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Found 22 results

  1. I am currently in dispute with a builder over a patio - there have been several attempts to remedy the situation over the past 12 months the patio has been re-laid but there are still significant issues. Last time the builder was on site I unfortunately swore about the situation not directed at the builder. The builder became very aggressive and intimidating - shouting and swearing at me. I asked him to leave the house and he continued. Fortunately, at this point my wife came home with my daughters and she could hear the builder shouting from outside the house.
  2. Do all warrants of execution or warrants of distress need to be signed by a Judge? If they are not signed, are they lawful for an Enforcement company to execute.
  3. Hi I have been absent from my property for a while. I normally just pay £50 ad hoc on-line in to Edf account to ensure there is a regular payment and the account is being serviced so no huge debt surprises. Turns out they had sent a larger bill than normal and I owed £250, followed by red letters and then a Warrant of Execution to gain entry, remove the normal meter and fit a key meter. Without knowing this I continued to pay ad hoc £50's so that actually by the time of the allocated court hearing for the Warrant - this week - there was only £50 owing to Edf.
  4. Hey guys, I wonder if someone can help. Last time I was here, Ploddertom and wonkydonkey were brilliant when it came to reigning in the HMRC bully boys that attempted to steal £k's from me. I have posted this over at MSE. Although I am receiving helpful responses, there is a lack of definitive answers. I fell into arrears last year with electricity provider - Npower. We came to an agreement on a repayment plan but unfortunately as I am self-employed I defaulted on payments again. Npower then refused to budge. They wanted to fit a pre-payment meter. My son's use of the internet f
  5. Hello, I will start by saying that we are a group of three international students who share a property. It turned out our landlord did not pay his mortgage and we received an eviction notice on late April as the property was to be repossessed. The landlord of course "went missing" and did not answer to any phone calls or emails. We (the tenants) applied for a stay of execution and we got one until the end of our tenancy (30th of June 2014). We already paid the 1st month following the court's decision (May) and we are left to pay the final month of our rent (June). The mother of one
  6. hey guys just received a letter off regal credit stating owe Northumbrian water £774 for an address I have not lived in for 4 years letter states with a CCJ already against you we propose to take legal action without further notice we will apply for a warrant of execution ect ect ends with to prevent legal action it is vital you pay in full immediately . ..I don't aknowledge this bill I don't owe this money and have told the waterboard I have not lived at this address for years when I did live there my bill was paid by deductions from my DSS.
  7. I have recieved one from a company i have never heard of "Me Lii Limited" and have had no corrispondance (sic) it just came out of the blue I have a charging order against me taken out by restons this is the same court that the warrant of execution was issued from Can a debt be trannsfered from a charging order to my goods How can i find out the finer details of this debt to see the original owner Thanking you in advance
  8. Warrant of Execution - After Final return of your claim was received I rececied a noice from MCOL - 'A final return for your warrant against Mr XXX was received on 06/11/2013', I am not sure what it means and why I suppose to do next. Few months ago, I started a claim that a guy own me £3000. He was my 'londlord', I paid one years rent but I only live there for 6 months, now he cut himself off from facebook, phone, email, ect. From my other resourse he might move out the house cause he was not a 'landlord', he rent it from someone else. I fear that court can not trace him and help me
  9. I received a letter in the post today from a Bailiff stating that a 'warrant of execution' has been issued for NON payment of a traffic debt. The contravention dates back to 21/12/2010. (camera enforcement) I remember paying this , but its so long ago i can't remember exactly how and no longer have any of the paperwork. Can i defend this in anyway
  10. Hi all, We are being chased for a debt of around £6k, originally from a Virgin Money/MBNA credit card. Last payments/acknowledgement of debt were around July 2011. Aplins successfully put a charge on our property for the amount owing earlier this year, and they then sent a nice (for them) letter saying they wouldn't be enforcing a sale, and things went quiet for a while. However they've now sent a letter saying: " We are about to issue a Warrant of Execution against you. This will incur additional fees and costs which will be added to the amount you already owe. Unless you pa
  11. Hi, new here but wish Id found this goldmine of knowledge before! I have received this in the post today, I have to pay 197.66 by tomorrow or they will remove goods. The debt is from capital one to cut a long story short I lost my job, made the mistake of getting a debt company to start helping me sent letters and said that the debt would be reduced as it was not properly executed then they disappeared and I didnt follow it up. Stupid I know. I have been reading forums and it seems that I should have received some sort of court order previously but looking at my post al
  12. Hi everyone i had a parking fine from manchester city council(my car was a touch over the white line when i parked). I am a blue badge holder in recepit of dla and esa which totals £120 pw. I contacted manchester city council who were unhelpful from the start and told me it was not there problem and to contact northampton cc. Northampton cc told me the same and passed me back to Manchester cc. Now i have 5 days left to find £93...marstons told me in no uncertain terms they will take my car,i live with my mother and have no valuable goods of my own(all have been long sold since my
  13. The history Four years ago I received a pcn for a bus lane and when moving through the PATAS procedure, the local authority - Richmond - confirmed a 'discretionary' penalty distance of 10m existed at the end of the lane(s), which I had apparently violated by almost 4metres - which turned out to be untrue after revisiting and measurements/photos. On the day of the hearing Richmond failed to offer evidence to the contrary, actually not bothering to turn up at all. So, case dismissed and a lost day of work, plus another day in travel and compiling . The adjudicator said at the time that if I
  14. hi, could anybody tell me if this is a warrant issued by the court ive had 1 letter from bailiff asking for £385 i asked for a copy of the warrant also a breakdown of the charges this is all they sent its not a good copy ive done it as a photo as printer scanner isnt working, id be glad of any comments as i think the charges are exsesive, the bailiff only dropped the letter off saying they would enforce the warrent, hand deliverd, works out about £250 i dont think its a reasonable charge i also thought the warrant would have had a stamp or
  15. Hi Guys, I hope someone can help. I will be as clear as I can - the long and short of it is that I appealed a parking ticket as I was unaware that I had one until the baliffs came calling. All paperwork was sent to my old address so I did not get the opportunity to sort it out. The council dont want to know and I had a hearing at my local court to which they threw my appeal out. The baliffs are demanding £497 (for a £25 ticket) - I have written a letter to the baliff company as advised on one of the forums and stated that guidelines state that where the bali
  16. Several weeks ago I received a visit from a man form Rossendales explaining that we had an oustanding Council Tax bill that had been passed on to them and they had a Magistrates Order to recoup the money. I agreed to send an income and expenditure breakdown and come to an agreement over paying it in installments. I filled this in and sent it back. Today a man appeared on my doorstep with a piece of paper explaining that I hadnt kept to the deal, and he was here with the van. He told me I have to pay over 1200 pounds or he will be back with the van and the police. I
  17. I had a parking ticket from the London Borough of Kingston unfairly. I now have a company called Collect Services sending Bailiffs to my house. I asked for an execution warrant. The copy they sent me does not have a stamp from the courts. Can anyone advise me if this warrant is valid since I have never been in this position ? May also add that I did not receive a CCJ from the courts since the case was thrown out because the Council did not have a statement from me.
  18. Hello there,please can anyone help me with the following.... I have a debt that iv been ignoring now for a year....silly i know.... Iv had the court letters issud from Nottingham but didnt fill them in,then had the "Judgment For Claimant" letter from the court stating how much i owe and how much to pay each month.... I suppose iv been nieve thinking that there just fake court letters from Bryan Carter to frighten me.... I then got a letter this morning from Bryan Carter saying "WARRANTY OF EXECUTION"....there a warraant number after this.... This is when i googled for
  19. My friend started a business at the start of the year which I was helping him set up. He took out a 3 month license on an industrial unit which ended at the end of February and wasnt renewed as the business never really got off of the ground. I was acting as his advisor at the time due to having a bit of business knowledge and helped him through the process of finding a unit and also dealing with attaining the license for it. Fast forward to last week and I receive 2 Bailiff Removal / Magistrates Liability Order / Warrant Of Execution orders for Non Domestic Rates addressed to both mysel
  20. Hi all PLEASE could you give me a bit of help? I have had a Notice of Issue of Warrant of Execution, however it has been sent and addressed to the wrong flat. It has my name but is is addressed to Flat 2, I live in Flat 1. My friend who lives in flat 2 gave it me as it had my name on it. The question I am asking is it valid as it has the wrong address on, or can I just send it back saying "NOT AT THIS ADDRESS"? Thanks for any help,,
  21. First time poster so please be gentle! I've received a warrant of execution from the bailiffs for a debt I have no knowledge of. It's been sent to an address I've never lived at but is in my name-it's only by chance that I've received it. It appears a claim has gone through the county court without my knowledge, instigated by a chap I've had dealings with in the past. This chap harassed me by phone because I wouldn't evict one of my tenants quickly enough for him (he wanted to speed up an eviction making it illegal) and I refused. He threatened to visit me and have it out, even thoug
  22. Hey guys, I've been a reader for a while taking in the advice on your forums - it's proved invaluable so far, many thanks to all and keep up the good work However, I'm truly stumped and was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to shed some light on the following.... I've just checked my MCOL site today I noticed that under my claim history it states that a final return for your warrant against Person X has been received on 01/11/10. This is after the warrant of execution was obtained on 13/07/10, following the defendant's refusal to respond to any court correspondence and subsequent
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