Are you just winding us up??? And by the way, LEGALLY you must give them the money back, not just morally.
  13. No, you can't keep the money and the goods just because they made a mistake. Pay them back what's due.
  14. As far as i know that's the rule. So i don't understand how the business has managed to move court without your consent. Others might have an answer.
  15. If the claim is private individual against business, the case should be heard in your local court. Did you buy the dress under a business name or your own individual name?
  16. No, it's extremely unlikely that they will dismiss you, although not impossible. I have heard that some employers even sack staff like in the movies, "you're fired!" Fortunately this doesn't happen often, in fact I never had confirmation of such things. You should've received an invitation to a disciplinary meeting, in that there should be an explanation of why you're being called and possible outcome. i.e. misconduct, breached attendance policy. You might receive a final written warning. What does that letter say?
  17. It all depends from who your manager is and what company you work for. In my workplace (very large multinational) the super peetakers are the most respected. The rule seems to be that if you tell everyone challenging you that they are victimising you and then you do whatever you want, you get rewarded. So I joined this movement a long time ago but with a slight difference that I finish my work to requirement, no more, no less. Just because I like the job, not because I feel I must please them.
  18. You've done all that you could. The only thing i would ask is if you are in a union so to have some support. With regards to getting the doctors to sign you off for longer and avoid triggering a more serious warning, I say that no employer will help you, especially the large corporations, so if you are not 100% don't return to work. And if you must adhere to their nonsense policies to avoid a warning, unfortunately it's best to play their game than try to help them.
  19. Couple of things to point out. Council won't be interested in dog's poo in the caravan as it is private property. At best the h&s department would take a statement and pictures and if it happened again they would act. As the devil's advocate I would ask: 1. If you were so distressed to ask £4k compensation as suggested, why did you stay for the full length of the holiday? Is it because your complaint was addressed and caravan cleaned? 2. Bed bugs? Where are the evidence? Couldn't it be another insect's bite? Most of the world population occasionally wakes up to a sore bite from unknown insects. This can happen anywhere, even in your house. Hands up if you have never experienced a mosquito bite in your house. 3. Manager took ownership of the problem immediately and fixed the faults. What else could he do? Move you from a caravan site to a 5 star presidential suite? Did you ask for this in writing there and then or you accepted the fix? 4. They offered £500 compensation. That's more than a quarter of the cost of the holiday. I don't think a judge would find that unreasonable. 5. Unfortunately the law doesn't act on ifs, so if something doesn't happen you won't get much interest. IF your boy had eaten the poo, the claim could have escalated by a large margin, but you, as a responsible parent, prevented this and nothing happened to your boy who went on to have a jolly good time. So unfortunately you can't claim for something that didn't happen. To better understand this, think about a window cleaner leaving his ladder resting on a wall. IF the wind blows it on my car i could claim damage, but not before it happens. So, my approach would be more pragmatic, by all means ask for more and see what happens, but £500 it's already a good offer in my opinion. For future reference, whenever i go to holiday parks, caravan sites etc., first thing I do is to clean the lot. It takes an hour or so, but then i'm sure that i won't get any problems from hidden bacteria or other nasty surprises. I know it shouldn't be this way, but it is. Us, the consumer, have pushed for cheaper and cheaper prices and this is the result. We need to adapt unfortunately or we would be in court every day. Then there would be no time for holidays.
  20. That's something I would ask in writing to the council and get an answer in writing.
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