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  1. I have to disagree with BF on one point: a clutch can be burnt in a very short period of time and surely it is possible within 2 and 1/2 years. That's why they want to open it up and see what's happened to it, but unfortunately the op could only go with what they say which inevitably will be "driver's error or driving style". It's really a tricky one, especially because they want you to risk a lot of money. Best thing to do would be to have an independent specialist looking at the clutch and give a professional opinion, but surely Peugeot will think that there's nobody more expert than their own mechanics.
  2. The dealer won't give you anything because you had the car for 18 months and he's right. Would be almost impossible to prove that the fault was present at point of sale unfortunately. If it's a known ford problem, is there a recall? If not, have you got any evidence of ford replacing the engine under warranty? Remember, a bloke on the internet saying something is not a good piece of evidence. Others will comment about the finance part of this case, maybe the finance company might have to swallow the loss or part of it, but i don't know this, not my field.
  3. If he was a builder he might own assets (tools), but as he's a specialist trade, whatever that is, sounds like he won't have any tools to be used for payment. Correct?
  4. What sort of business are we talking about? Something tangible (building trade) or virtual (IT consultancy, door to door sale)?
  5. There's always a chance that the car could be stolen and then torched. With a bit of luck the local lowlife will notice the abandoned vehicle (or be advised of its location)...
  6. I'm surprised he keeps the car there with all the kids on microscooters and bikes and mums with chained handbags scratching everything in their path. Unless he's one of the scrap dealers dressed up as a car dealer, the same ones we hear about here on cag.
  7. He appears... This is written by a 3 year old. Well, of course the stud has been caught in something...earth! That's what they should be designed for so you get a grip on the field, otherwise you could use tennis shoes. They're as bad as their CEO.
  8. Pass all of these letters to mib when you start the claim. Eventually they will have to pay up.
  9. Try filling this form, they should respond in english https://www.fomento.gob.es/ministerio/contacto-web Otherwise email them here atencionciudadano@fomento.es
  10. They lie all the time hoping you believe them. Let me have a dig at the spanish version of caa.
  11. It's all chinese made rubbish. 5 months is a good duration, my son only got only 20 days out of their own brand trainers before they disintegrated. Mind you, they were only £25 and when the store manager said it was normal wear and tear he left them there and walked out laughing.
  12. Ombudsman??? By all means if you enjoy being taken for a ride and waste months on a clear cut case, do that. Otherwise follow my tried and tested way (which it's not my invention but the right way to succeed).
  13. Here: RYANAIR UK LTD Enterprise House, 2nd Floor, Bassingbourn Road, London Stansted Airport, Stansted, England, CM24 1QW
  14. Bollox! They try that all the time. You might be able to get full flight info for the cancellation from the equivalent of caa in spain. Over here the caa upon request sends all flight details including reason for cancellation. Most airlines will lie and say that it was "exceptional circumstances ". In the mean time, go to one of the many flight status website and download and print evidence that the flight was cancelled; they might even deny that. You need to submit an official claim under the EU Reg. 261/2004 and give them 14 days. On day 15 you send a lba. You must use the UK registered office for the airline, you'll find this on companies house. if their head office is abroad, and it is in your case, send same communication to head office and uk registered address.
  15. If I had a shilling for every time I said charities are a big business...
  16. Agree with dx, but on this forum they don't like hearing simple solutions.
  17. Yes, tell the owner to move the car and fit a barrier. Your property will gain value as well.
  18. No, unless the deeds state that this is your property, "your" meaning the 5 houses on a shared basis. But if the road is just your responsibility without being your property (it is possible), for future reference, after he moves the car you could sneakily fit a barrier and give keys to the 5 homeowners only. This would be a grey area nobody would be willing to get involved with and you'll be fine. My brother was in a similar situation when he moved to a maisonette in a cul de sac: barrier is still there 20 years later.
  19. Best to call a major insurer and ask these questions. Record the call. Then run a quote on a comparison site to have an idea of how much it will cost. TAKE A VIDEO OF THIS PROCESS, lokk online to see how. Then choose the insurance company you like and call them to seal the deal. RECORD THE CALL! Goes without saying, be extremely honest with them about everything. Lastly, make sure you RECORD THE CALL! Read the customer service guide here on cag for more guidance.
  20. He might even feel sick come week 8, you never know. But i would stick to the contractual terms of 12 weeks.
  21. The executor is handling data which relates to the rightful beneficiaries. Disclosing it to a 3rd party would infringe the gdpr. Otherwise if you think the data it's not subjected to the law, why not publish it here on the internet? Op, don't give them anything unless the court orders you to do so. Ignore any request.
  22. You only provide details of the estate to the court if requested or under judge's order. Remember, the person contesting the will is a third party and you have been asked to disclose data which does not relate to them. In other words you're acting as a data controller as well as an executor. This is the time to play the card that everyone plays everyday: data protection. As an executor you are the gatekeeper of what's in the estate and should not disclose private affairs to third parties, even if they are directly related to the deceased. Of course a court order would change this.
  23. As long as they fill it with graded concrete you'll be fine. Problem is if the partly fill with loose material as many bodgers do.
  24. The fact they haven't done the work via a limited company might play in your favour if any of the 2 cowboys have any asset (unlikely) Yes, you would issue court papers to both of them.
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