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  1. I've not requested all the statements from MBNA - would you recommend this? They were quite thorough and proper in terms of giving default and termination notices. I'm getting the feeling this might be an occasion where the lender and DCA have done everything by the book - it's probably also significant that the debt has never been sold to anyone else (another debt of a similar age is on its 5th or 6th DCA). I'll take a look at the N245 (thanks again citizenb)
  2. Thanks citizenb. The original CCJ (Nov 2012) was just that we should pay all monies owing "forthwith", with no timescales. They then got the charging order at our local court in Feb 13.
  3. Hi all, We are being chased for a debt of around £6k, originally from a Virgin Money/MBNA credit card. Last payments/acknowledgement of debt were around July 2011. Aplins successfully put a charge on our property for the amount owing earlier this year, and they then sent a nice (for them) letter saying they wouldn't be enforcing a sale, and things went quiet for a while. However they've now sent a letter saying: " We are about to issue a Warrant of Execution against you. This will incur additional fees and costs which will be added to the amount you already owe. Unless you pa
  4. Allied International Credit. This week they finally sent me a letter I requested in February. But it had no stamp. Cost me £1.30 to receive it. Phoned up, and when I got over the shock of getting through to an actual person, she told me they could not knock it off the debt, or reimburse me the money. I know it's only £1.30, but it still annoys me - anyone think it's worth pursuing, even for comedy value? AIC generally have elbow/posterior recognition problems.
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