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Found 10 results

  1. Has anyone had any dealings with these? in August I closed a bank account and forgot to pay the final month on this. Left a £30 amount owing, I thought no problem i'll pay it. Forgot all about it and canceled the insurance before the renewal date for which I have confirmation. Forgot all about it . Today I've had a letter from Regal asking for £52. This is more than £30 and the extra charge must of come from somewhere. Now we know you never ring debt collectors but its a small amount and I had some anger to vent. Firstly he told me it was because I cancelled after the renewal date (which is rubbish as I've got an email confirmation) and it was in the contract so I asked him how can a contract be in force after the end date?, surely a contract ends the last day unless you renew it which I didn't. Then he started on about some revolving charge relating to credit interest charged because I broke the agreement and the creditor being allowed to charge a fee. What an absolute load of rubbish. I told him I won't be paying a penny till I've got a full written statement detailing all payments and a detailed breakdown of where they came to the figure. To which he replied "we are just collectors that get given a figure to collect". I asked him how they can go around writing to people asking for money without knowing what they are demanding money for and also asked how he knew that I had not renewed when he didn't know what he was collecting?. Gave him a telling off for the way another unrelated company spoke to my mum over a phone bill which was paid and he put me on to his manager, sounded like he was going to cry. Manager told me they will hold the file till they can get they can get the info from the client. Im not a nasty person or anything but this was sort of my experiment knowing that its a very small amount that I'm not disputing that I owe the amount and will pay it as soon as they come back with a correct figure but the lie spouting just shocked me and the fact he admitted he didn't actually know anything about what he was collecting is baffling The idea that in the UK in 2015 a company can sit with a list of addresses and phone numbers + a figure then harass them into handing over money is outragious. I can easily see how they intimidate people into paying what they can't afford or more than they owe, his tone was condescending and a bit agressive + he would not take anything I said as truth.
  2. I have a debt which I have been paying to Regal Credit at £30 per month for the last couple of years. Every year RC hassle me to be paying more, which as a pensioner it is not possible. I have ignored their last letter and the twice daily calls both to my home phone and mobile. Today I received a letter stating the £1000 plus total and stating that they are recommending court action to their client and threatening high costs and bailiffs. I am terrified. First of all my very sick husband knows nothing of this debt and second I am just beginning to think there might be an end to this as it is a relatively small amount. Will they follow through on this course of action and what should I do? Please help I would be grateful for any advice. Do you think they would accept an offer of £500 to clear the debt?
  3. hey guys just received a letter off regal credit stating owe Northumbrian water £774 for an address I have not lived in for 4 years letter states with a CCJ already against you we propose to take legal action without further notice we will apply for a warrant of execution ect ect ends with to prevent legal action it is vital you pay in full immediately . ..I don't aknowledge this bill I don't owe this money and have told the waterboard I have not lived at this address for years when I did live there my bill was paid by deductions from my DSS. .i have a very serious medical condition, (so serious thet even the police cannot speak to me without an appropriate adult present) now if a bailiff turns up at my home it would cause me such stress t hat I would have to be hospitalised any advice on this matter would be very helpful.
  4. July 2007 Myself and my partner joined Kleenze, coming up o around june 2008 we packed it in as we were making no money. Now we tried to send goods back to them that was ordered but I think we were just outside the returns peroid, after charges were added the total debt grew to £208.81 This debt was passed to the Debt Collection Agencys, now I know this has went on for a but and it's my own fault but now it seems to have gotten out of hand because I have no idea who owns this debt, let me explain. Now i think I've kept all letters from this year. 24/03/2009 - recieved a letter from Gothia informing me ignoring them is not in my best itnerest yet I spoke with them on the phone on many occasions. 06/03/2009 - I recieve a letter from Regal Credit Consultants LTD informing me that they have been instructed by theor client to demand the immediate settlement of the debt. 08/04/2009 - Recieved a letter from Gothia With a big bold bit saying "NOTICE OF INTENDED COURT ACTION" yet letter only says that if the account isn't settled by 5:00pm on 18/04/09 the following action may be taken: BANKRUPTCY PROCEEDINGS. COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENT. ATTACHMENT OF EARNINGS DOORSTEP RECOVERIES. 23/04/09 - Recieved a letter from Resolution Legal Servies telling me that I have not resolved this matter and the sum of £208.81 is long over due". 29/04/09 - Recieved a letter from Regal Credit Consultants LTD saying "Final notice, account must be settled immediately". 04/06/09 - Recieved a letter from Regal Credit Consultants LTD saying "Legal Notice, your account has been passed to us in view of the above amount remains overdue" and goes on about what leagal thing they can do. 06/06/09 - Recieve a letter from Corporate Financial Services LTD saying "We would like to inform you that wehave been appointed as an authorised collection agent for Gothia LTD and we have been instructed to recover the outstanding monies due to our client." Now you can see why I'm confused! I recieved a communication from Kleeneze telling me it was getting passed on to the DCA, I have recieved nothing from any of the agencys telling me it's been passed on to any other companys. I called Regal Consultant and they say the debt has been passed to them, I called Corporate Financial ansd they say that Gothia passed it on to them. I have also contacted Kleeneze and they said it was out of their hands. Now I've asked Regal Credit for this in writing and they keep telling me to call Kleeneze and Gothia. I'm at a loss as to what to do next, Regal Credit called today (15 June) and I told them that untill I recieve some form of communication in writing from Gothia I wont be dealing with them, I was told that they had contacted Gothia on the 03/06/2009 and confirmed that the account was passed on, yet I called them on the 6th and was told different. At the end of the call the guy I was talking to them told me that he will just get a Door-to-door collector to pay me a visit and hung up. I'd like some advice as to what I can do about this as it's clear Regal Credit dont seem to care that there are other DCA's trying to get this money of me as well as them. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi guys, Need help on this scary letter i've had from regal. I've wanted to cancel my car insurance over the phone but they wanted in writing so i've argued over they can start insurance over the internet or phone so why cant they cancel it same way? in the end ive sent a letter with my canceling request and put a date on the letter of the day i've phoned them first time. Unfortunately they didnt accepted it and passed £107 debt to this nasty regal consultants which they think they've got Country Court Judgment against me and if i dont pay by 7 day they will send bailifs and all tha. Sounds too quick and bulls.t to be honest So do you guys think i should pay it or just defend my case? Thanks in advance
  6. Dear Caggers I have just received the standard debt collecting letter from this company telling me they are noe dealing with a debt I have had with Natwest for a number of years. I have an agreed plan which I pay via internet into my old Natwest loan account number. This shows up on the statements they send me periodically. I have never heard or dealt with regal Credit before, and they have sent letters threatening to send one of their door step collectors etc etc. What can I do to stop them, as far as I am concerned I have only arranged repayment direct with the Bank. Should I just ignore the letter? What I want to avoid is if they start to make lots of phone calls to my house. I seem to remeber there is a letter I can send to them warning them off doing this? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi all i have a problem i received a letter back in August 2011 from Northumbrian Water saying i owed £1800 odd pound up until the date 4th Jan 2011. I had moved out of the property on the 21/12/2004 and was advised to contact the council to prove that i had moved to my new address then, did that and got written contact saying i owed £705 on the dot as i presumed the debt is over 6 year old (8 year to my reckoning) i just left them to it. Come today i received a letter from Regal Credit Solutions for the amount of £705 it said this-: We write to advise you that we are INSTRUCTED by our client to demand the immediate settlement of the above debt. We would ask that you forward the outstanding amount in full, quoting your Reference Number. Your Cheque of postal order should be made payable to "R C C Ltd" and sent in the enclosed 'reply paid' envelope. Alternatively payment can be made to us online, via our automated telephone based payment system or by contacting us on the above number. As our Client has already obtained Legal Judgement for this account, if we do not receive repayment proposals from you, we will explore taking further action to 'Execute the Warrant'. This will add further legal costs to the account and have a king term detrimental effect on your creditworthiness. If you are experiencing verifiable hardship you should contact us immediately as we may be able to set yo an affordable arrangement with you depending on your circumstances. We would strongly recommend the you DO NOT IGNORE this letter, but telephone our offices as soon as ****inle between the hours of 8:00am to 8:30pm weekdays and 9:00am until 2:00pm on Saturdays. Yours faithfully, REGAL CREDIT CONSULTANTS LIMITED ---- Now i am not sure where to go with this as the debt is now 8 years old? "As our Client has already obtained Legal Judgement for this account" This bit threw me i guess that Northumbrian Water took it to court previously before the amount was amended but where does that lie me? Can they force a CCJ that has been applied from so far back or for a different amount? I am at a stick atm and not sure what to do any advice would be greatly helpful to me. Thank you.
  8. Hi , I am a new member and am really stressed out after a phone call from Regal Credit.. In June 2011 I joined my local Total Fitness (Wakefield) , I had been a member a few years before until I had ovarian cancer and had to have a Hysterectomy.. My son and I decided to return and rejoin and I was hastily taken to the membership suite to sign up.. The membership advisor filled out the forms and advised that it was too busy to look round and as I had been a member previously no tour would be needed.. I signed on the dotted line after being told I wouldnt have to pay a joining fee, and she would let my son train for £10 a month Looking back this was my first error.. She then said that they had no members of staff available for both of us so she would book my son in and I would be fine on my own.. Second error.. I had just had a hysterectomy and was offered no fitness test.. When we got into the gym I was horrified that the standards had gone downhill so much , It was unclean, showers were cold and dirty and the hydro pool unclean.. Equipment was not working, dirty or broken.. I went a second time to make sure that I hadnt just been on a bad day but it was the same again.. I told one of the membership staff that I wanted to cancel my membership and she said that I would have to put an official complaint into the Head office and cancel through them.. I wrote to them via email in July 2011, which I have a copy explaining that the standards were not as required in a fitness centre of that calibre and of that price and I got a standard email reply to say someone would contact me within 7-10 days. I put on the email that I wanted to be contacted via email only as I tend to work better when I can see whats in front of me and thought that if I moved house ( which I did) I could continue to get correspondence. I heard nothing from them and so cancelled my DD and thought nothing more about it.. In August 2012 I got a letter redirected to my new house from Regal Credit demanding £365 for Total Fitness membership.. I have written to Total Fitness and Regal Credit with copies of the email I sent and the standard email reply I got and I got a letter back saying people had tried to phone me from total Fitness on several occasions..I went up to see the Deputy Club manager in August and he said only one phone call had been tried from the club in 2011.. nothing after that.. even though I put no contact via phone noone had phoned me in that time and no letters had been recieved as I had stated email correspondence as I had moved house in November 2011.. I have now had another three letters from Regal credit and today I got a letter stating they would go to court to instruct bailiffs to seize my goods to the value and also a CCJ would be applied for.. They have also phoned my mobile several times bullying me to get money there and then and I have stated that I was not going to pay for an unsatisfactory service.. I would take it up with Total Fitness and they said that they will not speak to me as its Regal Credits debt now and total Fitness want to pursue it.. ? I told them I have no extra money left at the end of the month, I work very hard and am a single parent my circumstances in 2011 were a lot different to now.. I was married with double the income when I joined in 2011.. Could someone please tell me how I go about sorting this or will I have to make token payments to get them to stop hassling me? and if I do is that admitting that I owe the money even though they are clearly not providing the service that I had signed up for? This is really scaring me now as I am on my own and dont own anything.. I rent my house and my car is from the company I work for.. I had to go Bankrupt in 2009 follwing my illness and I was just getting myself back on track.. Thank you
  9. Hi My third post on CAG today! My daughter was given a courtesy car when hers was being repaired. The insurer is Tesco and the car was provided by Albany Assistance. She had the car for six weeks when they asked for it back. Daughter phoned Albany and they agreed to let her keep the car for an additional two days for a payment of £40. When they asked for it back they didn't give her enough notice to get it hoovered and washed as they wanted it during the afternoon and she was still at work. So she quickly cleared any litter etc from the vehicle and they took it back. They then tried to bill her for a valet at £50 and a payment of £74 for the car hire for the two days. She has paid them the £40 but is disputing the other charges. Valet - no chance for her to get it washed and hoovered so why should she pay £50 when she could have got it done for £10. Also, wouldn't this be covered by the insurance company (at least for 42 out of the 44 days worth of hire - eg a proportion of the valet charge)? And she is disputing the hire charge because that isn't what they quoted her, but she has nothing in writing. We have emailed Albany twice as per their instructions when a dispute arises, but they haven't responded other than to send out the same payment requests. Despite our emails and their lack of response we then started to get demand letters from Regal Credit. RC are now threatening to take my daughter to court and obtaining a CCJ against her. Since that threat, she has emailed Albany again and cc'd Regal but we have heard nothing. That was a couple of weeks ago. But we know that all they will do is ignore the dispute and carry on making demands. What are we to do? I am sick of being bullied by companies like this and think it's time to fight back. We've said in our email to them that we would take them to court if necessary but in reality I can't see us doing this as we're too timid really. Any ideas please? thanks eve
  10. Hi all, Been contacted by C.A.R.S (Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions - nice name for Swiftcover's debt recovery!). Here's a scan of their letter. Now in their letter, they claim that I owe £72.37 - the swiftcover debt was £52! No mention in their letter of charges, nor have I been informed of any charges added. Not only that, in the email Swiftcover sent me, they said their debt recover company "Regal Credit" would be contacting me ... not even the same company! Also, can they "threaten" me with a collection agent to make a visit to my premises, I was under the impression only court appointed bailiffs (after court action) can only visit your home? Any how, any advice or suggestions as to what is best now, as I said I've not been informed of any charges and this is definitely higher than the original Swiftcover debt. Thanks, Jason
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