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  1. Thanks for responding! It's shocking that it seems to be advertised in reputable establishments as a compensatory breach but according to the article, this doesn't seem to be the case.
  2. Happy (belated) new year to you all! I was surprised there has been no noise in these forums about the impending case with BA and ICO and compensation https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/british-airways-set-to-pay-out-billions-in-compensation-over-data-breach I received an email in September 2018 from BA but it's always difficult to ascertain whether the breach affected me given I have no idea whether money was stolen or not from my account. Does anyone have any views or perhaps the media has exaggerated the compensation claims?
  3. Thanks so much, King! I'll look ito the rent a room scheme. My next tackle is if I am able to still be legible for the single person discount on my council tax whilst having air bnb guests for 6 months in the year
  4. The 90 day rule is a law that came in 2017 which allows one to rent their property in the London boroughs for 90 days per year without permission from the council but I was told this only applies to entire properties and not if you share your home but I cannot see this anywhere.
  5. Thanks Hightail and you are absolutely correct that they'll see it's only an ordinary house with one room being let on a temporary basis. But does anyone know whether the 90 day rule is only for entire places or includes those that shares with the owner? Also, if you get a single person discount, can you still get this benefit it you also have air bnb guests staying in your home?
  6. Hey all! Extremely grateful for this site which helped me to reclaim my bank changes over ten years' ago and it was great helping others to do the same! I wonder whether anyone could offer me some advice as I'm feeling very anxious today after receiving a letter from a planning enforcement officer from the Council who wants to visit my home. He is stating his reason is because of an alledged breach of unauthorised use of my house as multiple occupational, self contained flats. Apparently, he's investigating a complaint (clearly from a neighbour) but I only rent out one room in my 3-bed house short-term using Air bnb. I have recently counted the number of days it's been used this year which is just over 90 days, which I now understand may put me in murky ground as i've bypassed the 90 day rule. I was informed by a friend that the 90 day day only pertains if you rent your whole property and not if you also live in it but I cannot find any information to substantiate this statement. Can anyone please let me know whether I am exempt from the 90-day rule given that I also live in the property plus what to expect from the planning enforcement officer, especially as it's total lies that i've turned my house into self contained flats? I very much look forward to your response. TIA!
  7. Hi there and wonder if anyone can help. Unfortunately, my husband passed away a couple of years ago and he handled all the payments of bills, etc. since the 90s we hired a company to tend to the garden once a month and they billed us quarterly. The problem is that two years ago when i went to pay for the services for the proceeding months ahead, they told me we haven't paid them since 1997 and gave a bill for a few thousand as they are saying it's back dated from then until now. i told them that my husband would have paid them, and he always paid things like this in cash, and they should have a record as i cannot find any receipts of payment. They said they will take me to court if i don't provide receipts as proof of payment but i cannot find any receipts . I told them if it's true that he didn't pay, why was service still continued after all this time? Their response was that the computer automatically generated the service to be met i told them I cannot find anything but shouldn't they be providing proof that money is owed??? Also wouldn't this be classed as statute barred as well? In actual fact, when i was first presented with this information about this so called debt, i did pay them for the next six months as i still wanted the service of the gardener but the money was not to go towards the "debt". How should i proceed with this one. Thanks in advance.
  8. Brilliant... thanks for your help. This will help with my letter to the CEO of Talk Talk. Thanks once more in taking the time out to help!
  9. Thanks CCU for your response. I will definitely take my complaint to a higher level and your guidance is great advice. What does NU and ADR mean?
  10. Many thanks Sabre for taking time out to help. I shall deefinitely consider this. Kindest
  11. Hi there... Talktalk will be offering my pensioner dad some type of compensation package for mistakenly disconnecting his phone line in error after his wife passed away but despite me taking 6 weeks desperately trying to get his old number back, they've finally told me it's not possible due to technical issues of his 30-odd year old number being on an old exchange and they operate on some new exchange. Believe me, I fought to get his previous number back (and spent a heap of money calling their 0870 number and being placed on hold for ages), even consulted BT about it and actually tried going back with them to get back the old number as i was told it is still available but unfortunately they advised today that they cannot get the old number due to the same technical issue. As you can imagine, my father has many people around the globe, some of whom he speaks to every few years so it's all a HUGE inconvenience, not to mention him having to now remember this new number. URGH! Anyway, I have decided to go back to Talktalk simply because their initial goodwill gesture package to me was very good: £23 per month for unlimited broadband, phone anytime, free mobile calls on mobile phone plus free international calls for a year. I've asked for a better offer then the one above as it is now established that he cannot get his old number back. My question is, what is a good compensation package from them? I also looked into getting them to give him a golden number but I don't think they do that service. Shame. Any ideas?
  12. My friend was recently dianosed with an advanced stage of cancer. As you can imagine, she was in dire shock when the consultant announced her results especially as this news came completely out of the blue. It was extremely difficult for her to process this information the following saturday, whilst out with her daughter her emotions took ahold and she decided to pull up safely into a quiet side road to take a breather as she became anxious, emotional and distressed as to the predicament of her health and to come to terms with the sad news. Unfortunately, and unbeknownst to her, there was a CCTV camera across the road which reported her car as contravening parking laws and she was duly sent a PCN. Her daughter tried to appeal this as she was led to believe that if you are distressed due to severe medical reasons and stop for a while, this may count as an extenuating circumstance. Her appeal was rejected so she is appealing again and will be providing as much evidence about her mother's condition as possible in the hope it will be revoked. Both her daugher and her said she only parked for about 3 minutes maximum and the PCN office only sent photographic evidence of her parked for 2 minutes and outlined this in their letter. If she was there for longer, would they have indicated that too, ie. you were parked between 9am and 10am? Does she have a chance and are there any other pointers to help strengthen her case? Thanks in advance xx
  13. OK, thanks. But I take it I've stilll got a case to present to the ICO as the debt collection agency decided to default me 6.5 years AFTER the Halifax recorded a note on my credit file that I had missed 3 payments instead of what they should have done which was to default me 6 months after I missed my first payment in 2005?
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