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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all Was wondering if any of you have had any dealings with Frederickson and Capital One? My dh offered an 80% full and final settlement figure to Frederickson for Cap 1 debt and it was accepted. Before he could pay he received a letter from Capital One saying that the debt had now been returned to them?? Any ideas as to what he should do?
  2. Please can some one advice on my situation that's been going on for one year. Here is my last correspondence to Vodafone and today I received a letter from Frederickson. I have these phoned in there original box's untouched and no direct debt to my account. I have tried to return them but know one would excep them. Would appreciate help with this situation. Thanks Tav35 > > To whom it may concern, > > I'm writing to you on the advice from a call to Vodafone > > Please can you look at my account > I have been adviced that there is information on the system saying that Shaun out bound tele sales phoned me to sale the phones at 2pm and the call lasted 31.52 sec > This is when I was told that I wouldn't have to pay out my Ee contract and the phones I had to exchange would cover the cost. > > I was then miss sold a contract for two phones one being a samsung 6 and a Iphone that would end my Ee contract of 2 years in exchange for a hawai phone and HTC. > > The hawai is worth 10 pounds > HTC 50 pounds > And a 2 year contract > > Would never cover the cost by exchanging the phones for the bundle you offered. > I have been trying to sort this in store and calls that are recorded. > > No one would take the phones back and cancel my account with you. > > Even though they say the phones would never cover the cost > > I explained at the time of the call that I couldn't afford to buy out my Ee contract and that my phones have no value. > I was told in that call that they would still honour the deal no fee to end contract and no extra payment for phones. > > I have been informed by a member of staff this needs looking into and that I need to contact you regarding this situation. > > Kind regards
  3. Hi all, I am new to this site and have been looking through lots of threads which have been really useful but thought I'd post my current issues. My partner and I have recently signed up to Experian and Call credit to see our credit reports and we've vowed to clear up our debts. My report currently shows 3 defaults - it is probably worth noting that the reason behind these was my partner had a motorcycle accident on boxing day 2013 and was unable to work for over 3 months so we had to try to manage on my income and a bit of SSP for him. Obviously, keeping a roof over our heads was priority and I let a few payments slip and have been trying to catch up ever since. Default 1 - Capital One Credit Card £373- passed to Frederickson Int and I have received a letter advising they will offer a discount to settle (no figure mentioned) however the default will only show as partial settlement. Should I accept this (obviously dependent upon figure) or should I try to negotiate. Default 2 - Virgin Mobile - £225 - passed to Moorcroft and I am literally being hounded left right and centre - offered a payment plan of £20 a month which is manageable but I am wondering if it is worth trying to ask for a full and final settlement on this. If so what would be a reasonable starting point and I welcome any advice on how to go about this. Default 3 - Provident - £575.00 - passed to Moorcroft and again I'm being hounded. no offers made yet but I am wondering whether to query my agreement on this. Firstly, I was offered no cooling off period on this agreement, in fact, the day I was given the loan the collector also took money out of it towards my first payment - is this normal? Also, I have not had any correspondence what so ever from Provident the first chase of the debt was Moorcroft. Another funny piece of the puzzle to this, I was called by my collector one day to say she was coming to collect in 30 minutes, I was actually at a friends house and she asked for the address and collected from me at my friends (I was a bit naïve on the phone and was told that I had to pay on that day or it would be passed to debt collectors so I gave her the address.) Now on my credit report, provident have added my friends address as a linked address. I have now made myself a stringent budget to allow more funds to try and clear these quicker but I welcome any advice anyone may have. On another note, my partners credit report is perfect apart from two mail order catalogue accounts that have defaulted - these accounts were opened a few years ago by his mother who has set up a payment plan with a DCA however we wondered if it is at all possible to advise the creditor of the situation and ask them to move the account to his mum's name. Whilst he is obviously cross about this, it is not something he wants to report to the police but the amounts mount to £1800 total and through the payment plan set up will take year (and more years!) to clear.
  4. Hi All, For once Im going to give Praise to a company, i have heard of all the terrible stories in relation to this company but for once today it was nice to speak to a friendly person from Frederickson in relation to an old Capital One Debt. Out of the blue i got a letter for it i knew it was my debt i just totally forgot but this was a final demand letter which i found odd and my work confirmed they had been calling me for about 6 weeks at work, and only just told me. I was quite angry so phoned their 0845 number to vent this! However i Spoke to Darryl, and he was fantastic completely understood my anger didn't get angry back and simply said ok what would you like to pay as a repayment, so made my offer and he said sure no problem we can do that for you and i'm personally sorry for any calls you received. I had never had this from a DCA ever so i am surprised and hats off to them in this case, So this is one account settled and closed thank's to his excellent telephone manner and willingness to help!
  5. I have quite a large amount of debt, the majority of which (over £30k) is with NatWest over various loans and credit cards. I also have a balance of around £800 with Capital One. I have been paying all of them off in a self-arranged and self-managed arrangement for the last few years. Recently, I've had a temporary loss of income. I wrote to all my creditors to explain this, also mentioning that I would appreciate it if they could go easy on me because I do suffer with anxiety and depression, largely because of the debts. NatWest happily gave me 3 months of token payments, asking for a review and update after that time. Capital One wrote back saying they would not accept my token payments unless I had a doctor's note. I don't currently have a doctor's note as it's something I had therapy for a few years back and have learned on the whole just to cope with when I suffer from it. I'm sure my doctor would provide one if needed but when money's tight, I'd rather not have to pay for doctors' notes. I wrote back to Capital One explaining that NatWest had accepted my situation, and bearing in mind my reason for asking for token payments was a loss of income rather than the depression (that was just to ask them to back off a bit), why couldn't they accept it? A few weeks later Capital One wrote to me telling me that because of my refusal to co-operate (!) that I had left them no choice but to refer my case to Frederickson. They told me to cancel all payments and to wait to hear from Frederickson to make a new arrangement. Now, Frederickson have been texting me non-stop for the last few days, not mentioning Capital One or leaving any info other than a reference number. I don't really want to have to deal with them over the phone as I've read they can be quite aggressive and that's the last thing I feel able to cope with at the moment - I'm much better putting things in writing. What I'm asking (and sorry for the long-winded explanation of getting there) is: Should I wait for Frederickson to write to me or am I best phoning them to ask them to write to me? Should I cancel payments to Capital One as instructed or will this make me look bad if things do progress? Am I right that at just over £750 of debt to Capital One, Frederickson could take me to court? Is it probably advisable that I now ask for a doctor's note? Any general advice regarding Frederickson? I've also read about people getting their Capital One debts quashed based on their CCA's - is that worth exploring or is it not really worth the effort? Thanks very much for your help.
  6. Hello, I received the best early Christmas present today. A letter from Bryan Carter informing me that within the next 48 hours I will be receiving papers from 'the County Court' where they will be wanting me to receive a CCJ. This is in respect of an old Marisota/Simply Be debt that originally was around 700 quid. Eventually this became around 1400 with charges JD Williams group kept adding. I offered to pay JD Williams a minimum payment each month over the phone, but they refused and hassled me all the time resulting in me changing my number. The debt was sold to Lowell who upped it with their costs to 1541 pounds. The debt was then transferred to Frederickson International, who I have had run ins with in the past. I ignored them because of the stupid bully boy tactics they use, and now find myself with this letter pre-warning me of my court invite. They have given me a number to call and discuss my account with them...........is this genuine or a scare tactic? I think my original date of default is around Summer 2011 which is after JD Williams group added their obscene charges. I now need some help. What can I do to get me on the best footing for arguing my case. I will gladly pay the amoudnt I owe, but I am not paying the 1882 quid that Bryan Carter are asking for. What is my legal stand point? Do I need to send a SAR to Lowell or Frederickson or both? Is it even an SAR I need? Any advice or signposting would be gratefully accepted. Cheers.
  7. I have been approached by Rockwell for a debt that util 5/7/13 i was paying monthly by DD. Formerly this was HSBC and collected by B Carter before it went to Fredericksons, then Pheonix. At some Point Arrow took over but have no idea when. Anyway, the DD's stopped in July 13 and as I have SO much debt, i didn't realise this was a "live" debt and should have continued. Am i right in thinking that (despite being a 2007 debt), this wont be statute barred as my last action was only 5 months ago and that really, i should contact Rockwell or Arrow to renegotiate affordable payments?
  8. Hi, I don’t ever remember joining CAG but stumbled upon it again recently – wish I’d known about it years ago, the information and support I’ve seen here are amazing. I’m looking for some debt and DMP help, and would really appreciate people’s ideas and advice on my position. It’s grown pretty long but wanted to get down everything, so to anyone who reads it all a BIG THANKS! I have had a DMP since 2007 and would like to get these debts cleared off because they’re such a drain, but haven’t been able to contribute that much so the total is still big. I did try for an IVA originally, but that was rejected in June 2007, if it had gone ahead I’d be sorted by now. These are the details: 1. Abbey Loan, started in September 2006, now with Apex £25,000 outstanding. 2. MBNA Credit Card, opened in 1999, now with Link Financial £13,500 outstanding. 3. Co-op Credit Card, opened in 1989, now with Frederickson £10,200 outstanding. 4. HFC Loan, started in September 2004 still with them £3,800 outstanding. 5. Unsecured loan with NRAM, about £13,000 outstanding. Our mortgage was taken out in 2006 with Northern Rock, now with NRAM, and includes this unsecured part. They’ve stopped the interest on this part, but I’ve tried to keep up the full payments separate from the DMP because I was worried about its association with our mortgage. The Co-op CC has now come off my credit report, the others are due to by about May 2014, (except NRAM which is not listed as defaulted but a month in arrears) so that’s starting to improve. I haven’t paid for PPI on any of them. Here are a few questions. A. Abbey gave us a £25,000 loan but applied all of the interest right at the start instead of on an annual basis, making the initial balance £31685. So even though I’d paid £2,400 the default amount was £29,038. I haven’t seen this way of applying the interest before and if it had been applied monthly or annually I’d have defaulted on less. Is there anything I can do about this, like claim back interest that applied after the default? They didn’t apply any other charges. B. Is there any possibility of reclaiming any interest (on purchases) that is applied before the creditors accept a repayment offer and freeze interest? I’m not exactly sure when that officially happened, but the Co-op CC appears to have stopped after November 2007 and MBNA CC after December 2007. However the IVA application for example was in June 2007 and between then and November there was thousands in interest on the two CCs. Is there any possibility of reclaiming any of that extra interest? C. Because I stopped making minimum payments MBNA and Co-op started charging late fees at £12 per month and then when the balance went over limit due to the accruing interest, overlimit fees of £12 per month started. Total fees are about £100 each. Am I right in thinking it may be possible to get these refunded? (Although they are drops in the ocean!) D. I’ve read of people applying to see the original, signed CA. Some of mine were taken out a long time ago so they may not be able to produce the CA. Have I anything to lose by requesting them and if they can’t what does that mean for me? E. Many of these questions are a bit hopeful really, it’s just that I haven’t been able to save anything for a full and final payment and I worked out it would take another 27 years to repay all of these at the current rate! So really the main thing is any advice/ideas on anything I can do to avoid being saddled with these debts forever? Thank you for reading all this. It’s a lot, but I wanted to get all the important stuff in together. Many, many thanks in advance for your time and advice. J
  9. In 2007 I took out an orange contract, but only had it for 11 days after my company offered me a company mobile phone. So I cancelled the contract within 14 days and sent back the phone in an envelope ORANGE supplied me to send them phone back in... After that I heard nothing from orange. Last year - October 2011 - I received a letter from a company called Frederickson International who were acting on behalf of Arrow Global at my new address that advised I owed a communications bill to the value of £220 - I wrote back to them and advised them I knew nothing about it and could they send me a breakdown of the bill. I received a letter back saying they wont be persuing the debt any further... In March 2012 - I received a letter chasing the same debt from a company called Rossdales - who again, were acting on behalf of Arrow Global and this £220 i supposedly owe. I advised them of the communications I had with Frederickson and they referred me back to Arrow Global. In July 2012 i applied for a mortgage with a high street lender and it got declined. Due to an unsettled default notice on my credit file by a company called Arrow Global in October 2010. I sent Arrow Global a SAR to find out what the debt is and they sent me the details but with NO breakdown of what exactly the debt is for - saying they would be unable to send me an itemised bill of the calls I made in the 11 day period I had the phone as Orange wouldn't no longer keep that information. I called ORANGE and since July 2012 have spoken to 10 different people. 5 of which say there is no outstanding balance, and most recently after begging they look back at my history and provide me the details, saying I wont come off the phone untill they investigate it properly crying etc etc.. . - they are now saying I didn't return the phone. I reminded them that i sent the phone back in a pre paid envelope that ORANGE had sent me (they have a record of sending me the envelope) I was asked if i had the receipt/proof of postage... . Of course I don't, it was 2007. They told me from the IMEI number they can see that the phone was only used for 11 days and then it was stopped and the IMEI was never blacklisted. So im guessing whats happened here is, they think I never returned the phone - they sold the debt to Arrow Global and in 2010 ARROW applied a default notice against my name - but how? I never received any correspondence about ANY of this. .. nothing for 4 years and then suddenly Im lumbered with this.. . Im a single working mum of two who is trying to buy a house and I cant even get a high street lender so Im going to be stung with a massive fee and a high interest rate. I dont even know what to do. .. Ive already lost a house to an alternative buyer because i just cant afford the fee to get a mortgage because I have "bad credit".... Please help...
  10. I am struggling with a lot of unsecured debt and have enlisted the help of the CCCS to help me. Now a third party came forward and offered some monies for Full and Final payments. I have an outstanding bill with O2 for £800, My third party offered through CCCS 53% to all creditors, now O2 declined that offer but said would close the account for £650. The CCCS informed me of this so i asked them to call back to setup the payment, only to be told the day after O2 gave us the offer they had passed the debt over to Fredericksons and added another £150 ont the bill for doing so. I want to pay the F&F to O2 directly but they said they will not accept any payment now and have to deal with Fredericksons, They wont accept anythign less that £750 and now want me to pay this, that amount isn't available at all and its a real struggle to pay the £650. How can i get O2 to honor their offer and remove that ridiculous charge they puton a day after offering us a settlement figure.
  11. Ex hubby got a letter from Frederickson International saying he owes the Inland Rev £800 for National Insurance. He thinks he might well owe it as he is currently sorting out tax owed to the Inland Rev and his finances were and are in a mess. He is self employed and was on the verge of going bankrupt but is now trying to claw his way out. He was going to phone Frederickson to sort it out but I told him to hang fire on phoning them until I asked for some advice on how to proceed from you knowledgeable lot! Please could you advise on the best way to go from here.
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