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Found 10 results

  1. Has anyone had any dealings with these? in August I closed a bank account and forgot to pay the final month on this. Left a £30 amount owing, I thought no problem i'll pay it. Forgot all about it and canceled the insurance before the renewal date for which I have confirmation. Forgot all about it . Today I've had a letter from Regal asking for £52. This is more than £30 and the extra charge must of come from somewhere. Now we know you never ring debt collectors but its a small amount and I had some anger to vent. Firstly he told me it was because I cancelled
  2. I have a debt which I have been paying to Regal Credit at £30 per month for the last couple of years. Every year RC hassle me to be paying more, which as a pensioner it is not possible. I have ignored their last letter and the twice daily calls both to my home phone and mobile. Today I received a letter stating the £1000 plus total and stating that they are recommending court action to their client and threatening high costs and bailiffs. I am terrified. First of all my very sick husband knows nothing of this debt and second I am just beginning to think there m
  3. hey guys just received a letter off regal credit stating owe Northumbrian water £774 for an address I have not lived in for 4 years letter states with a CCJ already against you we propose to take legal action without further notice we will apply for a warrant of execution ect ect ends with to prevent legal action it is vital you pay in full immediately . ..I don't aknowledge this bill I don't owe this money and have told the waterboard I have not lived at this address for years when I did live there my bill was paid by deductions from my DSS.
  4. July 2007 Myself and my partner joined Kleenze, coming up o around june 2008 we packed it in as we were making no money. Now we tried to send goods back to them that was ordered but I think we were just outside the returns peroid, after charges were added the total debt grew to £208.81 This debt was passed to the Debt Collection Agencys, now I know this has went on for a but and it's my own fault but now it seems to have gotten out of hand because I have no idea who owns this debt, let me explain. Now i think I've kept all letters from this year. 24/03/2009 - reci
  5. Hi guys, Need help on this scary letter i've had from regal. I've wanted to cancel my car insurance over the phone but they wanted in writing so i've argued over they can start insurance over the internet or phone so why cant they cancel it same way? in the end ive sent a letter with my canceling request and put a date on the letter of the day i've phoned them first time. Unfortunately they didnt accepted it and passed £107 debt to this nasty regal consultants which they think they've got Country Court Judgment against me and if i dont pay by 7 day they will send bail
  6. Dear Caggers I have just received the standard debt collecting letter from this company telling me they are noe dealing with a debt I have had with Natwest for a number of years. I have an agreed plan which I pay via internet into my old Natwest loan account number. This shows up on the statements they send me periodically. I have never heard or dealt with regal Credit before, and they have sent letters threatening to send one of their door step collectors etc etc. What can I do to stop them, as far as I am concerned I have only arranged repayment direct with the Bank. Should I just i
  7. Hi all i have a problem i received a letter back in August 2011 from Northumbrian Water saying i owed £1800 odd pound up until the date 4th Jan 2011. I had moved out of the property on the 21/12/2004 and was advised to contact the council to prove that i had moved to my new address then, did that and got written contact saying i owed £705 on the dot as i presumed the debt is over 6 year old (8 year to my reckoning) i just left them to it. Come today i received a letter from Regal Credit Solutions for the amount of £705 it said this-: We write to advise you that we are INSTRUCTED
  8. Hi , I am a new member and am really stressed out after a phone call from Regal Credit.. In June 2011 I joined my local Total Fitness (Wakefield) , I had been a member a few years before until I had ovarian cancer and had to have a Hysterectomy.. My son and I decided to return and rejoin and I was hastily taken to the membership suite to sign up.. The membership advisor filled out the forms and advised that it was too busy to look round and as I had been a member previously no tour would be needed.. I signed on the dotted line after being told I wouldnt have to pay a joining fee, and she
  9. Hi My third post on CAG today! My daughter was given a courtesy car when hers was being repaired. The insurer is Tesco and the car was provided by Albany Assistance. She had the car for six weeks when they asked for it back. Daughter phoned Albany and they agreed to let her keep the car for an additional two days for a payment of £40. When they asked for it back they didn't give her enough notice to get it hoovered and washed as they wanted it during the afternoon and she was still at work. So she quickly cleared any litter etc from the vehicle and they took it back. They th
  10. Hi all, Been contacted by C.A.R.S (Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions - nice name for Swiftcover's debt recovery!). Here's a scan of their letter. Now in their letter, they claim that I owe £72.37 - the swiftcover debt was £52! No mention in their letter of charges, nor have I been informed of any charges added. Not only that, in the email Swiftcover sent me, they said their debt recover company "Regal Credit" would be contacting me ... not even the same company! Also, can they "threaten" me with a collection agent to make a visit to my premises, I was under the impre
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