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Found 6 results

  1. I've seen others comment on this garbage B&Q now sell. Here's my experience. Spent £60+ on the exact colours my daughter wanted to go with her new room. Did what I always have done in the past. Used wide B&Q masking tape all round the ceiling and skirting. Painted the walls as normal. Noticed the paint smeared a lot but overcame it by doing a second coat when dry. When it came to removing the masking tape, calamity. Huge tranches came off with the tape. The paint seemed to have formed a skin as though it was rubberised. I spent hours with a small artists brush repairing the damage. I will NEVER buy mixed paint from B&Q again. It never used to be like this before they went exclusively to Valspar. This is like the rubbish paint they sell in France as the norm. God help us if this is the way the UK is going.
  2. Good morning I am in a bit of a quandary regarding a B&Q Kitchen HomeFit installation that I ordered back in August 2013 and still is incomplete. When the installers arrived, they quickly determined some of the items that were ordered didn't turn up in the delivery, and that some of the items ordered (the panels) were from the wrong range. Some of the items were able to be delivered before the end of the installation, but others were not in stock. The installers did as much as they could, leaving me with two fridge freezers in the middle of my living room and a kitchen with a load of missing panels / exposed wires etc. That was three weeks ago. I have been continually told by the installation call centre at Preston Brook that the items are on their way every Friday (mysteriously they can't find out until half an hour before the contact centre closes so I never get my promised callbacks!) Then I call on the Monday to find out that either nothing turned up even though 380 were planned to (as I was told week one and three) or that the items turned up but were immediately allocated out again (as I was told week two). The call centre lady told me that there is a 200+ people back-log of orders for these panels (Santini Anthracite tall end panels). Every week I get an update that I must wait another week to find out if any arrive. It's a complete shambles! Several times I have been told that "the system is hopeless" and that "new systems - nobody gets taught how to use them properly". I have also had my suspicions confirmed that B&Q prioritise existing builds rather than outstanding ones to "save face"! That was the real shocker! I have also been overcharged for my tiling labour by about a third. I have outlined these in an email and follow up snailmail (recorded delivery) to the CEO Kevin O'Byrne but the problem is - I read online he is from DSG Retail! That's not exactly a good sign for a customer-centric CEO! This is the email: That was sent yesterday and a copy sent via snailmail today. I have yet to receive even a confirmation of receipt. Is there anything I can do next? Quite frankly I am getting to the point where I just want to swap the doors and panels for another range that is in stock, to get a finished kitchen (I put that to the call centre as an option but was quickly dismissed and told to be patient) I have been a member of CAG for a few years now but feel I only ever turn here for advice when things go wrong for *me* - I'm not sure how many "pearls of wisdom" I can offer in return for any help but promise I will pay more attention to the forums just in case something pops up! Many thanks Cazzajay
  3. Hi I purchased a washing machine just over a year ago. They had to repair it just before the warranty expired and agreed should the same parts break again they would extend the warranty for these parts.They refused to replace whilst original warranty was in place. Needless to say, it has broken again. Can I insist on a refund or replacement now. Also, it has caused damage to clothing? Are they liable?
  4. I placed a significant order £300+ on Saturday morning. Instructions were that contact would be made within 24 hours to discuss delivery times. 5 days passed and all day yesterday I sat trying to get some telephone assistance but stayed in the "busy high call volumes" for 3 hours. Finally called corporate HQ and spoke to someone. 1 hour later a woman phoned and said delivery date would be 5th September which is way over the guidelines on the online booking info. I explained that this was not acceptable and the woman went away returning in 20 minutes saying she was trying to talk to the delivery department. I asked her to email with a sooner date she agreed within the hour, no email was received. Be aware that using this service could make you an angry person
  5. Iwas caught the other day for shoplifting at a B&Q Store. I have a few questions maybe you can help me. Firts of all no police was called. I only took a part (blade) from a whole machine becouse I was need it desperately and they do not sell spares for that machine. I gave the blade back and offered to buy the whole thing (L49) But they refused. I gave my driving licence and they made a copy, and I signed a paper, accepting they banned me. They banned me, but can I go back to their stores? What is going to happen? Is it going to give me a criminal record? My old address is on my licence, but will they contact me?(becouse I have to ask who lives there to give me the letter) Anyone with a same stoy? What happened? Please tell me whats up, im a tradesman and I never did that before.
  6. We have a fitted kitchen supplied and installed by B&Q. The installation took place during the first half of 2009 and we moved in to the property around July 2009. The kitchen was financed using an interest free credit scheme that was being offered at the time. Within the last fortnight, our hob (a ceramic AEG electric hob) has decided to pack up. The hob has been very lightly used (perhaps twice a week on average) and we spend a fair amount of time away from home so it hasn't exactly been in the wars. The hob when installed new was around £420 (excluding installation). A Service Force engineer inspected the appliance, and declared it as "beyond economic repair". As I understand the situation: 1. I have a potential right of recourse against the retailer under SOGA and jointly the credit company under the Consumer Credit Act assuming that the hob wasn't sufficiently durable or can be shown to have had a fault not related to wear & tear and likely to have been present from the point of sale. 2. I contacted the retailer to see what they were prepared to do. At first they tried the usual "Your warranty lasts for a year, contact the manufacturer" rubbish until I mentioned my rights under SOGA and that my contract was with them. At that point, they then advised that I would need to provide some proof of the inherent fault. My question is this. What would constitute sufficient proof of an inherent fault that would then compel B&Q to do the right thing and arrange for a repair of the unit? As I understand it the relevant parts are freely available from AEG and to be blunt, I would expect a hob from a supposed "quality" brand to last a good deal longer than it has.
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