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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all Was wondering if any of you have had any dealings with Frederickson and Capital One? My dh offered an 80% full and final settlement figure to Frederickson for Cap 1 debt and it was accepted. Before he could pay he received a letter from Capital One saying that the debt had now been returned to them?? Any ideas as to what he should do?
  2. Please can some one advice on my situation that's been going on for one year. Here is my last correspondence to Vodafone and today I received a letter from Frederickson. I have these phoned in there original box's untouched and no direct debt to my account. I have tried to return them but know one would excep them. Would appreciate help with this situation. Thanks Tav35 > > To whom it may concern, > > I'm writing to you on the advice from a call to Vodafone > > Please can you look at my account > I have been adviced that there is informat
  3. Hi all, I am new to this site and have been looking through lots of threads which have been really useful but thought I'd post my current issues. My partner and I have recently signed up to Experian and Call credit to see our credit reports and we've vowed to clear up our debts. My report currently shows 3 defaults - it is probably worth noting that the reason behind these was my partner had a motorcycle accident on boxing day 2013 and was unable to work for over 3 months so we had to try to manage on my income and a bit of SSP for him. Obviously, keeping a roof over
  4. Hi All, For once Im going to give Praise to a company, i have heard of all the terrible stories in relation to this company but for once today it was nice to speak to a friendly person from Frederickson in relation to an old Capital One Debt. Out of the blue i got a letter for it i knew it was my debt i just totally forgot but this was a final demand letter which i found odd and my work confirmed they had been calling me for about 6 weeks at work, and only just told me. I was quite angry so phoned their 0845 number to vent this! However i Spoke to Darryl, and he was fantast
  5. I have quite a large amount of debt, the majority of which (over £30k) is with NatWest over various loans and credit cards. I also have a balance of around £800 with Capital One. I have been paying all of them off in a self-arranged and self-managed arrangement for the last few years. Recently, I've had a temporary loss of income. I wrote to all my creditors to explain this, also mentioning that I would appreciate it if they could go easy on me because I do suffer with anxiety and depression, largely because of the debts. NatWest happily gave me 3 months of token payments, asking for a re
  6. Hello, I received the best early Christmas present today. A letter from Bryan Carter informing me that within the next 48 hours I will be receiving papers from 'the County Court' where they will be wanting me to receive a CCJ. This is in respect of an old Marisota/Simply Be debt that originally was around 700 quid. Eventually this became around 1400 with charges JD Williams group kept adding. I offered to pay JD Williams a minimum payment each month over the phone, but they refused and hassled me all the time resulting in me changing my number. The debt was sold to Lowell who upped
  7. I have been approached by Rockwell for a debt that util 5/7/13 i was paying monthly by DD. Formerly this was HSBC and collected by B Carter before it went to Fredericksons, then Pheonix. At some Point Arrow took over but have no idea when. Anyway, the DD's stopped in July 13 and as I have SO much debt, i didn't realise this was a "live" debt and should have continued. Am i right in thinking that (despite being a 2007 debt), this wont be statute barred as my last action was only 5 months ago and that really, i should contact Rockwell or Arrow to renegotiate affordable payments?
  8. Hi, I don’t ever remember joining CAG but stumbled upon it again recently – wish I’d known about it years ago, the information and support I’ve seen here are amazing. I’m looking for some debt and DMP help, and would really appreciate people’s ideas and advice on my position. It’s grown pretty long but wanted to get down everything, so to anyone who reads it all a BIG THANKS! I have had a DMP since 2007 and would like to get these debts cleared off because they’re such a drain, but haven’t been able to contribute that much so the total is still big. I did try for an IVA originally
  9. In 2007 I took out an orange contract, but only had it for 11 days after my company offered me a company mobile phone. So I cancelled the contract within 14 days and sent back the phone in an envelope ORANGE supplied me to send them phone back in... After that I heard nothing from orange. Last year - October 2011 - I received a letter from a company called Frederickson International who were acting on behalf of Arrow Global at my new address that advised I owed a communications bill to the value of £220 - I wrote back to them and advised them I knew nothing about it and co
  10. I am struggling with a lot of unsecured debt and have enlisted the help of the CCCS to help me. Now a third party came forward and offered some monies for Full and Final payments. I have an outstanding bill with O2 for £800, My third party offered through CCCS 53% to all creditors, now O2 declined that offer but said would close the account for £650. The CCCS informed me of this so i asked them to call back to setup the payment, only to be told the day after O2 gave us the offer they had passed the debt over to Fredericksons and added another £150 ont the bill for doing so. I want to
  11. Ex hubby got a letter from Frederickson International saying he owes the Inland Rev £800 for National Insurance. He thinks he might well owe it as he is currently sorting out tax owed to the Inland Rev and his finances were and are in a mess. He is self employed and was on the verge of going bankrupt but is now trying to claw his way out. He was going to phone Frederickson to sort it out but I told him to hang fire on phoning them until I asked for some advice on how to proceed from you knowledgeable lot! Please could you advise on the best way to go from here.
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