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  1. Hi everyone. I've recently had to block someone from my mobile and email as they were being abusive. However, they have now resorted to sending me picture message in emails via O2 mediamessaging. I can't prove it's them, however, as the mobile number that comes up on the heading of these messages isn't theirs. I've looked up O2 to see if they can put a stop to it, but the only help numbers are for existing customers. Any ideas? Thank you.
  2. My daughter and her fiance moved into their rented property just over a year ago and keep receiving letters from debt collectors addressed to the previous tenant. They keep sending them back marked 'Not known at this address', but they still keep coming and they're a bit worried about what to do if someone turns up on their doorstep. I've taken the most recent letter from them and intend to give Cabot a piece of my mind when they open on Monday morning, and was just wondering which agency I should threaten to report them to. Any advice gratefully received. Pamm
  3. Will do raydetinu. Think he might have shot himself in the foot there!
  4. Well what a surprise! My daughter and her fiancé vacated the property yesterday and they'd hardly shut the door behind them when it appeared for rent in the local paper - advertised as 'in excellent condition'! But at the inspection the day before it was 'in a state' and he was keeping half their deposit.
  5. Nice idea 45002, but their tenancy ends today anyway. Spoke to a very vague young man at Shelter who said that the only thing we can do as far as the landlord entering is concerned is take him to the small claims court and sue for damages, though it would be very difficult to quantify. He didn't sound very hopeful anyway. The ICO were more helpful about the withholding of info issue and said they should SAR him and if he fails to respond within 40 days put in a complaint through them.
  6. Incidentally, I acted as guarantor when they signed the tenancy and landlord said to me yesterday 'I might be coming after you for money and I can have a covenant put on your house'. As they've always paid their rent on time and gave the required notice, he's talking out of his backside, but surely this is intimidating behaviour? Wish I'd been more on the ball and asked what money he could come after me for, instead of just saying good luck with that matey!
  7. Thanks both. My daughter's already printed off TDS forms and there's plenty of photographic evidence. Her bloke also filmed the landlord letting himself in on his phone, and all of yesterday's conversation was recorded - though the landlord isn't aware of this. I'll ring Shelter today on their behalf as both are working. What I'd really like now is to know where the £200 'housing arrangement' fee went, but Mr. Landlord seems to think he's above the law and doesn't have to disclose this!
  8. Fuming! Went with my daughter and fiancé to the house for inspection and landlord had already let himself in. He was completely unmoved when we protested and just said call the police if you want. He refused to discuss the £200 credit check fee (which he called a housing arrangement fee) or disclose who he'd gone through even though they have a right to know under data protection. Finally he's said he's keeping half their deposit for a new carpet, even though it's in the same condition as when they moved in. Nothing riled him at all. So what next?
  9. Just what I think renegade imp, but who do I report him to?
  10. The other thing I should have mentioned is that the landlord took £200 from them at the beginning of the tenancy for a credit check. But he hasn't done any credit check on them.
  11. Thank you renegade imp. I'll follow your advice. I'm not surprised at the police, don't know what they're like anywhere else, but round here I get the impression that everything's just too much trouble for them and they'd rather not have to deal with it!
  12. My daughter and her fiance's tenancy is up at the end of the month and they are moving to a new place. However, over the last few days the landlord has been coming round randomly and moaning about the state of the place (there's nothing wrong that wasn't there when they moved in), saying he'll have to replace the carpet throughout (this was after they'd had it professionally cleaned and it's now immaculate) and generally being a git.Today he actually let himself in and her fiance had to call the police to get him out, though they didn't do much as apparently it's a civil matter. It's obvious h
  13. Ok I've now had a council tax bill for the flat I vacated. Rang the council, who say that I am responsible according to my tenancy agreement (estate agent sent them a copy). They understand my point of view, but said I need to go back to the estate agent to sort it out. The flat is being advertised as To Let and has been since I moved out, but no takers yet. I'm wondering if my best bet is to tell the estate agents I want the keys back and for them to stop advertising the flat until my tenancy's up at the beginning of December. It won't benefit me and I'll have to pay the council tax on it,
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