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  1. Interesting, thanks. I had read the £750 sentence and it's just right that large organisations pay this kind of money for minor distress, this would in time set a very high compensation rate for serious breaches/infringements. So banks need to be aware. I am playing a waiting game. After the first 30 days, they kept on sending me an email every thursday saying that they will make the rest of the disclosure next week. This has happened for 4 weeks already. Of course i submitted a complaint to ICO on day 32 but heard nothing yet. I sent the company a response to their delaying email saying that all disclosure must be complete without any form of tampering. Just to remind, they sent me (by mistake) a few internal emails in which a manager asked to manage me carefully because i could revealed things to other leaseholders and this would be a problem. He then asks specific questions on how to shut my campaign down, but apparently nobody ever responded. I asked for these responses and i think now they are modifying them so to cover their wrongdoings. But i am confident that they are of such incompetence that they will screw things up for themselves and produce something damning. In any case as soon as they send anything i will take them to court as they're now out the month statutory timeframe by 4 weeks.
  2. If you read it properly, the 10% is only for them to look at the paperwork and doesn't give any assurance. They are leeches, so be extremely careful with what you sign, that's why I suggested a specialist
  3. They mixed up your request with someone else's, clearly. That's why they said it's an 8yo vehicle. Let them know their error.
  4. It would be a very lengthy and difficult task. You would need proof that this has happened and has impacted on you negatively, morally or financially. IMO certain things must be dealt with on the spot. For example, if she started reading out something you don't want others to know, tell her to shut up. Make a scene, tell her off in front of everyone, firmly but politely, without swearing or threatening. I'm sure this would be sufficient to let them learn that you don't like publicity about your personal matters and they'll stop. Done and dusted.
  5. Maybe a new one to me. Did you see the car "live", or just in pictures? Did you check that that the vin on v5c matched the number plate? Problem i can see is that the vehicle doesn't exist or, you'll be chasing a ghost for the holding fee while holding a piece of a v5c.
  6. Play their game. I suppose it's the same receptionist doing it, so what about saying something embarrassing? i.e. walk in and very politely say: "oh, good afternoon, how's your hemorrhoid today? You looked like a ghost yesterday"
  7. Collar means talk in a firm manner, without letting them put you down. My advice is based on my experience. The more you show them that you're not scared and you can't be walked over, the more they'll respect you. 100% success rate following this line. But of course, i accept that there might be employers out there ready to sack workers who don't accept to be treated like slaves, even though i haven't met them in modern times. Nowadays employers seem to be playground bullies: as soon as you stand up to them they love you.
  8. We played a long prank on a guy at work by hiding a security tag in his wallet. But after setting off the alarm at his local tesco several times and being let off, one lazy morning they were extremely helpful and scanned everything on him to find the problem. He knew it was us and next day we had to buy him lunch: a t-bone steak with all trimmings. But it was worth it! Usually security are nice and polite, unless you go on the defensive. That's my experience, of course there's always the black sheep.
  9. If you have seen my past posts about employers taking the Mickey out of workers, you'll know that I've never been scared of starting a war to protect workers' rights. So in my opinion if this employer wants to change the rules of the game after setting them, I would do everything in my power to get paid and if more bs is thrown at me, my mission would be to destroy them. Unfortunately i lived the times when unions where in the business of protecting workers' rights and i haven't changed my principles. Unlike the union bosses and most reps who now are just working to obtain something for themselves and stitch workers up all the time. We even have some fake union bosses online giving bad advice, usually to submit to slavery, and claiming that the law is against workers. It is not, and we fought for it. People lost their jobs, their houses and were blacklisted so not to be called for large contracts (see McAlpine) and now the corrupt union officials are spitting on them. Disgraceful!
  10. In principle yes, they're out of time, however, like all sort of conveyance I prefer to employ a professional. For the sake of a few hundred pounds they do all the work and know all the tricks and loopholes. They're also insured in case they mess it up. My advice: employ a lease specialist solicitor and stay away from the cheap internet firms.
  11. WW3 is the answer if they don't pay at first request.
  12. Simple answer: it doesn't work. I'm in that boat at the moment and asked to be referred to a specific hospital citing patient choice. Been told i cannot be referred to that hospital because my case it's not serious enough. Nice one, thanks!
  13. This really upsets me. If your boy doesn't mind changing job, tell him to collar the manager and get the money out of him. If he doesn't pay up, sue the company with only 7 calendar days notice.
  14. I was reading a post about hermes and declared value which should have been 1100 but was found to be recorded at 700. So i thought to share what i have been doing since alitalia sold me a no luggage ticket despite me paying for a full ticket. There's a feature in windows 10 which allows you to video your computer screen while you book services or buy goods or do anything else. It's the windows logo key + G key. I'm sure other operating systems have similar features. Videoing this, it's a bit like recording the telephone calls; it proves what we have done at point of sale so any "glitch" would be the seller problem and any dispute would be settled in our favour. Thoughts and opinions welcome.
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