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Found 18 results

  1. Hi. I have a bit of a problem with T-Mobile. I sent my Samsung S3 for repair back in December 2013. Two weeks later I received an invoice for £126 along with a photo of the phone with a crack on the screen. It was the first time I saw the crack. I even have paperwork from the shop assistant who checked the handset thoroughly before it being sent and wrote 'screen not turning on'. Now after 7 months and going back and forth into the store and being treated like an idiot I've had enough. I've been paying them but haven't been able to use the internet since I am using a handset that doesn't support 3G. I still haven't received my phone, the manager of the store hasn't called me for over 2 weeks now and I can't even get hold of them because they don't ever pick up the phone. Please help, I don't know what to do. Thanks!
  2. I supposedly purchased a phone and TMobile contract via mobiles.co.uk (part of Carphone Warehouse). All T&Cs I agreed to related to mobiles.co.uk and at no point were there service contract documents from TMobile to review and agree to. I received the phone and SIM card and a further copy of the T&Cs regarding mobiles.co.uk but yet again nothing from TMobile to review or sign. Unfortunately I was kind of duped by Mobiles.co.uk by being led to believe I was being provided with a new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (deal was the same price, similar photo) yet only provided with a Note 1 (2 year old phone!). I cancelled the purchase as the deal was misleading and not as described (not least of all because I was taken to the deal via a comparison website which stated it WAS a Note 3). Despite this, T-Mobile has continued to bill me even though the SIM card was never registered. They defaulted me (without the pre-requisit warnings) after one month so I've discovered on my credit file. Now they are charging me for the full 24 months.. (as soon as I was surprised by the first bill in the post, I cancelled the DD) So where is the contract with T-Mobile? Surely it can't exist as I've not signed anything, not even ticked a box? Neither have I been sent a T-Mobile contract in the post, nor presented with a T-Mobile contract online to review and agree to by Mobiles.co.uk. I' have taken myself through the purchase process again as far as I could without payment and again you are not presented with a contract to agree to. I seem to remember this was the case when I used MobilesDirect.co.uk for a Vodaphone contract - the terms came in the post but nothing was agreed to - I just let it be and got on with paying back then.. how do I show that no contract has been signed or been entered into with T-Mobile? Do I need to make an SAR request or is there another official way to see evidence of a contract? Has the contract been fraudulently signed by Mobiles.co.uk as if it were me? I'd love to nip this in the bud before it gets to a DCA stage as that will be much more difficult to remove from my credit file. So any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. T Mobile's website states: 'We'll add £2 credit to your balance the first three times you use your card to top up £10 or more.' However, before you rush to top up your mobile, they are no longer honouring the offer (even though it isn't time-stamped on their website). They told me that: 'This is an old, out of date page, where the promotion, along with the other promotions on this page, are no longer available on T-Mobile. We’ve feed this back to try and have this updated, however, it may be Google who have cached the page as when doing the same search using Yahoo or Bing this page is not offered as a result.' I don't think that's good enough. T Mobile could have put an expiry date on the offer and they could have put a 'this offer has expired' message on the page. If a business has a promotion on the internet that's potentially winning them business, they should honour that promotion. I know we are talking about trivial amounts, but I'm concerned about the principle, not the money. Is T Mobile's position lawful, and can I do anything to force them to honour this promotion? Thanks Jeff
  4. This is the first time I have used the site so please bare with me. I have searched and read through a lot of succesful cases on here but unfortunately I have not been so lucky and I'm looking for any advice that might help me turn this around. I have 3 Negative markers against my credit report. 2 defaults and an arrangement to pay marker. My first default is by Hutchison 3G for £12.00. I had problems from day 1 with 3G. I had taken out one of those internet dongles back in 2008 and it was basically useless, it was replaced countless times by 3 and resulted in me refusing to pay for a service I wasnt receiving for a small period of time. Although I didnt want to I did continue paying as I didnt want to end up with bad credit but having thought the account was closed and settled, I find the default for just £12.00 registered against me. I have written a polite and apologetic letter to 3G explaining I'm looking to apply for a mortgage, financial problems it is causing for my family, that it's such a small amount and the adverse effect it is having etc. 3G have written back a tiny 1 paragraph letter basically saying it is a true reflection of how the account was managed and they wont be removing the default. My second default is with T-Mobile. I moved home and did not realise I had one final payment left on my contract. The outstanding balance was £57.17. This appeared on my credit report, I contacted T-Mobile who advised the debt had been passed to a DCA and they could not accept payment but passed me the DCA details. I contacted the DCA who advised the settlement figure was £45 which I paid immediately. I then find a default registered against me by T-Mobile for £7.17! I called T-Mobile who said they don't know why I was told to only pay £45 and this time they were prepared to accept the remaining £7.17 directly. Similar letter (as the 3G one) to T-Mobile who have responded advising as the DCA told me to pay £45, despite the default being registered by T-Mobile, to take my issue up direct with the DCA, who can't do anything as they didnt register the default. T-Mobile are just advising there is nothing they can do. Finally, HFC bank have registered an "arrangement to pay" marker against me. I never needed an arrangement to pay for the account and never agreed to one. My payments remained the same every month apart from 1 late payment until I settled the account early. Again, similar letter to HFC but they just flat out dont respond. Sorry it is a bit of a rant I just wanted to be clear about my situation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. A few days ago I received a letter from Lowells and T-Mobile saying that ownership of this debt has been sold to Lowells. The history: Had an account with T-Mobile many years ago. When I was working abroad I asked for roaming to be added and if the minutes I used would come out of my monthly allowance or would I have to pay. They said monthly allowance so I used the phone as if I would have in the UK. When I got my next bill I was a little shocked I spoke to them and they said that the T+Cs of my contract (which was initiated online through another company that sells mobile phones and contracts) stands and that I was liable for the full amount. I did not have enough to pay and I disagreed with their stance and thus we have been in a stand-off ever since. Lowells have been chasing me ever since and they have had an entry on my credit file since the default on 10/06/2008. About 12 months ago I did ask for an SAR on all the documentation purporting to the account which they provided although they said that there is no physically signed contract as it was initiated and the act of switching on the phone demonstrates my agreement with the Ts and Cs of the contract. What is wierd is that I did speak to them about 6 months ago and offer what I thought I owed (about £150) in full and final payment with the debt being satisfied in full. They initially agreed, then tried to say that they would partially satisfy the debt to which I replied that I was not content and that I would not budge from my offer. Things have been quiet since then until I recieved this today. Throughout this process they kept referring back to T-Mobile, but this letter states that the debt was sold in 2010. Although I have blanked the address block out, the QR code and the line code on both letters are exactly the same, which would suggest that they have been printed off the same computer system even though one is from T-Mobile and the other from Lowells.....wierd. Questions: - I note that the debt was sold in 2010 but I am only getting this letter now. Does that mean I am likely to see Lowells taking this further? - Or is this more sabre rattling? - Could Lowells be sending me letters purporting to be from T-Mobile? Is this illegal? It seems so if it is the case. I fully intend on letting this reach the 6 year point after which I will have it expunged from my credit record but as I am in the process of buying a house I do not want this to come and bite me on the bottom.
  6. We have had a horrific experience in trying to top up our T-Mobile phone in the Algarve. They now call themselves "EverythingEverywhere" LOL. We spent a whole day nearly trailing around to find where i could top my phone. Top up card no use at pay shops or any of the three network providers in the Algarve. BE WARNED---either get yourself a decent network or make sure your T-mobile is well topped up before leaving home to cover emergencies.
  7. I realised a default placed by t-mobile on my credit file after which i wrote to them for a copy of my agreement. When the first letter was sent, in response the wrote the following: "I refer to the information you requested and confirm that the service agreement you have entered into with T-Mobile is regarded as "exempt" under the provisions of the consumer credit act 1974 and as such we are not required to file a default notice prior to termination of the service agreement. For the receipt of any correspondence and copy of agreements you can contact our customer relations tem" As I did not have a clue what the above meant in plain english, I wrote to them again for an explenation of the above and the agreement to which they responded with the following: "No signed contract can be supplied as you connected with us direct and a copy of our terms and conditions, and a distance selling regulation letter were sent with your phone. This gave you seven working days to return the equipment to us if you were unhappy with anything. Our T&C advise that we do not need to provide you with the documentation you have requested and a copy of this can be found on our website. Now I am really confused on what to do. How can I challenge this default? with the above agreement, dont they have to send a default notice prior to placing this on my credit file? Can I make a request under the data protection act to see all my details and payment statements? is there anyway that I can get the default removed?
  8. i have sent various complaints to T-Mobile and Apple about the rubbish handset IPhone 4s really is, first thing is my signal is terrible and my touchscreen doesn't work when i lay my phone down flat, it freezes during calls and when using apps, plus the battery dies so quickly its stupid. .. everytime i complain t-mobile blames apple, apple says theres no hardware problems, i got back to t-mobile and theres nothing they can do either i will most likely be switching to different company and different brand of phone but im tired of not getting help from either company
  9. Hi all, Currently in a legal battle with T-Mobile and put in a SARS request which they did send me a full A4 pack of documents. Missing from those documents and what I asked for is letters, Emails and web forms I had sent to them, I have since had a reply to my failure notice saying: " they have supplied all of the requested data where it exists and/or is still retrievable. I have sent T-Mobile at least 12 letters and 15/20 emails and not one of those is included in the SARS pack. I did threaten court so will have to do just that now as those documents will help my legal case against T-Mobile unless CISAS rule my way but need some help on my POC to get these documents. Anyone help me out or guide me to a template, I looked but get lost in the library. George
  10. i purchased a sim and dongle to use with my laptop from t-mobile for £7.50 per month about 15 months ago. At the time i was told that it would have a price cap and stop me using up more that £7.50 per month. I've been getting emails telling me when i've nearly reached the limit and when i've hit that limit, i cant download for the rest of the month. the device has been a bit slow of late and i went to check for an upgrade and to my horror, was told i was paying betweek 30 and 50 pounds per month. I was shocked. feel like an idiot. how do i get m y money back? has t-mobile done this to anyone else?
  11. This is my first post on this forum. I would be grateful for some advice with regard to the removal of a default. The default is from T-mobile and was placed on my credit file in August 2010, on account of a debt in the sum of £76. T-mobile initially instructed H L Solicitors as their debt collection agency, some time during 2011. I obtained my credit record from Equifax in August 2012 and it showed the default registered by T-mobile. I have this month obtained my current credit record from Equifax. The default is now shown as registered by Sigma Red Limited. The default date and delinquent balance is the same as that which was previously recorded by T-mobile. There is now no mention of T-mobile on my credit record. I was aware that T-mobile had assigned the debt to Sigma Red Limited. During q4 2012 I wrote several letters to T-mobile in an attempt that the default be removed. I tried the sympathy approach and offered to pay the outstanding sum of £76 but, unfortunately, I was not successful. Save for this default, my credit record is clean and in my opinion, quite strong. In the first instance, I understand that the default will fall away six years post the default date (i.e. August 2016). I would like to know whether Sigma Red Limited is the organisation with discretion to remove the default. Is there any steps I can take to compel Sigma Red Limited to remove the default? For instance, could I challenge the debt for some reason? Could I make a subject access report? I am willing to pay the £74. I understand that is unlikely that Sigma Red Limited will take any steps to enforce the debt, having regard to the fact that no enforcement action was taken by H L Solicitors or has been taken thus far by Sigma Red Limited. Is this understanding reasonable? The outstanding sum of £74 does not appear to have increased as a result of being passed to debt collection agencies. Is there any way that Sigma Red Limited or its successors can levy any additional fees, such that the debt is increased? I have a very strong interest in procuring the removal of this default, and should be grateful for your information and advice.
  12. Hello All, I am new to this forum. So please excuse any mistakes. I was( am ?) on a T-Mobile contract which should have expired on 07/05/2013. I called T-Mobile in late March(or first week of April. I don't remember the exact date) to enquire the cancellation procedure if any. I was advised that I have to give 30 days notice. So I called them again on 07/04/2013 and told them I would like to leave the contract as soon as my contract expires and convert me to "pay as you go" (PAYG). I also asked them would there be any other charges other than the normal bill. The customer service personal informed. I wont be charged anything after 07/05/2013 and just have to pay for any usage out of my allowance till 07/05/2013. On 02/05, I called them to request my PAC code, so that I can retain my number. But I was told in order to get my PAC code I have convert my contract to "30 days rolling contract" (26£) and give them another 30 days notice which I refused. They told me the other option I had is to pay them £10 which would be added as credit to PAYG and request the PAC code once my PAYG is activated. I informed them that I was not told about the £10 earlier and would not want to pay it as I have another phone. Now they insist if I have to convert to PAYG I have to pay £10 irrespective of whether I require the PAC code(which I would like to have). If I knew they would charge me, I would have requested PAC code on 07/04/2013 itself. I requested to talk to their Manager. The lady in customer service informed the manager will call me back within 2 hours. But nobody called me in last 5 days!. When I checked the balance in the phone yesterday (08/05), I am still have the talktime allowance left which means they have not converted my line to PAYG. So I called them. I was informed the process is started and I would get a final bill today. So legally is there anything I can do to stop them from forcing me to another months of contract or coughing up £10 for PAYG? Thank you in advance.
  13. Hi All:-), My wife and I recently went Bankrupt. Well….2011. I know some people may call us crazy but it really did change our lives for the better! Anyway I digress. My wife and I both had debts with 'T-Mobile'. They were passed to 'Sigma SPV1 Ltd' and in turn 'HL Solicitors'. The debts were a part of our Bankruptcy. We were discharged in Oct 2012. During our Bankruptcy 'HL Solicitors' kept sending us demands to which I always replied, referring them to our 'Official Receiver' (Plus I sent them numerous copies of our Bankruptcy Order). Over the last 4 months 'HL Solicitors' have become particularly aggressive! Until recently we have complied completely and been forthcoming! (even more than we perhaps should have). We sent them more copies of our 'Bankruptcy Orders', our 'Proof of Discharge' and even a copy of page 14 of our 'Statement of Affairs' highlighting that the debt was included in the Bankruptcy! (I realise that it is irrelevant that it was actually in the 'Statement of Affairs' and that any debts that we may have missed would still be a part of our Bankruptcy but dealing with imbeciles we wanted to make a point!) ‘None the less’ the latest letter I have received is a notice that should we not make payment within 14 days they are going to take us to court! Funny enough as well as anger reading this letter, I couldn’t help laughing as I know they wouldn’t have a leg to stand on! The next step I am going to take is, I am going to phone our 'Official Receiver' to find out what they can do about it (if anything) and I want to write a nasty letter to them, explaining how they have got it so wrong etc My question has three parts as follows: 1 - Does anyone know if they have a dedicated complaints department that I can write to direct? I have tried to research this but found nothing? 2 - In my letter I want to let them know that I am going to also write to the OFT and my MP etc. Can you tell me who else (if anyone), I can put in my letter as a threat that I intend to write to etc? 3, Can you let me know if you can think of anything, no matter how little, that I can/Should include in my letter? (any references’ to litigation/law etc, specific words like Obtuse or Vexation for example?) I want to thank you in advance of your replies for taking the time to read my thread and reply! Thank you so very much Darren. P.S Just to let you know that my frame of mind is that I really want to give it to them in this letter! Perhaps make them sweat if I can!? Whilst obviously writing the letter within the constraints of the law and without sounding like a raging lunatic etc lol! Thank you kindly. P.P.S Sorry but I have just thought of another concern. My wife and I have registered with Experian, Equifax etc. With a view to gaining control of our credit. It has been great! I would recommend it to anyone. For example we had two Bankruptcies each so had the error corrected (We‘ve only ever gone Bankrupt once), we have had debts that were registered against us but were a part of the Bankruptcy marked as satisfied or even removed and it has increased our scores dramatically! However we both have one remaining................yep you guessed it, ‘HL Solicitors’!!! Do you know who is responsible for either removing it from our credit record or marking it as satisfied (Due to the Bankruptcy)? Is it 'T-Mobile', 'Sigma SPV1 Ltd' or 'HL Solicitors'?? I only ask because I have inquired with them and every one of them has passed the buck, stating that it is the responsibility of one of the others!! I can't thank you enough for any help you can give us!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!
  14. ]Hi all. In October of 2012 I ordered a Iphone 4s from t-mobile on a 30 (odd) pound a month contact for 2 years. The draw for me was the unlimited text/minutes/web, while speaking to the chap from t mobile. I asked about insurance and he said that at the time they were between insurance agencies and that the new policy would not be going live till the following week. I asked him if he could sign me up when the insurance was available. He said that he would and that I need not call back. Anyway phone arrives and the contract/phone worked great. fast forward 5 months... I went out last Saturday morning very early and thought I left my phone at home.... turns out I left it in the taxi. I tried to call the taxi but as it was a black cab and there are a zillion of them I was unable to. I called up T mob and explained the situation.I asked to make a claim on my insurance and they said I didn't have any although the chap on the phone said I am eligible for an upgrade and I should go into town to the nearest tmob shop and get my FREE and replacmemt Iphone 4s. went into town and the guy in the sho[ just laughed at me. turns out I am not eligible for an upgrade. so I called tmob back and the 3rd guy I spoke to said that I was not eligable also he would call me back at 5:30pm as he was going to try escalate the situation. 9am the next morning I am still waiting. so I called them back again and then explained the situation. the lady I spoke to then said that there was no way I could upgrade unless I wait till the 31st of the 6th month and pay a early upgrade fee. I asked to speak to a manager and after a little hasstle I managed to get through to a manager asked to make a claim on my insurance and they said I didnt have any and they are not going to do anything about it however she actually did try and help. she was going to try get the insurance added on so that I could make a claim. no luck there..... she then said that I could upgrade for a early upgrade fee.... my alarm bells started ringing... i asked how much? she said between 450 and 500 pounds.... I explained that that was not an upgrade however it was a new connection and requested she tell me the truth and not dress up things to make them more appealing. I refused it. she then said she would try and see what they could offer and she would call me back... that she did but they said that there was nothing they could do but give me 2 months free line rental. I didnt take this as I would not want them to use it as a "well we offered you something and you took it" excuse. She even admitted that it was T mobiles fault and that they should be held responsible. I was instructed to write into their customer relations department and request it in writing. I am prepared to do this but I just feel it is going to be a fob off. I am more then happy to pay a small (and I mean small) fee for a replacement (meeting me in the middle) I even though about taking out another contract for where the phone would be chargeable (minimally) and they reduce my current contract to match what I am paying now so Id have 2 contracts but the same amount of outgoings. if that makes sense. I am going to write to them but I don't know exactly what my rights are... please if anyone can help I would be so great full I don't want them to walk all over me. I f they refuse then I will see that as a breach of contract and thus leave the current contract null and void. also I will be going to ofcom and twitter about the issue. am I right?
  15. My Galaxy S2 is currently with T-mobile for assessment as a result of a broken screen (under the glass) and the view of the shop was that as it was a broken screen it was automatically my fault. I am at a loss as to how they can know this without even seeing the phone. Hence why I was unprepared to pre-authorise a repair without knowing the cost first. I have no issue with paying if it is my fault (like I did when I put a phone through the washing machine or when I dropped one on a sharp stone and shattered the screen or when I left one on the car roof and drove off only to see it bounce in the rear view mirror!) but this time it was very different as the screen went black as if power had gone and it needed to be switched back on - i initially thought it was a power fault. The next day I discovered a crack in the screen. Following research I have found that there are issues with some Samsung phones overheating and this cracking the screen and, as my phone has gone very hot on a few occasions recently, think this was the problem. Any advice on how to respone if, as I expect they will, they say its down to me. For reference this is the first problem I have ever had with a Samsung Phone (apart from the self inflicted problems above) and up to now have been very impressed with T-mobile's customer service. Thanks in advance. A n d r e w
  16. hello. bit of a story so please bear with me. some time ago, (an embarassingly long time), i had a mobile phone upgrade carried out over the phone directly with t-mobile. i'm self employed so i wanted a phone to keep as backup and i accepted a basic model sony ericsson to keep in case of problems with my other phone. i never intended to use it so i refused the insurance and all extras and within a month or so changed address. fast forward to feb 2012 and a chance conversation about a debit card revealed a direct debit, that i knew nothing about, for £6.99 a month which had been quietly running for an embarassingly long time. the direct debit was to a company called homecare insurance and with a bit of digging i discovered that i had been paying insurance on the backup phone and had had a policy running from the date of my phone upgrade with details supplied by t-mobile. the address that they had on the policy was my parents, where i was living when the mobile upgrade was done. i have never recieved any communication from homecare/fonesafe at any time. i cancelled the policy there and then, explaining that it had been set up without my knowledge, and asked for a refund. homecare insurance stated that i would be refunded if i could prove that the policy had been set up without my knowledge. t-mobile customer services told me by email that they have no knowledge of my having requested insurance and stated that they would provide written confirmation of this fact, but to get it i had to write to their customer admin team, or go into a store to request it. t-mobile have now decided that actually they have no proof either way whether or not i requested this insurance so are now refusing to give me the written confirmation that they had agreed to send. without this letter homecare will not refund me (and are claiming to have sent me a welcome pack and letters. this is a lie as i get any mail addressed to me, from my parents.) obviously these two companies work together so i'm not holding my breath that the one will take my side against the other, but where does this leave me now? i have spoken to my bank (halifax) with regard to the direct debit gaurantee but they want me to exhaust all avenues before they will take it on. if anyone has any suggestions i would be grateful to hear them. oh and yes i check bank statements thoroughly now!!
  17. Right where to start, i upgraded my contrac with t-mobile in october last year and on upgrading my contract i recieved a new phone, sony ericsson X10i, the original reasons for taking this phone over the galaxy s that i were offered, was the 8MP camera it offered instead of 5. Since december my phone has gone faulty and away for repair 4 times. On the 3rd time it went away for repair i was told that if it went faulty again i would be entitled to a replacement. so when it went faulty again the other week i took it back to the store and was told it had to go for a repair again no matter wheather i had been told it was replaced. So the phone went for repair and i contacted t-mobile customer services who told be there was nothing else they could do, not been happy with this answer i persued the matter, i eventually spoke to a lady who said they would exchange the handset for me, informed me that they couldnt replace it like for like because it was end of line, and offered me 3 phones. non of which matched the specification of the previous phone. I informed the member of CS that i was not happy with the phones that had been offered she said she would look into it and get back in touch with me, 3 days later i am still waiting for her to ring. i have further contacted t-mobile, to try and have someoneelse attempt to resolve this issue for me. where i was told that i would only get £190 towards a new handset. After getting rather frustrated and having been offered a choice of 2 more phones that were still nowhere near the spec that i had previously. refused these. i contacted OFCOM who registered a complaint and sent me towards consumer direct. who told me that if t-mobile could not provide me with a long lasting repair on my handset then they had to replace it and if they couldnt replace it with the same phone then i had the right to refuse anything they offered me and requst to be released from my contract at no extra charge, or have them replace the phone with a phone that is the same spec or higher than my previous phone ( this was something to do with the SUPPLIERS GOODS AND SERVIES ACT) I then spoke to t-mobile again who still would not provide me with the same spec phone as previously had and saying that they do not have to release me from the contract as they are only resoponsible for the service they provide not the phone. even though the equipment was provided with the service. Any help, advice or opinions would be much apprciated right now i am not a very happy customer at the minute thanks to all that replyed, please if you have somethig else to say about this or advice please post. i still not really sure weather i will be fighing a loosing battle with this or weather i am in the right
  18. Hi guys, Just a quick question really. I had a t-mobile contract a few years ago and asked them to cancell it at the next renewal. However i keeping getting bills from them at about £35 a month and its now at the debt collectors for a few hundred. I've spoken with them and they say i said no such thing to them and i must pay it. Naturally i tell them where to go. I just need to know... If i didn't sign a contract to renew it, are they legally allowed to continue charging me? Could i just ask the debt collector for the contract (which doesn't exist) to shut them up? any help would be great. Thanks!
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