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  1. I've seen others comment on this garbage B&Q now sell. Here's my experience. Spent £60+ on the exact colours my daughter wanted to go with her new room. Did what I always have done in the past. Used wide B&Q masking tape all round the ceiling and skirting. Painted the walls as normal. Noticed the paint smeared a lot but overcame it by doing a second coat when dry. When it came to removing the masking tape, calamity. Huge tranches came off with the tape. The paint seemed to have formed a skin as though it was rubberised. I spent hours with a small artists brush repairing the damage. I will NEVER buy mixed paint from B&Q again. It never used to be like this before they went exclusively to Valspar. This is like the rubbish paint they sell in France as the norm. God help us if this is the way the UK is going.
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