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  1. This has never happened to me or anyone I know before. I wondered if it is a known [problem] of sorts, although I doubt it is given it’s a reputable company, where they ask for a money transfer AND debit your account for the amount on top. I didn’t know they can’t just take the payment back. Anyway, thanks for the advice. I am paying them now!
  2. Superdrug Kept: Lynx Africa £3.65 Trimmer kit £34.99
  3. Ooft, how are they proving they refunded something I didn’t actually return?
  4. I just don’t appreciate they gave me an ultimatum when I didn’t even know there was a mistake on their part as the refund just reached my bank anyway. I understand the morality but not the legal side of this.
  5. So you are advising to pay them back? I don’t understand why I’m getting questioned. I asked for advice please. I already said what happened...
  6. I bought a few items from an online shop, kept a couple and returned the others. Eventually I was refunded in full. Didn’t notice that until a few days later they emailed to say they refunded in error. They have included their bank details and demand I pay the excess back within 30 days. I know I should but do I have to?
  7. No network and 26-30 have the same discount. It was just a mistake.
  8. No as I am just over 30, I have a network card. I guess I couldn’t appeal using my friend’s ticket due to their rail card selection. They never took any of my details but I’d rather not have my friend appeal for me as that sounds wrong.
  9. I was charged £50.20 that is twice the full single fare for not showing a ticket at the barrier. I have a ticket receipt but lost my original ticket. Could I use this to appeal and if so, will they be able to trace the type of rail card used to purchase it? I have a network rail card but a 26-30 one was used for this ticket. This is not displayed on the receipt I would use to appeal but I wonder if they could look up the ticket number and see that in their system. Thank you
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