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Found 43 results

  1. Hi All, Just looking for a little bit of advice on this one. I bought an iPhone 4S on 20th December 2013 and on Christmas Day 2013 the wifi button greyed out completely and I cannot use the phone for Facetime, iMessages or the internet now without using up my internet allowance on my contract. Sometimes the signal at my home isn't too good either because we are in a bit of a dip so I rely on my hone having wifi so that I can use my Sure Signal from Vodafone. This is a known issue with this phone and there are dozens of people around the world that this has happened to but some have been able to fix it by restoring it through iTunes but I wasn't able to. This was bought on a contract of £25.00 per month over 24 months so I would have thought that the phone should last at least that long. I knew I would have a problem with Carphone Warehouse and their poor aftercare so I decided to take it to Apple to have the fault diagnosed first to see what it was first. After their staff member looked at it he said that the wifi chip had burnt out and the phone would need to be replaced but if I had bought it from them it would have been done there and then. I then had to go to Vodafone because of a separate issue and whilst there I asked them what would have happened if I had bought the phone via them and they said that they honour the Apple warranty now of 2 years but even though they are my network, it still needs to be Carphone Warehouse that replaces it. Anyway, I took the phone over to Carphone Warehouse and the sales asssitant said that I only had a year warranty. I said that they should be honouring the 2 year warranty for my phone as it was on a 24 month contract and this had to be referred to the manager. The manager told her to phone the helpline which she did and after about 20 minutes of waiting, she finally got through to someone. He obviously said no, I would need to buy a new phone and also verbally said to me that they did not have to comply with the Sale of Goods Act for this type of problem. I also asked about Apple's EU wide Consumer Law which was given to me by the Apple shop and he said this does not apply to them either. Gob smacked wasn't the word! Anyway, because I have a disabled son, I need to be able to be contacted at all times and I am travelling to my family tomorrow and need my phone with me so I had no alternative but to purchase a new phone from Apple directly at a total cost of £159.00. I have a copy of the diagnosis from Apple and a receipt for the phone that I had to purchase as well as a copy of the notes made on my account from Carphone Warehouse which the sales assistant has recorded details of our conversations with their helpline stating that they don't have to comply with SOGA or any EU directives. I thought my next step would be issuing a letter stating that I am willing to go to court to get this money back but I just wondered what everyone else thought? I don't think that the phone is fit for purpose if it breaks halfway through a contract. Any advice would be appreciated and many thanks, Sarah
  2. Hi don't know how to sort this but it's being going on for a while now. About 5 months ago I was in a curry store in Manchester and I left my iPhone in the store. I then went on a volunteering trip to South Africa which was amazing and fulfilling but is neither here nor there. Whilst there I received a email from Vodafone letting me kknow that a member of staff had found my phone and rang them to say it was in there store. I was overjoyed as I now didn't have to buy a new phone and felt honesty was in the world still. . Upon arriving back onthe UK I went to the store to pick up my phone. It okay 15 minutes till a member of staff bothered to talk to me! at which he informed me it was him who found and reported my phone I expressed my happiness to him and thanked him profusely for being such an upstandi citizen. He went to a room where he said he locked it away. Coming back a few moments later saying it must have been moved. He checked with his manager who didn't want to know me. And just brushed it away saying it'll work in the sage but no one could check it till the day after. They sent me away with th promise to ring me. The day after they rang me saying they had checked and it wasn't there. . But But another member of staff wwho was on holiday could have placed it somewhere else. . They were to arrive back in store a week later. This was two months ago. I have since rang the store and asked to speak to the manager who sends the first member of staff on the phone phone to speak to me. . All I want to know. Is where is my phone. Why was I told it was there if it isn't. And why curry think they can send a person who isn't a manager to the phone when asked for a manager?
  3. i have sent various complaints to T-Mobile and Apple about the rubbish handset IPhone 4s really is, first thing is my signal is terrible and my touchscreen doesn't work when i lay my phone down flat, it freezes during calls and when using apps, plus the battery dies so quickly its stupid. .. everytime i complain t-mobile blames apple, apple says theres no hardware problems, i got back to t-mobile and theres nothing they can do either i will most likely be switching to different company and different brand of phone but im tired of not getting help from either company
  4. Hi there I know there are lots of post about Iphones but I really just wanted to know what my next step should be. My wife has had an Iphone on a 24 month contract with 3 for the last 14 months and the phone has stopped working and will not switch on or charge. On advise from 3 we took it along to our local Apple store who said there is nothing that we can see wrong with the phone it just does not work so we would make an exchange at a cost of £139.00. I was not happy and said did they really think that 14 months was a reasonable length of time for the phone to last and they just referred me back to 3 saying all that they could do was the deal offered. When I went to 3 they would not even discuss taking the phone in to investigate the problem saying it is out of our 12 month guarantee and therefore you have to go to Apple (and nice circular problem there).I again stated that the phone should last longer than 14 months and that to last till the end of the contract was the least I would expect to which I was told "well that's why we have insurance it is technology and therefore unreliable", I of course asked her to put that in writing but she refused. So should we next go to Apple and see if we can get a written statement that they can find nothing wrong with the phone or should I follow another route. Your advice would be much appreciated. Tony G
  5. Hello, Yesterday I went into my local carphone warehouse as I could not remember the date I took out my current contract on my iPhone 4S which was £36 a month with t-mobile. The girl in the shop pressed a few buttons and put my number into the computer and told me I was eligible for upgrade. So I upgraded to an iPhone 5 on £27 a month and traded in my iPhone 4S to pay for the up front cost. Today I registered a t mobile online account to track my bills and it says my upgrade date is the 1st jan 2014, in 5 months time! Also my contract has not changed from £36 a month, anyone got any clue?
  6. I have made a post today on my iPad and signature box was ticked but it didn't display it. I edited the post and unticked signature and saved the changes. I edited again and ticked signature and it showed when I clicked preview but doesn't show when changes are saved. Despite this, I can see my signature on posts from a few days ago. Same issue on my iPhone and I do use the full version as opposed to the mobile one. No probs on MacBook so perhaps it's an iOS issue. Any thoughts?
  7. Hi There, My sister has an iPhone 4S which was Replaced by Apple within the warranty period (Albeit only just). She was told that it would have 90 days warranty on the replacement handset and was sent on her way very happy indeed. exactly 110 days later the replaced iPhone 4S completely died. Won't turn on, no output from the screen so back to the Apple Store to see what could be done. As the iPhone was 20 days out of warranty, they wanted £129 out of a 16 year old girl to replace the handset. Pretty poor show if you ask me, but their rules were rules! I am aware of the Sale of Goods Act as I am Self Employed and I am curious on the best way to proceed? The original iPhone was replaced whilst it was still in warranty. The replacement died 20 days after that period had ended. Would this be grounds for "Unreasonable period of operational life for the product" It died less than 4 months in service. I am not paying £129 as the handset is insurance covered, but with an Excess I'd rather not go down that road either. Could anyone suggest the best way to proceed please? Do you personally think that they are in breach of the Sale of Goods Act? For the benefit of doubt. Handset was NOT: Jailbroken, Taken Apart, Dropped, Water Damaged and was always in a case which covered the screen also! Thanks Caggers
  8. Hi, I recently got a new iPhone 5 (27th March 2013) and today the loudspeaker failed. I called 191 and was offered a refurb handset! Thats unacceptable Vodafone. Get a new replacement sorted ASAP please. Thanks.
  9. Hi all. In October of 2012 I ordered a Iphone 4s from t-mobile on a 30 (odd) pound a month contact for 2 years. The draw for me was the unlimited text/minutes/web, while speaking to the chap from t mobile. I asked about insurance and he said that at the time they were between insurance agencies and that the new policy would not be going live till the following week. I asked him if he could sign me up when the insurance was available. He said that he would and that I need not call back. Anyway phone arrives and the contract/phone worked great. fast forward 5 months... I went out last Saturday morning very early and thought I left my phone at home.... turns out I left it in the taxi. I tried to call the taxi but as it was a black cab and there are a zillion of them I was unable to. I called up T mob and explained the situation.I asked to make a claim on my insurance and they said I didn't have any although the chap on the phone said I am eligible for an upgrade and I should go into town to the nearest tmob shop and get my FREE and replacmemt Iphone 4s. went into town and the guy in the sho[ just laughed at me. turns out I am not eligible for an upgrade. so I called tmob back and the 3rd guy I spoke to said that I was not eligable also he would call me back at 5:30pm as he was going to try escalate the situation. 9am the next morning I am still waiting. so I called them back again and then explained the situation. the lady I spoke to then said that there was no way I could upgrade unless I wait till the 31st of the 6th month and pay a early upgrade fee. I asked to speak to a manager and after a little hasstle I managed to get through to a manager asked to make a claim on my insurance and they said I didnt have any and they are not going to do anything about it however she actually did try and help. she was going to try get the insurance added on so that I could make a claim. no luck there..... she then said that I could upgrade for a early upgrade fee.... my alarm bells started ringing... i asked how much? she said between 450 and 500 pounds.... I explained that that was not an upgrade however it was a new connection and requested she tell me the truth and not dress up things to make them more appealing. I refused it. she then said she would try and see what they could offer and she would call me back... that she did but they said that there was nothing they could do but give me 2 months free line rental. I didnt take this as I would not want them to use it as a "well we offered you something and you took it" excuse. She even admitted that it was T mobiles fault and that they should be held responsible. I was instructed to write into their customer relations department and request it in writing. I am prepared to do this but I just feel it is going to be a fob off. I am more then happy to pay a small (and I mean small) fee for a replacement (meeting me in the middle) I even though about taking out another contract for where the phone would be chargeable (minimally) and they reduce my current contract to match what I am paying now so Id have 2 contracts but the same amount of outgoings. if that makes sense. I am going to write to them but I don't know exactly what my rights are... please if anyone can help I would be so great full I don't want them to walk all over me. I f they refuse then I will see that as a breach of contract and thus leave the current contract null and void. also I will be going to ofcom and twitter about the issue. am I right?
  10. Dear All, Some help and advice needed. My wife wants to use her laptop out and about to connect to the internet. There are lots of "dongle" contracts out there but the data cap is usually 1GB/mth - possibly as much as 3GB/mth. There are several phone contracts out there that offer unlimited (or "all you can eat") data with phones. The iPhone (which she has) can act as a WiFi Modem using Tethering - but virtually every smartphone conract which has data specifically forbids tethering. I know that technically if your phone is capable of tethering (WiFi hotspot on some devices) there's little the companies can do - but what they can do is throtte your data throughput or charge you an extra fee (because you are going acainst the T&C's of usage) In an EE store on Saturday, a salesman said that (a) yes, tethering wasn't allowed, (b) they couldn't stop you from thehering and © they wouldn't do anything if you did, however, I walked away from that shop because I don't want to fall foul of any T&C's Three (or is it "3") seem to be the only network that specifically allow tethering on their One Plan. So, my question is, are there any other networks that offer tethering (together with a talk allowance of at least 500-1000 x network minutes per month) - ideally with an iPhone 4/4S/5 because her 3GS will only tether via USB (and that's a pain tbh). Thanks in advance, Art
  11. Hello everyone, I found this website and thought I'd give it a go to see if anyone on here can help me. My brother lives abroad, he moved out over 2 years ago. Last month, someone purchased an o2 1 month sim card, and upgraded it on the same day to an iphone. They used his bank card, and a chip an pin verification method. His bank details are still registered to my address, I live alone. I am seriously stuck, because the evidence is all against my brother here. And even after I prove to them that he is abroad, they will try and blame me. Now this wont have any effect on me, but his credit check will be ruined, and Im not looking forward to a ton of debt collection letters. I have tried to get them to look at the cameras at the store, however apparently they dont keep the records for that long. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
  12. Hi, my son ordered a new iPhone on contract to the 3 network. Between ordering it and the eventual delivery, my son changed address but notified 3 of this asap because of the expected delivery of the new phone. To cut a long story short, the phone was sent out to the old address and it has now gone missing, presumably stolen by the person who signed for it on delivery. According to the carrier's records, they were able to provide a name and description of the person who signed for the package, and it sounds like it was my son's ex-landlord, who has conveniently denied all knowledge. My son has given all this information to 3 when he requested them to put a block on the phone. The problem is that he is still being charged monthly even though he has no phone, and every time he contacts 3 on their robotic Indian call center, he keeps getting fobbed off by being told that he will receive a call from another department here in the UK, which he hasn't yet, despite it being weeks since it happened. I suspect 3 are quite happy to keep on receiving the monthly payment from my son, even though he has no phone, and they have told him that he cannot stop the contract either. Can anyone here tell me what is likely to happen next, or where is best to complain about this disgraceful service as my son is at his wits end and getting nowhere with these people.
  13. Good news for everyone locally in the UK. As of yesterday, the new iTunes (10.5) and iOS (5) was released for the iPhone 4 and above, as well as the iPad and above! If you want to upgrade, feel free to do so by: 1) Upgrade your iTunes to 10.5. This usually happens automatically 2) Once iTunes 10.5 is installed, plug your device in and upgrade as per instructions For those of you who like to tinker with toys, i.e. have jailbroken your phone, this will break the jailbreak, and you'll be returned to the land of the living and have to pay for your apps again Have fun peeps, and RIP Steve Jobs Cheers Adridude
  14. I had a fully functioning, 18 month old iPhone 4. It was knocked into a radiator and had 2 straight cracks along the screen. The phone worked fine but a local mobile phone stall who sold accessories and did repairs offered to replace the screen for £40. I had had a friend who had the same replacement done not long ago and it went fine so went ahead with the screen replacement. The phone was dropped off at the stall with charge. The phone was collected from the stall with charge but the person did not demonstrate the phone charging up before handing it over which I have now been told they should do. The stall says they did because they always do but they didn't. The phone came home working fine and with a small amount of charge on it. With in 3 hours the battery died on the phone. When plugged in in the morning it wouldn't charge. It was recognising a charger attached but the battery charge wasn't increasing. Went back and spoke to the stall and explained it was odd considering the phone worked fine until they had it and the problem only arose once they had opened the phone up. They said it was probably the battery had dumped it's charged and offered to replace it with a new one. That's when they told us that they always show the person the phone charging when they give it back, which they hadn't this time. A few days later was told the battery had been replaced but it still wasn't working. They think it's the charging dock is damaged and said if it is, they wouldn't have gone anywhere near it when replacing the screen so couldn't possibly have been them. Once again explained the phone charged fine until they had the phone as it had been dropped off to them with charge. They offered to replace the charging dock. Have since been told by them replacing the charging dock has not helped and the phone is still dead, but *surprise surprise* the phone has been water damaged according to the sensors. There's nothing more they can do and we can collect the dead phone. The phone hasn't been water damaged. It was working before they initially had it and it was only with us 3 hours after they gave it back and it definitely did not come into contact with any water in that time. Does anyone have any advice? Obviously I am pretty annoyed that I am now left without a phone and iPhone's aren't exactly cheap and it is just a little too much of a coincidence that the phone miraculously died 3 hours after they had it. I think they have realised there's nothing they can do, panicked about having to replace an expensive phone and so are blaming water damage. Any ideas?
  15. Hi Guys, I've upgraded for an Apple iPhone 4 8GB with 2 years contract on the 10th August in my local O2 store. The phone was free of charge, I have to pay "only" the monthly charge. The first problem I've noticed with the phone, that the Wi-Fi was not working properly. Worked only if I were close enough to the router. I could not take the phone back for more then 2 weeks, because I went for holiday. Then during my holiday turned out other problems: the VoiceOver turned on itself - and back then I didn't even know what is that, and how to switch it off - I've barly could use the phone, because in that option you have to select, than double tap everything to use, even when you text every single letter! you can not easily scroll and its saying everything you have on the screen. So most of the time I've kept my phone off, because was so annoying. I also had problem to the camera, often froze. So as soon as I've got back to England I went to the store on Tuesday the 28th. I've explained the problem I had, and I said I would like to have a replacement. First he tried to convince me there is nothing wrong with the phone. He explained that the Wi-Fi probably didn't work properly because I've hold the phone in my hand, and that's covering the back of the phone. For the VoiceOver he said, you can activate and disactivate by tapping 3 times the home button. Anyway I've said all these were not the case. So I was told he has to send the phone to repair, which gonna take from 4 days up to 2 weeks. I wasn't happy, as I don't think a 2-3 weeks old phone has to be repaired, but what could I do? Unfortunately I wasn't aware of my rights that time. They gave me a loan phone (Samsung) for £25 deposit, and I'm still paying the monthly payment for an iPhone. Great. On the 30th morning I've got a message saying that O2 repair has my phone, and they will be back in touch soon. In the evening I've got this message: "Sorry, but the problem with your phone isn't covered by the warranty. But we'll give you a repair quote. Just call the shop on...." I thought there has to be some kind of mistake but obviously was distressing. I've called the shop the day after and I've asked an explanation. I've was told that the Apple engineer in their repair centre has found out there have been screws missing inside, one LCI is damaged inside, antenna procetion cover is missing and if i would like a repair it cost £360!!! When I've asked him what does he think how is this possible, he started questioning me, if anyone opened the phone?! I've replied of course no one opened it, I don't even know how to open, and I did not give to anyone to fix it, why should I if I can just give them back, as it's still a new phone! Then he asked me if I have an insurance, which I don't, but as I haven't done anything why does that matter? Then he said if I don't want to repair they will just give me back the pnone as it is, and I could take to the Apple. I was getting upset, saying I've bought the phone from O2 and I have the contract with them, they should sort this out, so he suggested to talk in person in the store, as on the phone he couldn't give me any solution. Of course I've refused the repair. After working yesterday till 6pm, I had the time to go to the store today. The "very helpful" manager - who actually turned out was in the phone 2 days before - said exactly the same things. He showed me the picture of the inside of the phone, which of course doesn't show anything to me, I'm not an engineer. But I've done a bit of research on the internet about my rights. In the O2 Repair and Return Policy they say: If there is a fault with your purchase in the first 28 days we'll either give you a replacement or your money back. after 28 days : we will try to get it fixed for you. So why did they send to fix in the first place?! When I went back the first time it was the 19th day. For this he just replied, that for sure his assistant had a good reason to send it to repair, but as he is on holiday, he is not able to ask him. And as we know now that the phone has been opened and damaged, end of the story, or I pay the repair of £360 or they can give me back the phone and I could get a second opinion from Apple. He was talking to me all the way as it is obvious that I've opened the phone and caused the damage, as it is not possible that the phone came out like that from the manufacture, and there for it is not covered by the warranty. He was suggesting to take back the phone to the Apple, not mentioning that was sent off to repair, just telling them what was the problem on the first place. When i asked him, why not to tell them about it, he replied he is just trying to help me for my sake! Next step they will let me know when the phone is back from repair. So there we are. I would prefer to cancel my contract straight away, but I know i can't. This whole situation is just so frustrating! Sorry to being so long. Any help? Many thanks!
  16. A 21 year old friend recently entered into a contract for an iphone for her landlady who has bad credit, in her own name. Now that she is moving out she wonders if it was a wise thing to do! Currently payments are £20 a month and have always been made on time. Any Advice?
  17. Has anyone managed to set up two accounts on the iphone app, yet? It clearly shows that can be done on their pic examples on the app, but a 40 minute wait to speak to the customer service clueless one says no, you can only have ONE account on the app. Their brief and example shots say otherwise, but it wouldn't really be the first time where someone who was just walking down the street would know more than anyone who works for Barclays help desks in a far away country. I am well aware that when that phone is picked up and it's from abroad, my phone call will not get a solution, and don't know why I bother even trying with them
  18. Just a FYI, I've just cancelled my membership partly due to not needing it anymore but also, and more worryingly that the iPhone app appears to lie. For months it's stated that my credit score is 922 which is fine, but I've had one or two emails from them stating that they have "detected a change" and to log into my account, which I did, on the app only to discover the score was still 922. I just called them and was asked what my membership number was, so I logged into the app to see if it was in there, it wasn't and my score was 922. So I logged into the main website and it said it was 901........logged back into the app and it suddenly updated to 901 and showed the recent activity. The lady on the phone said she couldn't take my feedback and suggested I email customer service (which I have) but if any of you use the app I'd be wary. 3 other friends who I've just spoken to have noticed the same and are fuming, especially as well have all been paying the £15 a month for the service. Thanks Paul.
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