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  1. Hi TC, yeah I just wanted to get some advice on here too, I didn't want to bother you too much with this, I know you're a busy man etc
  2. Hi all, apologies for the waffling but I felt it best to give all the facts. Tuesday evening after work myself and my wife were travelling home along a 40mph road in the wet, approaching a right hand bend, when a car coming the other way appeared from around the bend clearly exceeding the speed limit and going too fast for the bend, before I knew it he understeered out of control into my lane, hit the kerb and then we had a head on crash. I didn't have much time to react as I was almost on top of the corner. He admitted full liability at the scene to myself and to the Police. In fairness
  3. Just a FYI, I've just cancelled my membership partly due to not needing it anymore but also, and more worryingly that the iPhone app appears to lie. For months it's stated that my credit score is 922 which is fine, but I've had one or two emails from them stating that they have "detected a change" and to log into my account, which I did, on the app only to discover the score was still 922. I just called them and was asked what my membership number was, so I logged into the app to see if it was in there, it wasn't and my score was 922. So I logged into the main website and it said it was 9
  4. Hi all, After some advice as I'm absolutely seething with the way I've been treated by Natwest.......AGAIN. Basically I had a PPI claim running with Natwest up till the beginning of last month when they settled. Some facts to make the story make sense : Last was paid by direct debit. Monthly payment was £421.77. Loan was due to run till May 2013. Basically on the 4th November Natwest settled the PPI claim and paid £1444 into my loan account (for some reason) and the remainder to my current account. I then phoned up the Actionline desk on the 7th November and paid the re
  5. Well this is now finally over and done with, ended up with nearly £14,000 but it's been a long road, good job I'm a patient man. What is annoying me is all the PPI companies out there trying to entice people, and making out as though its a difficult process to claim back, when in actual fact it's not difficult, just requires patience.
  6. Hi all, its nearly 3 years since I started this thread and the signage STILL hasn't changed but I noticed this in one of the shop windows the other day and thought it might amuse some : Made me chuckle
  7. Hi all, it seems when I phoned up last year to have the PPI stopped on both my Natwest Credit Card and my Loan they raised 2 PPI complaints for me even though I only asked for the Loan to be disputed. Got an out of the blue letter yesterday offering me £2513 which they have calculated from 2002 till now. Surprised is not the word! That more than pays the balance on that card. The FOS have been keeping me "on hold" regarding my loan complain but I called RBS direct earlier and they say the hold up is with the FOS processing correspondence due to the volume of claims. Upside is they have co
  8. Hey all, this is dead and buried yet. Its been 31 weeks since I registered my complaint originally with Natwest/RBS. I had a call today from the FOS Adjudicator that has been assigned my case and she advised me that her ruling is to uphold my claim and she has sent a letter to Natwest but needs to give them until the 25th April to reply. The only downside is that she informed me that due to the current court cases going on (she mentioned something about the banks not being happy with the FOS's ruling) that it may be they dispute and refuse to uphold my claim. If this happens it will have to g
  9. Cheers dx, what with the recent 2.8m fine RBS got for how they handled complaints etc my confidence is growing, even if my patience isnt!
  10. Still nothing to report and this claim has now been with RBS/Natwest for 19weeks. The FOS are on the case and Natwest advised me after 12weeks to do so but I had already done this at the 8week mark. I had a letter from the FOS this week stating the case has finally been passed to one of there adjudicators but it might "be a while, maybe 2 months" so I'll hopefully hear in due course. 19 weeks on and I haven't had anything from RBS/Natwest for quite a while so I'm considering ringing them and asking whats going on but I have a feeling I'll get a fairly standard reply. I'll keep people post
  11. Hi all, Nothing much to report, to add the subject of Natwest stating they calculate the PPI payments contrary to the Credit Agreement this is a letter I received today : Surely this isn't legal? Thats like me deciding to alter how much the loan repayment is off my own back, they wouldnt stand for it and I'm certain they would quote the credit agreement as the binding contract. In effect it appears they are admitting that I signed a document to agree to something, which they openly acknowledge was false? I'm hoping this fans the flames in my favour as I'm even more infur
  12. Just to add more to this, I made a speculative call to the FOS regarding the PPI cancellation and the guy on the phone stated that he understood the wording of the loan agreement as I did, i.e. 84 payments of 96.19 for the PPI and even went as far as to say "if they have refunded you £1071 then they still owe you just over 7000 pounds". He was a VERY helpful chap. He took some details and has sent me out a questionairre and a letter to send to Natwest, which is probably similar to the template letters here. He also said that there comment that matters are taking up to 12 weeks to resolve
  13. Thats DX, appreciate it. It sound like hogwash to me, if the PPI payment is indeed calculated and reduced every month over the course of the loan repayment (which is contrary to the loan agreement I have stating equal payments) then its a pretty steep scale they are working on. The loan agreement states the total PPI payable over the course of the 84 months is £8079.69. They have refunded me £1071.74 which is allegedly what I would have paid in PPI and interest if I had paid the PPI till the end date of the loan. Deducting that figure from the total PPI cost leaves just over 7grand for ea
  14. Thanks DX, sorry for appearing to be a spanner, I've clearly got too much faith in human beings/organisations lol I was about to read the template letters etc but unfortunately a check on my online banking has thrown the spreadsheet completely out the window, I wonder if you could cast your eyes over this and give me some feedback. I feel ill prepared to argue a particular point so would appreciate knowing exactly where I stand. Basically I logged onto my online banking this morning and noticed my loan amount (remaining) was less than it should be. I then noticed that in addition to
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