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  1. He doesnt answer my phones and emails. He also deleted his face book account. But my friend saw him in London once and I known him also working in London too. Got his Linkln but no address. I was pay him by cash cause he requested me to, he has a car but I did not record plate number down. I guess he have the money cause he got some properties for rent in London. Do you think I should pay somemoney to private detective to trace him?
  2. I have his phone number and email address, his pics, is that can help? Or there are anything else I could do?
  3. Warrant of Execution - After Final return of your claim was received I rececied a noice from MCOL - 'A final return for your warrant against Mr XXX was received on 06/11/2013', I am not sure what it means and why I suppose to do next. Few months ago, I started a claim that a guy own me £3000. He was my 'londlord', I paid one years rent but I only live there for 6 months, now he cut himself off from facebook, phone, email, ect. From my other resourse he might move out the house cause he was not a 'landlord', he rent it from someone else. I fear that court can not trace him and help me
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