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  1. Nope. when you're fobbed off a second time it's not what springs to mind m8. I never thought i'd need that kind of proof.
  2. Kentigern house is full of [removed] I have already spoken to them and all they said was "If your pension was refused, they must have had a good reason. Just get on with your life"!
  3. All very nice but... "The Social Security Act 1973 brought about changes by requiring all pension schemes to preserve pension rights for those who left service after 6th April 1975 having completed at least five years qualifying service, and having attained the age of 26 " I left on 8/4/1975, was 26 years and 364 days old and had served 11 years 240 days.
  4. Aye m8 but that means nowt to me. I'm getting my pension due to being over 60 so I must also qualify for it due to being unable to work due to illness.
  5. Found my little red books. Joined 12/8/1963. Demobbed ( time served) 8/4/1972. Reserve 9/4/1972 to 3/9/1972 Re enlisted 4/9/1972. Demobbed ( again, time served) 8/4/1975 Accident 8/5/1982 ( not in army at the time) Stopped working 21/1/1987 ( pain killers not working) The doctor A. Took a dislike to me. B. Said I wasn't unfit for work. ( even though I had given up a very well paid job that I loved doing)
  6. I joined the Royal Engineers, sept '63. Demobbed 8/4/72 and again 8/4/75 I was discharged as time served both times. Served 11 years 240 days. My disability was due to a fully loaded artic smashing into the back of my car when I was stationary at a red light. I applied early on the grounds that I was unable to work due to the injuries. I have since claimed my pension which I qualified for on reaching 60. However, I delayed claiming for 2 1/2 years as I believed they would cheat me out of that too. I am registered as Disabled because of my injuries. At the medical, the doctor took a dislike to me, not believing I had to rest for 30 mins on my way to York, from Northumberland. I believe this was why he did not allow my claim. I phoned Kentigarn House this year and was told "They must have had a reason to dissalow it so just get over it"!
  7. I qualified for my army pension in 1987 due to being unable to work through illness. They refused to pay me. I have not worked a day since and am even classed as disabled. They owe me over £87,000. I didn't fight for it due to mental problems. Can I make them pay up now? Thank you in advance.
  8. Don't expect too much. My "records" were poorly photocopied and incomplete.
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