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  1. That would be really helpful. Thank you. I will send it out recorded delivery tomorrow. I guess I should write to the CEO for First Plus.
  2. Thank you. I cannot believe this. I have paid the money? Be it the £200 towards the arrears was a few days late. There behaviour is aggressive. I did complain about the mis-selling of the PPI and wondered whether this had anything to do with this.
  3. I am a single parent and a carer of a young person with a severe disability. Because of chronic illness I have been unable to work for a number of years . I have a second mortgage with First Plus which was paid by my PPI insurance. Unfortunately PPI insurance with First Plus is only for the first 5 years of the loan. I got into serious arrears with the loan when the PPI policy expired and First Plus took me to court in May to repossess the property. Fortunately I had surgery in February which corrected by health issues. I had a job to start in June so was able to gain a suspended possession order from the court. The terms of the suspended possession order was that I paid the 600 loan plus 200 per month against the arrears. In June I had to make a 4k payment off the arrears. I had to sell my car to do this. I paid the 4k off the arrears by the due date as per the court order.I did however run into difficulty in July because my new employer does not pay till the 28th and my payment was due on 20th. I therefore paid the 600 on the 20th and the 200 off the arrears a week or so later when I got paid. I have done this for the months of August and September too. To my dismay on Saturday I received a letter from Evershed's the solicitors for First Plus stating they were applying to the court for an eviction date. I tried calling First Plus on Saturday but they refused to talk to me about it as the matter was with their solicitors. I tried calling Eversheds but of course there is nobody there until Monday. I am after being back to work only 3 months in a position to pay on the 20th rather than the 28th when I get paid. I have written to Eversheds and have sent them photos of the receipts to evidence that I have paid all the money I should of. On Saturday I did tell First Plus that I can now pay on 20th by direct debit. First Plus told me that they are unable to set a direct debit for me as the matter was with Eversheds. They also said this in June when I made the same request. I have had to make the payments by cash into Barclays. Can anyone please give me any advice. I could not sleep last night, the stress is enormous. I plan to ask the judge if I can change payment dates to the 28th and if I can pay by direct debit or standing order. I will go to my bank and set up a standing order for the 20th of each month anyhow. I will go to the court tomorrow to ask for an emergency hearing to stop the eviction. Why are First Plus so unreasonable. There behaviour is so aggressive. Just as I thought I was getting my life back on track. Thank you
  4. Unbelievable. I am having great difficulties at the moment which are causing me so much distress. It became apparent in a letter written to the CSA last September that an ex had accessed my credit file. Earlier that year on a family court my exes barrister said in court that they know all about me using an alias. I thought this was so bizarre as I had never done so. As I won the case I did not pursue it any further. In the September when he stated in his letter to the CSA that I believe he did not think they would share with me sensitive information from my credit file. I then requested a copy of my credit file from Call Credit. They were actually very helpful. On my credit file my mothers maiden name had been listed as a alias. I have never ever used any mother names so can only think this was a recording error. In the report there was a search to my credit file that I did not recognise. It was by a firm called N2 Check which is a company owned by Dunn and Bradstreet. I communicated with N2 to be told that the search was done by Call credit their consumer credit provider . Call credit said that N2 would have that data not then, call Credit said that n2 would have it not them. I made a complaint to the ICO in November 2012. I wrote to Dunn and Bradstreet to tell them that I was taking action. In March 2013 I received an email from Call Credit telling me that N2 had just informed them that the search was done by a private investigation agency called Hermes Forensic Solutions. I emailed Hermes who did get back to me reasonably quickly to tell me that it was not them that did the search but another company called 1000words. I emailed 1000words and the worker admitted that he had done the search and he was aware that I had not given my consent. Hermes did explain to me that 1000words was a sub contractor to Hermea. They went on to explain that they allowed their sub contractor to do some private work using their n2 account. 1000words refused to name the third party. It was so frustrating knowing that my personal data was being given to third parties. Eventually hermes agreed to intervene and told me who 1000words were providing services for. I could not believe it was yet another private investigation company. I emailed this company and they are insisting that I will have to wait the statutory 40 days before they would reply to my subject access request if they considered it appropriate. The only way you can do a consumer credit search is with the data subjects request or a court order. Neither of these applied so it must of been a fraudulent search. . 1000words did tell me that they had apologised to N2 back in October for providing a consumer credit search without consent. It is so frustrating all these lies and cover ups. Passing the buck between agencies. The last agency insisting the 40 days statutory wait before they may or may not disclose who paid them to conduct a search on me are called Neil Casey Investigations. The whole thing has been an ordeal. My ex has used the data he received to intimidate me. I hate all this cover up . Why is it so hard to be told who has paid for an unauthorised credit search to be done without consent or a court order. I have referred the matter to the ICO and am waiting for an enforcement officer to be allocated this case. Can anyone offer me any advice. The Neil Casey Investigations tell me that they are only required to tell me what information they have stored on me but are not required to tell me who they have passed it onto . Can somebody advise or have any knowledge about this . Thanks you
  5. My daughters father who I have not spoken to in 6 years has accessed my credit file unlawfully. I know this because the CSA disclosed to me a document written by him that says he has. He abandoned his daughter now age 5 and met her this year for the first time. I have found out through information received through the family court where I took him to get an order for him to pay his daughters school fees as he did his sons. He was of the opinion that as she was female it was not necessary for her. I am pursuing an appeal to the CSA regarding back dated maintenance as he has only declared half his income to the CSA. Being managing director of a large company he had the power to control his income. I have found a search on my credit file done by N2 Check which is part of Dun and Bradstreet. Dun and bradstreet are refusing to disclose who they did the search for. I have reported them to the ICO. We had no joint finances so the only way he could of done this was to of forges my signature . It says on the N2 Check Gauge website that a consumer search will need written consent. I have emailed my daughters father and asked how he accessed my credit file. He of course ignored me. My daughters father was so annoyed about having to pay school fees for his daughter that he has given up his job at age 54 and is paying zero maintenance. As as his country home he has an apartment in the Docklands where he stays in the week. I believe he is now working as a consultant and having his fees paid through his new wife. I am going to appeal against this zero assessment too as he wrote to me through his solicitor when my daughter was born telling me he was going to do this unless I accepted a low level of maintenance about 3 percent of his salary. I am on benefit and having been Chronically ill for 2 years. It's so sickening how [mod edit] people in powerful jobs are able to dodge their responsibilities like this. Can anyone advise please.
  6. Thank you. No this is the first time I had seen the baliff or any other baliff in connection to this matter. The baliff who came around did say that he would sieze the Motability vehicle too if I did not pay, something he could legally do. That sent me into panic because I would then be housebound and would not of been able to collect my daughter from her day centre. The day the letter was hand delivered nobody knocked on the door. I am not sure if they can levy without visiting or seeing the goods buy I have no letters from them about this.
  7. Thank for the advice on the chargeback. I am however very worried that if I do that the baliff will come back and start harrassing me or my daughter. My daughter would not cope and would of been hysterically petrified. She gets nervous anyway and needs constant reassurance. If she was exposed to a baliff acting like this she would go into panic mode for weeks on end and I would struggle to cope with her. I was lucky that she was at a day centre when the baliff turned up. Because of her disability she has limited understanding and reasoning with her would be really difficult.
  8. Thanet District Council. I have tried writing to them and they dont even bother to reply. when I called them they said it was out of their hands and was between me and the baliff.
  9. Hi I would be most grateful if I could get some advice regarding baliff action over a parking fine. I am a single parent who has been unable to work for over 2 years due to a chronic illness. I have a daughter with severe learning difficulties whose behaviour can be very challenging. Similar to the situation I had before I received a parking ticket for not displaying blue badges one day when out with her. Sometimes she gets out the car when we park and storms off. I have to chase after her to keep her safe. On this occasion this is waht happened. I did not pay the pcn and the council referred the matter to Equita. I wrote to Equita and sent them a postal order for £20 and offered to pay £20 per month as I was on benefit. I kept receiving letters from Equita but no acknowledgement or response to my offer. I rang the named baliff and left several messages and sent him several text messages which I am sure are still on my mobile. On 15th October, 2012 I received a hand delivered letter from the baliff. It was bizarre because even though I was at home and actually heard the letter drop through the letter box nobody knocked. I then telephoned the baliff that dayto explain to him the situation. He was very reasonable and agreed to put the matter on hold whilst I contacted the council. A month later I started to get more letters from the baliff company and messages on my mobile. I again contacted them and asked if they had received my offer and postal order. They told me that they had got the postal order but refused to acknowledge my offer. They then said that the offer was not acceptable as the fees had now gone up from £80 to £399. I explained I was a vulnerable person and was on benefit and could not afford to pay the £150 per month they were demanding. I queried why on earth the costs were now so high and Equita said they would send me a breakdown of costs. On 19th November, 2012 I received a letter from Equita dated 12th November, 2012. The costs were as follows: Debt 82 Initial letter 11.20 levy/visit fees 96.00 attendence fee 167.00 vat 54.84 On 21st November, 2012 a baliff knocked on my door. I did not know who was at the door so answered the door. He immediately forced the door open and stuck his boot in the door. In doing so the steel wood door hit my toe which was really painful. I felt really scared and frightened and told him I wanted to shut the door to ring his company. I asked him if I could shut the door, he said I could try but he was not removing his boot. I asked him for the telephone number of his company so I could call them. He refused to give it to me. I explained that I was a vulnerable person with a disability and had been long term sick and was on benefit. He refused to acknowledge what I was saying. He said he was not able to accept installments and he would not move his boot from the door until the debt was paid. I called 999, but the police said it was civil matter and they could not assist. In the end I paid the money on a debit card from my fund to pay my daughters carer. I felt frightened and under duress. I asked the baliff for his name, he refused to give it to me. I asked him if he was registered at Northampton county court. He said no. After he left I noticed that my toe was bleeding and very swollen. I telephoned Equita and tried to make a complaint and they said they could only deal with complaints in writing. I emailed them and asked for the baliffs details. I called the balliff again and he told me his surname but refused to tell me his Christian name. Yesterday I received a letter from Equita telling me his details and the surname he gave me was not the surname he gave me. The day after the incident my big toe nail dropped off and the pain has been totally unbearable. I rang the police to make a complaint. The police were supposed to come and see me today but instead rang to say that it was a civil matter as once I had opened my front door the baliff had the right to do whatever he needed to to gain entry. This is so frustrating as I cannot see how forcing a door open that someone is trying to shut with your boot is peaceful. Can anyone tell me how I stand legally. Thank you
  10. Yes, this is right. This was not included in his witness statement. There was no reference to this what so ever.
  11. It would be possible to evidence that this evidence was not available before
  12. Hi Yes, I read his statement, but i did not know he would lie and say what he did. The new evidence would be relevant as it would show that I was in constant contact with staff working on the contract throughout my employment. The reason for failing to transfer me being used is that I did not work on the contract that was transferred so TUPE does not apply. This is totally not true and I worked exclusively on the contract. The itemized phone bill would show my works mobile being used to call only other staff working exclusively too on the contract. I did not have the contact information of the other witnesses until last week. The new 3 witnesses also worked exclusively on the contract and can give evidence to say I did too. The phone bill was given the the respondents solicitors a week before the hearing. I did also sent the respondent's solicitors 4000 emails last September (2010) which also evidences the work I did but they refused to accept them saying they were a week past the date for exchange. These were*not used at the tribunal. The difficulty I have had is that all the data was taken by the liquidators so there is very little for me to use as evidence. The tribunal have not yet made a decision but I know anyone seeing all the phone bills and emails would reach a very different conclusion than they would if they had not.
  13. Hi I wondered whether anyone has had any experience of appealing a tribunal decision as new evidence proves the main witness was lying. I represented myself at a 4 day employment tribunal for unfair dismissal as the company who took over the contract I was working on refused to transfer me under TUPE and sex and disability discrimination. At the hearing the only witness who worked on the contract at the same time as me lied. He said that I hardly ever visited the geographical area to which the contract was operated and that I rarely called him. This witness did not mention this in his statement. Over the weekend I contacted a number of hotel's where I used to stay who can provide me with documentary evidence to prove I did stay regularly in the area. I did have one copy of a works itemized phone bill for only one month which showed that I called the lying witness 31 times in 10 days. I have no doubts that if I was able to get all the phone records this would be representative of every month I was employed. The judge refused to take this into account as he considered it to be late evidence even though I did not know that the work I did was ever being questioned so could not possibly of prepared. The company I worked for ceased to trade after the contract was transferred and went into liquidation over a year after the transfer. I have had difficulties with getting witness statements as I have no contact details of the other staff. I have however recently through Facebook been able to contact 3 staff members who would be able to verify what I said at the tribunal was the truth. If I was able to get new documentary evidence from the liquidator by means of itemized phone bills and new witnesses would I be able to appeal. I cannot believe this witness told so many lies and on things that can easily be proved otherwise. Any advice would be greatly received.
  14. to your personal download area. Please read the ORDERING GUIDE for detailed instructions. For company filing history please scroll down the page. Company Reports Order Current Appointments Report No report required indicates that this document contains the latest Statement of Capital Company Filing History Include Allotment of Shares Type Date Description Order GAZ2 02/12/2008 STRUCK OFF AND DISSOLVED GAZ1 30/07/2008 FIRST GAZETTE DISS6 30/10/2007 STRIKE-OFF ACTION SUSPENDED GAZ1 21/08/2007 FIRST GAZETTE 363a 03/04/2006 RETURN MADE UP TO 16/03/06; FULL LIST OF MEMBERS 288b 26/08/2005 DIRECTOR RESIGNED AA 11/07/2005 TOTAL EXEMPTION SMALL ACCOUNTS MADE UP TO 31/07/04 363s 07/06/2005 RETURN MADE UP TO 16/03/05; FULL LIST OF MEMBERS 363(287) 07/06/2005 REGISTERED OFFICE CHANGED ON 07/06/05 288a 20/10/2004 NEW SECRETARY APPOINTED 288b 20/10/2004 DIRECTOR RESIGNED 288b 20/10/2004 SECRETARY RESIGNED 363s 26/03/2004 RETURN MADE UP TO 16/03/04; FULL LIST OF MEMBERS AA 06/02/2004 TOTAL EXEMPTION SMALL ACCOUNTS MADE UP TO 31/07/03 AA 21/08/2003 TOTAL EXEMPTION SMALL ACCOUNTS MADE UP TO 31/07/02 363s 25/03/2003 RETURN MADE UP TO 16/03/03; FULL LIST OF MEMBERS AA 06/06/2002 TOTAL EXEMPTION SMALL ACCOUNTS MADE UP TO 31/07/01 363s 20/03/2002 RETURN MADE UP TO 16/03/02; FULL LIST OF MEMBERS AA 04/06/2001 ACCOUNTS FOR 'SMALL' CO. MADE UP TO 31/07/00 225 04/06/2001 ACC. REF. DATE SHORTENED FROM 31/08/00 TO 31/07/00 363s 21/03/2001 RETURN MADE UP TO 16/03/01; FULL LIST OF MEMBERS 225 14/11/2000 ACC. REF. DATE EXTENDED FROM 31/03/00 TO 31/08/00 288c 11/08/2000 SECRETARY'S PARTICULARS CHANGED;DIRECTOR'S PARTICULARS CHANGED 288c 11/08/2000 DIRECTOR'S PARTICULARS CHANGED 288c 11/08/2000 DIRECTOR'S PARTICULARS CHANGED 288c 11/08/2000 DIRECTOR'S PARTICULARS CHANGED AA 23/03/2000 ACCOUNTS FOR 'SMALL' CO. MADE UP TO 31/03/99 363s 22/03/2000 RETURN MADE UP TO 16/03/00; FULL LIST OF MEMBERS 288c 25/10/1999 DIRECTOR'S PARTICULARS CHANGED 363s 22/03/1999 RETURN MADE UP TO 16/03/99; FULL LIST OF MEMBERS 288a 31/03/1998 NEW DIRECTOR APPOINTED 288a 31/03/1998 NEW DIRECTOR APPOINTED 288a 31/03/1998 NEW SECRETARY APPOINTED;NEW DIRECTOR APPOINTED 288a 31/03/1998 NEW DIRECTOR APPOINTED 288b 31/03/1998 DIRECTOR RESIGNED 288b 31/03/1998 SECRETARY RESIGNED SRES01 30/03/1998 ALTER MEM AND ARTS 16/03/98 NEWINC 16/03/1998 INCORPORATION DOCUMENTS CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION STATEMENT OF DIRECTORS & REGISTERED OFFICE DECLARATION OF COMPLIANCE MEMORANDUM OF ASSOCIATION ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION IMPORTANT INFORMATION Before ordering please ensure you have suitable software: Documents are provided as both multi page 'TIFF' images (to view a test image click HERE), and as PDF's (a viewer can be downloaded from the Forms Online screen).
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