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  1. Hi, It is a small claims court and I am a private individual against a business. So, if I request a certain court, will the business and owner be unable to transfer it anywhere else? Thank you, Sy
  2. Hi, I tried a wedding dress on, in a store and then placed an order for it. I paid £800 deposit. The dress arrived late although still in time for the wedding. However, it was completely sub-standard compared to the original. The store hid the original so I could not make an accurate comparison, but I knew something was seriously wrong. The fabric, the cut, the length, the amount of fabric, the trail were all sub-standard and costs had been cut. I applied for a tribunal in order to get my money back, but the store keeps changing the location of the court. Initially the case went to Basingstoke County Court, the store requested it transfer to East London, and now it has transferred again to Central London. The store seems to keep having papers transferred court to court, in order to prevent a hearing. Please can someone advise what I can do to stop this and ensure a hearing takes place. Thank you, Sy1
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