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  1. You are being fobbed off and only a court summons will make them pay. They would settle before court. However, you do need to do your homework. Even a cracked window means they would not have to pay. Unless you intend to call their bluff you need to show they are lieing. You would need a record of of actual flight times for that aircraft on that day. You would then see where the delay started and need to show some other reason for that delay. I read on the web recently that all this is normal practice for airlines to get out of paying, including Monarch. You will get nothing without taking out a court claim. A good situation for you would be if your flight was the first flight that day. You would then claim they should have fixed it overnight.
  2. When a debt is passed on they are often not aware of a ccj so if it is passed on again don't remind them.
  3. Never ever pay a dca by direct debit. It gives them licence to increase payments without further consent or even empty your account. This has happened many times on here. Always use standing order if paying from a bank account.
  4. Could your debts be statute barred ? Need a bit more info. Last payment, what is the debt for etc.
  5. If you were ordered to pay maintenance for a daughter it still stands if she goes abroad, unless YOU apply to stop it.
  6. Read the judgement. If interest is not mentioned they are trying it on. Your only liability is on the CCJ, if interest is not stated it is not allowed.
  7. I strongly suspect that equita were only acting as a DCA. Check with the council. and find out the state of this parking fine. Certainly get a recharge from your bank on the grounds of deception if that is the case. In any case you are vulnerable and should get the recharge anyway.
  8. A F&F will not clear his credit file. CRA entries stay there for 6 years and even if marked partially settled it would still be there. F&F are a minefield and should be done only with the correct safeguards. It is common for the debt to resurface so be sure to follow the correct guidelines. Do some research on here and you'll see what I mean.
  9. I think you may be out of your depth here. In order to help you need all the facts and better still you could get your pal to come on here. I can see you are trying to help but without all the info it would be difficult. Your friend needs sound advice so it is no good guessing some of the facts.
  10. It needs a new government bill ensuring that before a debt can be sold it should be offered to the debtor at the same price. Fat chance.
  11. I will never be convinced that dca's get no info when certain people get cra reports. I know several whose debts were dormant until getting a report then they were swamped, by several dca's for different debts. No way is it just coincidence. This will never be proved as they won't admit it.
  12. Leave well alone. I am sure most dca's get print outs from the cra's showing who has had reports. If you don't believe me try it. I guarantee you will get pestered.
  13. Now you know, and so does everyone else, that F&F settlements can be a minefield. Even more so if a DCA is involved.
  14. Without seeing the T&C's it's hard to say. Personally I would bite the bullet and pay. If paid in the first month it will not get registered on your cra file. If it all goes wrong you can end up with 6 years of bad credit files.
  15. Cash cow staring us in the face with ths one. If it were me I'd know what I'd be doing and it wouldn't involve paying them.
  16. It is not just a case of money involved. You are also resetting the SB debt and you are also acknowledging the debt. You need it in writing that it is F&F and that the account will not be passed on. You also need to know that they own the debt, many don't. It can be a minefield if you get it wrong. I'd suggest you are a long way from writing a cheque on this one. Furthermore I doubt your CRA file will improve, especially if it's marked 'partially settled' so you will be stuck with a poor CRA file. Any particular reason you want to settle it?
  17. Very dodgy stuff. Hope you know what you are doing. Personally I would never ever pay a DCA.
  18. I am sure this method could be adapted for DCA's. We all know how these numpties go overboard with their automated dialing systems. If I was being pestered I'd give it a lot more thought.
  19. If someone applies what's below to DCA's they will soon change their stance. A businessman plagued by nuisance phone calls offering compensation for Payment Protection Insurance has secured £220 in an out-of-court settlement. Richard Herman, 53, was so fed up with the unwanted calls arriving from India, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He warned the company that, in future, he would invoice them £10 for every minute of his time they used. When the calls continued he began recording them before finally invoicing the company £195 for their use of his "time, telephone and electricity". Upon receipt of the invoice the marketing firm acting on behalf of UK-based PPI Claimline Ltd, denied making the calls. When Mr Herman revealed he had recorded evidence, they still refused to pay. But when Mr Herman filed a claim in the small claims court for the unpaid invoice - plus £25 in costs - the company offered to settle the debt out of court and transferred £220 into his bank account. Mr Herman said: "I kept being called, as we all do, and I thought the only way for them to stop would be for me to speak to them and say, 'For goodness sake, take me off your list!' "Then it occurred to me to tell them that if they call again I'll charge for my time. When they continued calling I sent them an invoice for 19.5 minutes." To encourage others to do the same Mr Herman has set up a website with examples of covering letters and invoices to send to nuisance callers. Even though the validity of Mr Herman's original invoice was not tested in court, he believes anyone who warns cold-calling companies they will be charged if they call, have a right to invoice them. "I did business studies at 17 and studied 'offer-and-acceptance' so I knew a verbal contract is just as valid as a written one but harder to prove. "The recorded calls proved I did tell them I would charge for my time if they called again". Mr Herman, who works in the telephone industry selling call-recording equipment, said his action was a last resort after asking the Information Commissioner and the Telephone Preference Service for help.
  20. Will be the first of many. ofgem need to take them to the cleaners or they just flout the regulations.
  21. Write to explaining how much you can afford to pay and why and ask for their bank details so you can pay it, do not pay by direct debit as they will fleece you. If it is only £1 a month so be it. Never ever speak on the phone to them and keep a log and copy of all correspondence, especially if they phone you. If they do phone don't get into a conversation, don't answer any security ID questions and tell them writing only. When they get funny, which they will for sure, you can do a CCA request or even claim back charges. Your letter could also ask them for an interest freeze. Keep it civil and nice until they get funny then you can get the ball rolling with the big bat. Don't let it worry you, you are able to start months of letter tennis full of meaningless threats, so you know what to expect. EDIT Beat me to it Boo but on the same lines.
  22. You need to come clean with the full story. You cannot be identified so don't worry about that.
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