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  1. Made the mistake of phoning Global Debt, told them I can not pay on a debt that is over 10 years old. I had left moving details 11 years ago with TSB but they never contacted me and with family illness and a breakdown myself they were the last thing on my mind. Now after all this time I am getting letters, I tried to talk to them but they are snatty on the phone and I hung up - is the status barr thing active in NI were I now live if the debt was taken out in England?
  2. I have never given anything in writing at all, it was always done with phonecalls, abuse then me hanging up - we have never wrote anything to anyone - thanks for the help I will let you know what happens
  3. The debt is over 10 years old, over the ten years I have tried to offer money but they always refused, sold the debt on and I start over again. This was a credit card debt.
  4. I received a letter from Winged Messenger this morning - addressed to the current occupier - it was basic just asking me to phone a number to make contact as they are looking for someone. After a google search I arrived here and now I know why I got this. Around 10 years ago my husband and I defaulted on a debt, it wasnt much but to us it was massive after losing out jobs because of sickness. My husband has a cracked spine and I am his full time carer. Over the years we have had different people contact us and each time we offer some money but they get nasty and
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