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Found 9 results

  1. Who will join me on protecting our borders, its now or never..
  2. I am trying to close my dad british gas account as he has moved into a care home since my mum died in january, he has a council tenancy and I have cleared the house and elec and gas I have turned off as theres nothing that needs to be run, and the tenancy is about to be ended. I send BG an online enquiry to ask about closing the account, they have said I need a "Court Of Protection" letter, I have no such thing - cant I just write them a letter and my dad to sign it, and include the final meter readings?
  3. my dad got into debt and subsequently had a charge placed on the house after a credit card debt was taken to court. he died last year and now my mum looking to sell. do we have to remove the charge or will this automatically be gone and nothing owing when my mum comes to sell. she hasn;t notified the credit card company that he died last year. any help appreciated thank yu
  4. Hi everyone My dad worked in Holland for a few years but through ill health came back to England and died on the 4th October 2014, but last month (may2015) I received a letter from the Dutch pension body saying they were sorry for our loss but they overpaid my dad for the month of October by 195 euros and they wanted it back. (I didn't even know he was getting a Dutch pension) I phoned them up to explain he lived in a council flat and only had around 2000 pounds to his name which paid for the funeral and that there was nothing left , I even offered to send them bank acc details and the bill for the funeral to prove it had all gone but they replied quiet angrily saying they weren't bothered if there was nothing left, in Holland the debt goes to the children to which I said I've never had that money plus I live in England and they turned round and said if you don't pay we'll send the bailiffs round and take your stuff to cover that amount yet back in England he owed some council arrears and I explained the same thing to them and they wrote off the arrears. my questions are ? 1 Do I have to pay them or even should I pay them. 2 can they send the bailiffs round to take my stuff . I just cant understand how Dutch law can over rule English law and make me pay. I'm grateful for all and any help cause I just don't know where to turn
  5. My 80 year old dad has had a letter from the pension credit people asking questions about personal pensions he receives. He receives £12 ish pension credit a week and a personal pension of £50 a month from a previous employer, who we don't know. The problem we are having is that dad has Alzheimers and vascular dementia and can't answer the questions on the 12 page form he has received. They are saying if he doesn't fill in the forms they will stop the credits. we are worried they may stop them anyway as he is in receipt of £50 a month that he hasn't declared. Are they going to make him pay back the credits? We have no idea how long he has been getting the work based pension and nor does he. Please help as dad is very confused and upset by all this and has had phone calls from the DWP demanding he fill in the forms.
  6. Hello Can you tell me if there are any schemes to help pay for my dads funeral. I have bad credit which means I cannot apply for loans and my dad, (widowed) did not leave any money for his funeral costs. He took a long time to pass away and past away on Wednesday 08th October, ( I found out on the Saturday 13th October 2014). My sister and few family friends cannot afford the funeral costs. I work for the NHS Hope you can help. BW
  7. BBC reports that Clive Dunn (Dads Army fame etc) died in Portugal after complications after operation aged 92 leaving Wife and 2 daughters.
  8. Hi I have been told that I am liable for any monies owing by my Dad to Thames Water. Insurance policies did not even cover funeral costs so where do I go from here? As I informed them of his death, they have taken my details and sent me the bill in my name. Any help please on where I stand legally would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou Debgirl
  9. Hi, My Father-in-law passed away on 24th May 2012 and is survived by his spouse. He left a will leaving all his estate to his wife and as the value is under IHT we will be applying for probate ourselves. My ex wife and I are the executors of the will. All seems straight forward except that his wife does not appear on the deeds. The house was buit in 1960 and they have lived in it ever since. We have checked on the Land registry website and it comes up no details held. We have the house deeds so what is the next action. I assume we have to wait for probate first ? Many thanks Stevew48
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