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  1. Hi thanks for the reply . I meant no mention on here There website address is https://www.alivestudios.co.uk/ Regarding payment method i never gave it a second thought Yes there also is the issue of the films Thanks
  2. Hi all i need help in how i approach this problem The company does media transfer "Cine Film To Computer File In My Case" So i made the payment by bank transfer they arranged collection of 5 cine films and a mobile hard drive to transfer the files to It's been 3 months now i emailed one month ago asking for an update and they informed me they were a bit behind I waited another month then mailed them again with no reply so a total of three months They seem to have a very good reputation and no mention of them was found when i did a search Thanks
  3. I have a charge on my property which I have now paid in full but the solicitors dealing with it wasn't a fee to remove it starting that "only they can remove the charge". The fee involved is close to £200 I would be grateful for your thoughts
  4. Hi Andy and thanks I have never had any dealings with Me Lii Limited hence my question
  5. I have recieved one from a company i have never heard of "Me Lii Limited" and have had no corrispondance (sic) it just came out of the blue I have a charging order against me taken out by restons this is the same court that the warrant of execution was issued from Can a debt be trannsfered from a charging order to my goods How can i find out the finer details of this debt to see the original owner Thanking you in advance
  6. Sorry forgot to ask. How would i reply without bumping up the fee another £40 as it says i must complete the Allocation questionnaire. Do i have to complete the questionnaire Thanks
  7. He said he spoke to trading standards and they advised he wasn't liable as a clutch is a wear and tear part and is not covered by the act and he advised me of this fact by letter also stating that he wasn't prepared to offer any help whatsoever. He says i denied him access to the car, this was after i had already filed a claim due to his non action. i explained in the letter that i sent on 28 November that due to his untrustworthiness i wasn't prepared to let him take the car and that legal action was already ongoing and that inspecting the car was what he should have done after my first contact with him in August He says i have changed the fault from clutch/gearbox to drivetrain "One & The Same Thing". He says its impossible and unreasonable to assess the car and to take action due to my actions and i am obstructing him from taking any action. He finishes by saying he urges me to let him pick the vehicle up so that the appropriate action can be taken. His letter dated 26th September 2011 says he wants nothing to do with the car saying i may have drove the car badly Following advice TS i invited him to inspect the car this letter was dated 8th October 2011this letter was ignored Court action was dated 14 November 2011 Thanks
  8. OK Update time. I sent him a letter denying access to the vehicle due to his previous unreasonable behaviour. I have now received a copy of his defence and an ALLOCATION QUESTIONNAIRE I am not sure what to do here, and it seems there is another £40 fee to pay. Thanks
  9. Sorry, with the help of Trading standadsi put together my case as follow. i drove the car badly After 13 days of ownership i complained by phone trader didn't want to know said put it in writing using a template i rejected the car using sale of goods act 1979 as ammened trader ignored the letter Sent 2nd template letter about not replying both letters threateaned court action trader replied to this letter saying i must have drove the car badly stating a clutch is a wear and tear item and that he rejected my claim in full and would defend any court action. TS said send another letter asking him to prove i drove the car badly stating the car was available for him to inspect. I did this the trader ignored this offer. The trader notified the court that he would defend all my claim I then recieved a letter from him asking for his mechanic to inspect the car or for it to be collected for inspection Thanks
  10. Nothing's happened the car has been undrivable since it broke down, gearbox failure i belive i am claiming for a full refund NFFP Thanks
  11. Thanks for the help so far. Actually taken this to court via money claim as the trader as been unhelpful as hell so far. Now the question he has written asking to bring the car to him or have it available for collection. I think he wants to inspect the car for his defence. Any suitable replies and how would the court view my claim by denying him access. Access was offered before the court claim was issued but he ignored the offer. Thanks
  12. I have tried searching but cannot find anything similar to my situation and so am asking here I bouught car from small trader invoice says no warrenty (Sold As Seen) Bought on the 10th Aug failed on the 13th having done only 70 miles Tried phoning but apparently they are away for another 6 days but left complaint with an answering service The car is completeley undrivable having suffered some major clutch problem Having paid by debit card can i get help from my bank to recover the cost of the car as maybe they will do a bunk from their present premises I feel now i wish to reject the car as not being fit for purpose as i have lost all faith in it Thanks
  13. Yes i know that, i am unhappy that my Father-In-Law has racked up payments and lost interest due to the banks error, or is that OK then ? Thanks OG
  14. I am helping my Father-In-Law with his finances and 2.5 years ago wanted to move some money from a savings account to gain a higher interest rate. I was thwarted when i contacted the bank as the bank said he had an account that had BOTH to sign as the account was in joint name with his wife. His wife has now passed away & upon more investigation i have had access to earlier account books and they had the word ANY written in the space where the last book had BOTH The first book had ANY to sign typed in which i believe to be correct status of the account So the first book had ANY the next two had been overwritten by hand with ANY and the last book only has BOTH. I believe when his memory was OK he would tell the cashier that they had made a mistake but on the last book with his memory being so bad he didn't notice it. He withdrew £400 from another account to apply to the court of protection for an order on his wife as well as paying for a medical report into his wife mental/ill health problems. Which failed due to the complexity of the process He has also lost out on higher interest payments for the last 2.5 years also Any ideas as to how to proceed. Thanks OG
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