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  1. I have had an email of the fees chrages by Proserve and they are as follows - (bearing in mind they have 'picked this case up from Excel' who didnt get anything off me) Original Liability £82.50 Proserve Levy Fee £52.80 Letter Fee - £26.88 Van Fee £240 Admin fee - £60 The bottom line is that they came round to my house last tuesday when I was out and the bailiff handed my friend who was in my house a letter demanding £599. I didnt get a chance to call them that night as I was busy with my children but then he called back at 07.45am and thats when all the shenanigans
  2. I emailed the council asking for him to send me the official complaints procedures as well as detailing the unlawful clamping of a third party vehicle and he responded by saying that the forms are on pembrokeshire council website and that he has written to his bailiff firm and will respond to defend their actions. I also note after my research that the previous bailiff firm sent an uncertified bailiff to my house in October last year - this guy only got his certificate at the end of december
  3. What a true gem you are brassnecked - yes the address is as you stated above. I dont know if it is any coincidence but i seem to recall that excel civil enforcement are in that vicinity too - would it possible they are one and the same just t/as different names. Incidently it was excel that first took on this recovery before proserve just got involved. x
  4. Oh, and just briefly, when I asked for a breakdown of their costs when he was at my house he said that would have to come from the office and they wouldnt be able to do it until later. Miraculously when I said to him, 'well you wouldnt pay for something if you didnt know what it was for' he phone his company and they said they would waiver the attendance to remove charge and the bill dropped to £431.00. My point is that surely they are only able to go for the warrant amount and their first visit fee and if this is £431.00 then surely the queen must be coming to
  5. Just to clarify - the one piece of paper he gave me lists them at Somerset House, 30 Wynnstay Road, Colwyn Bay LL29 8NB no companies house details and only the baliffs telephone number and a fax number. It states the amount due of £599.68. I have to nip out now but I really appreciate your help guys I am at my wits end - I cant give up on this and will be back online later. Thanks everyone
  6. Hello again, just to give you an update - I visited my GP and she wrote a letter saying that my health was severly affected and asking for enforcement action to be ceased. I forwarded this to Excel and the council and have heard nothing until this morning 07.45am. A new company Proserve were threatening to clamp a car in my drive that doesnt belong to me. The person who it belonged to went out and showed the log book but the enforcement guy wouldnt accept this. I went out and said he should do a dvla check but he said he didnt need to. He said that the V5 didnt
  7. Thanks you so much OB - I will list the fees that I have been charged: ORIGINAL PCN FEE = £70.00 although this would be reduced to £35.00 if paid within 14 days. I am not in receipt of any paperwork directly relating to the original PCN issued by Pembrokeshire County Council, however I have made enquiries into the parking fees they charge and this sum is what they charge.) The WARRANT SUM quoted on Excel's paperwork is £82.00. (From the paperwork I have received from Excel there is no mention of the original PCN charge - is this included in the Warrant sum or addition?) In total t
  8. Sorry, just one last question - do I lodge this with the court local to the Local Authority or can I lodge it at my local court. And is there a fee payable that you know of? Do I have to advise the bailiff company and the LA of my actions?
  9. I appreciate all your help - I'm against the ticking clock now to sort this. Bottom line is that I will only be able to resolve this if they accept my vunerable household plea (which Garland has already implied I dont from his letter - I cant believe this - my poor 3 year old has had to witness all this - everytime the door knocks he says 'monsters' (which we all know they are but to hear my little boy saying it is heartbreaking - also when they have been walking around my house lokoing in through the windows when I havent answered the door - its just not right - we
  10. lastly guys, can someone take one final look at the fees and say whether they are legitimate and definately worth having scutinised. incidently Mike garlands letter says it is £346.21 + VAT of £69.24 but the baliffs are still asking £497.45. I asked gthem to phone garland about this and they came up with the excuse that garland hadnt included the warrant original sum but the letter from him does include him. This is my last opportunity folks and I welcome your advice
  11. Well, just now the baliffs arrived for the money - I wasnt expecting them until Monday but they did a surprise visit. Very abrupt man who said they are taking my car or want the full balance by Wednesday next week. He scribbled out a letter which has the words Notice of Seizure of goods and inventory and at the bottom Walking possession order - filled in the details of my car and gave it to me. I didnt sign this. Can this be constituted as a bonafide in respect of seizing my car. I went on to say that I would be having their fees scrutinised etc etc but they didnt
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