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Found 13 results

  1. Grave of D-Day army medic rededicated 74 years after his death READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/grave-of-d-day-army-medic-rededicated-74-years-after-his-death
  2. British army officer killed during WW1 is honoured as he is laid to rest READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/british-army-officer-killed-during-ww1-is-honoured-as-he-is-laid-to-rest
  3. Seven british Army soldiers killed during World War 1 are honoured as they are laid to rest READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/seven-british-army-soldiers-killed-during-world-war-1-are-honoured-as-they-are-laid-to-rest
  4. Dynamic security threats and the British Army: Chief of the General Staff General Sir Nicholas Carter KCB CBE DSO ADC Gen READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/dynamic-security-threats-and-the-british-army-chief-of-the-general-staff-general-sir-nicholas-carter-kcb-cbe-dso-adc-gen
  5. What on earth is happening with the Metro bank? The new bank which was going to put all the old traditional banks to shame. "Love your bank at last" is their motto but maybe it should be "Love your bank the last". We opened an account with the Metro a few years ago because they appeared to be full of promise and anxious to get away from the traditional model of unfair, inefficient, profit minded, conveyor belt customer treatment. We've had a pretty good experience with them over the years but this year it is all started to turn to a disaster. We are now finding that they are careless with personal data, unable to keep us informed of pin number changes or to send us the necessary bank cards with PIN numbers that work. Try to call them and you get bombarded with apologies – and "we know how you feel" and, do you mind if I call you by your first name – and "how do you feel today" as well as promises to call you back – which never seem to happen. We've now been without an active card against our account for over a month and still just getting promises. Right now, I received a promise that they would call me back within three minutes – but that was pretty well 10 minutes ago What a shame.. It was such a hopeful project. Maybe they become tired of being a good bank. There must be some explanation for this system's failings..
  6. READ MORE HERE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-36844425 My heart and Condolences go out to the Family very sad news.
  7. Who will join me on protecting our borders, its now or never..
  8. Imagine some Eurocrat with his finger on the nuclear trigger. If the EU gets its way, it may soon be a possibility. There is a saying amongst diplomats that the EU is an economic giant but a military pigmy. This accusation stings the Europhiles so much that they have decided to address this and create a European Army. As if an army of bureaucrats wasn’t bad enough, now they want to have an actual army as well. Post Lisbon, the EU has harboured fantasies of being a militarised superpower able to project its ‘values’ throughout the world. It now oversees operations with 2,800 troops deployed. Many of these missions, conveniently, have a ‘dual purpose’. That is, that appear to be civilian-military co-operation when in actual fact they are heavily militarised and weaponised. They are also in some of the world’s most sensitive trouble spots like Kosovo and Gaza. British participation in an EU army was agreed at St Malo in 1998, where Tony Blair agreed in principle to an EU army. He did this because he was trying to be seen as a ‘good European’ in light of his desire to be a future EU president. Also, he believed that by agreeing to an EU Army, he could use that as a good will gesture to get France to agree to sweeping CAP reform, knowing that CAP was an unpopular scheme with the UK electorate. France (shockingly) did no such thing, but Blair had already committed. The German think-tank, the EU-funded Konrad Adenauer Foundation, has argued that Germany can get its Euro Army by a different tactic. Instead of going for a Euro Army at one fell swoop, it aims to create ‘islands of co-operation’. That is, to persuade smaller countries in Eastern and Central Europe too co-operate with Germany in creating smaller building blocks of a Euro Army which at a later date can be put together. Given Germany’s economic dominance of these countries, it can easily ‘persuade ‘them to co-operate. In mid-2012, the Foreign Ministers group of the Future of Europe Group produced a report. This is a group of 11 foreign ministers from important EU states, but not the UK. The report calls for the creation of a European Army, with a veiled threat to a UK veto in the Council. The report states it wishes to “introduce more majority decisions in the CFSP (Common Foreign and Security Policy) sphere or at least prevent one single member state from being able to obstruct initiatives”. Guess which member state they mean! Clearly the core EU states know how unpopular a Euro Army would be in Britain, so are making moves to render Britain’s opinion irrelevant. So much for our famed ‘influence ‘in the EU institutions. In October 2013, a spokesman for the British Foreign Service told the international security journal, Courcy’s Intelligence Brief, that “today there is in London a genuine desire and commitment to making CSDP (Common Security and Defence Policy) as effective as possible in supporting international security and protecting Britain’s and Europe’s borders from potential threats. We are now increasingly aware of the helpful role the EU can play in bringing to bear the common will of 28 of the world’s most advanced economies.” This suggests that amongst the Whitehall Mandarins there is a growing appetite to form a Euro Army. The successor to Baroness Ashton is Polish diplomat Radek Skorski. He has said that since America is no longer willing or interested in security crises at Europe’s borders, the EU has to militarise itself so as to deal with these crises. He argues that the EU’s Operation Atalanta against Somali piracy saw a drop in attacks of 70%. In actual fact, the drop was due to aggressive Russian, Chinese, Indian and American anti-piracy patrols. They have a slightly more simple method of dealing with armed pirates, and it doesn’t involve briefing them in detail on their human rights. This reminds me, when I think of the young men and women who died in the British Army. One source of comfort for the family members is that that died fighting for Queen and Country. Very few British mothers would be comforted knowing their loved one died for Herman Van Rompuy and the Single Market.
  9. I qualified for my army pension in 1987 due to being unable to work through illness. They refused to pay me. I have not worked a day since and am even classed as disabled. They owe me over £87,000. I didn't fight for it due to mental problems. Can I make them pay up now? Thank you in advance.
  10. No doubt you have all seen it on the news that an ex army man has been arrested in connection with a death on bloody Sunday in NI. How absolutely disgusting is this as they not only freed all the murdering IRA but gave them top jobs in the parliament. Now this really is what you call Micky Mouse justice.
  11. Can anyone help me with some advice? I have just been awarded a 30% war pension at £51 a week. I also receive the support allowance from the DWP. Will the DWP take most of my war pension of me as they might class it as earnings? Does anyone here have any experience in this matter? Thank you in advance.
  12. At least 1,400 soldiers have received unfair sanctions, including dismissal and missed promotion, because the Army spent several years wrongly disciplining anyone who received a police caution. Minutes and briefing notes from two Army Justice Board meetings show that the Adjutant-General, the Army’s most senior personnel officer, knew as early as 2011 of the problem, which is related to changes in the law on rehabilitating offenders. It is unclear, however, whether those affected by the mistake have been informed that potentially career-ending penalties should not have been enforced against them. One senior army officer told The Times that compensating for the error could cost millions of pounds and that the damage to soldiers’ careers would be irreparable. “The Army has unlawfully taken action in 1,400 cases, including dismissing soldiers — and they are covering it up,” the officer claimed. http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/uk/defence/article3649756.ece Full article; http://www.arrse.co.uk/current-affairs-news-analysis/192588-times-army-faces-huge-bill-victims-rough-justice.html
  13. BBC reports that Clive Dunn (Dads Army fame etc) died in Portugal after complications after operation aged 92 leaving Wife and 2 daughters.
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