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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I appealed a bus lane PCN and did not hear anything more of the matter until just recently getting a letter from Equita saying REMOVAL LETTER and that my failure to clear outstanding balance they will now get removal contractors with a baliff to remove goods from my home. does anybody know what i can do to sort this situation? i emailed the council and told them i didnt get any letters and paid the 60£ fine but they said they wrote 3 times and that i need to call the bailiffs now. so far i didnt call the bailiffs. this is what they said happened but i didnt get any of these letters, i emailed them now to request them email to me. The letter of rejection was posted on the 04/06/13 then a charge certificate was posted on the 16/07/13, an order for recovery was sent on the 08/08/13 then a warent for the baliffs was issued on the 11/10/13. Please contact the traffic penalty tribunal on 08457045007 for further information on how to resolve this case. any help to resolve situation greatly appreciated. currently i dont live there as it is my parents address and am abroad!
  2. We have had a terrible exerpeince with this company. Let me make this known from the outset, we settled our council tax debt within 5 days of receiving the intial letter from Equita however our dealings with their representative: [ Mr x; Mr y; Mr z ] (whatever alias he currently uses) was disgusting. My wife made an initial call to the contact number provided on the letter from Equita, but she was immediately transferred to this rude and unintelligent thing they call a Bayliff. My wife asked simply if we could make the repayment of the debt in equal and regular installments (3 monthly payments to repay the £250 owed to Birmingham City Council for Council Tax from 2011). She was told straight away that unless she made the payment in full there would be additional charges added to the account, these would be around £160 and include a visit from a Bayliff. She then called Birmingham City Council who advised her that the Bayliff HAD TO enter in to a payment plan, and that she had a right to speak to the office directly and liase with a person there. However, when she tried to call the landline number again, and having spoken to James and Justin she was transferred without warning to the rude, aggresive and argumentative individual named Mr x. He pursued to shout and demand immediate payment. I then took the phone from my wife and advised this idiot in no uncertain terms that if he wished to continue in this vein of conversation that we would report him to the Civial Enforcement Association. He didn't know who they were and actually told us that he was regulated by Birmingham County Court - another indiciation of his intelligence and geenral level of common sense?! How these people can be left with the responsibility of arrangement fair payment plans with our societies most needy is beyond me. Anyway after advising him that I would pursue the issue he began to get aggresive to me. Now I am fortunatley a seasoned and trained MMA fighter so I rarely get intimidated by such behvaiour. Indeed I offered this imbasile the opportunity to come to my house and discuss the terms face to face, to which he declined and suggested he would call the Police. Anyway to cut a long story short we called to complain to Equita and speak with [EDIT] and [EDIT] who are supposidly responsible for customer complaints. We were told that they did not take phone calls and that they would only accept a complaint in writing or in email format. We then called the Civial Enforcement Asssocaition and also the registered head office of Equita based in Northampton. We advised them of our issue and they said they would respond in writing. In the meantime I sent my wife to pay the bill at the cash counter in Birmingham in full, in order to avoid any further charges being added to the account by way of additional Bayliff visits. Low and behold when we returned to the house, they had indeed visited (in my view to procure further charges on the account). However the morons didn't realise that minutes earlier we had closed the account at the cash counter (therefore costing him an uncecessary journey). I am looking to form an action group against Equita and anyone else who has dealt with [ Mr x ] the Equita Bayliff in the Birmingham area. If you would like to join a public protest which will be covered my local media please contact me. We will cover the legal costs of anyone who wishes to join us in a class action. We are looking for victimes of Equita Limited in Birmingham and specifically anyone who has been wronged by [Mr x, Mr y,Mr z] or whatever other alias he has been using at the time. I have issued a formal comlpain against this brute and rogue collector to the following organisations: Civil Enforcement Association, Birmingham City Council Trading Standards, Birmingham City Council Revenue Department (Chris Gibbs), Head Clerk at Birmingham County and Magistrates Court, BBC Midlands Today News Show, ITV Central News Show, BRMB Radio Station to name but a few. This company and their [EDIT] practices must stop now becuase innocent members of hte public are being misadvised and [EDIT] by way of targetted mis-information. We suggest arranging a protest at the reception of their offices based in McLaren Building, Priory, Queensway where we will be joined by local media and also Birmingham City Council representatives.
  3. Good morning, Not sure where to start with this one, but i have 2 outstanding Liability order for council tax from 10 years ago (when i was 18 years old). I was only aware these orders even existed until earlier this year when i received a letter from Said Council saying they had traced me to the address where i was living at the time and had been for 8years..... I contacted the council asking for a the amounts, legal costs & period in which they had been charged for, They sent me this in writing in May of this year. As i was a single parent at the time on benefits i would have been in receipt of full HB & CTB at the time so the fact that i owe them any CT is beyond me... Money's were being deducted out of my Income support THIS year to pay towards this oustanding debt, but as i am now Working and NOT on benefits that money is no longer being deducted and they received the last payment from me on the 14/10/13 of just over £14, I have just within the last few days had 2 Letters from Equita bailiffs, stating i will someone to come out to levy good to recoup the debt, contacted them first thing Monday morning AND STUPIDLY i have now made arrangements with them to pay monthly only after 3 phone calls to them. I have now made some investigations with the Council as to when the CTB wasnt paid, the reasons why, the dates the liability orders were made, When & Where they were Sent to, they Date it was past on to DCA etc as was adviced by the CAB, I have asked the Council to take the debt back but they refused, And considering that the last payment they recived from me was the 14/10/13 they had already past the debt onto equita on the 10/10/13. I am at a loss with Equita as they threatened to have a baliff come to my house even tho i was calling them to set up payment arrangements within 2 days of recieveig their letters, Thes first call telling me i had to make an initial payment of £50 before they would set up monthly payment, the second call telling me if i didnt pay £90 over the phone NOW by card then i would have baliff at my door, and the 3rd call letting me pay £40 (which i had to borrow) before setting up monthly payments, the council have told me that they sent me notice to pass on to DCA back in May, but they had been getting payment from until a month ago... I am now scared out of my witts that i will still get baliffs at my door even tho i have made initial payments as i was told by Equita that they would just add a Levy fee to my account anyway without the baliff coming And to clarify these Liability orders Add up to £309 and where made just days before i moved out of the property, and 6 months after sending them to address i never even lived.... HELP please
  4. Hi I would be most grateful if I could get some advice regarding baliff action over a parking fine. I am a single parent who has been unable to work for over 2 years due to a chronic illness. I have a daughter with severe learning difficulties whose behaviour can be very challenging. Similar to the situation I had before I received a parking ticket for not displaying blue badges one day when out with her. Sometimes she gets out the car when we park and storms off. I have to chase after her to keep her safe. On this occasion this is waht happened. I did not pay the pcn and the council referred the matter to Equita. I wrote to Equita and sent them a postal order for £20 and offered to pay £20 per month as I was on benefit. I kept receiving letters from Equita but no acknowledgement or response to my offer. I rang the named baliff and left several messages and sent him several text messages which I am sure are still on my mobile. On 15th October, 2012 I received a hand delivered letter from the baliff. It was bizarre because even though I was at home and actually heard the letter drop through the letter box nobody knocked. I then telephoned the baliff that dayto explain to him the situation. He was very reasonable and agreed to put the matter on hold whilst I contacted the council. A month later I started to get more letters from the baliff company and messages on my mobile. I again contacted them and asked if they had received my offer and postal order. They told me that they had got the postal order but refused to acknowledge my offer. They then said that the offer was not acceptable as the fees had now gone up from £80 to £399. I explained I was a vulnerable person and was on benefit and could not afford to pay the £150 per month they were demanding. I queried why on earth the costs were now so high and Equita said they would send me a breakdown of costs. On 19th November, 2012 I received a letter from Equita dated 12th November, 2012. The costs were as follows: Debt 82 Initial letter 11.20 levy/visit fees 96.00 attendence fee 167.00 vat 54.84 On 21st November, 2012 a baliff knocked on my door. I did not know who was at the door so answered the door. He immediately forced the door open and stuck his boot in the door. In doing so the steel wood door hit my toe which was really painful. I felt really scared and frightened and told him I wanted to shut the door to ring his company. I asked him if I could shut the door, he said I could try but he was not removing his boot. I asked him for the telephone number of his company so I could call them. He refused to give it to me. I explained that I was a vulnerable person with a disability and had been long term sick and was on benefit. He refused to acknowledge what I was saying. He said he was not able to accept installments and he would not move his boot from the door until the debt was paid. I called 999, but the police said it was civil matter and they could not assist. In the end I paid the money on a debit card from my fund to pay my daughters carer. I felt frightened and under duress. I asked the baliff for his name, he refused to give it to me. I asked him if he was registered at Northampton county court. He said no. After he left I noticed that my toe was bleeding and very swollen. I telephoned Equita and tried to make a complaint and they said they could only deal with complaints in writing. I emailed them and asked for the baliffs details. I called the balliff again and he told me his surname but refused to tell me his Christian name. Yesterday I received a letter from Equita telling me his details and the surname he gave me was not the surname he gave me. The day after the incident my big toe nail dropped off and the pain has been totally unbearable. I rang the police to make a complaint. The police were supposed to come and see me today but instead rang to say that it was a civil matter as once I had opened my front door the baliff had the right to do whatever he needed to to gain entry. This is so frustrating as I cannot see how forcing a door open that someone is trying to shut with your boot is peaceful. Can anyone tell me how I stand legally. Thank you
  5. A few days ago heard a tap at the door and a bailiff removal notice on the mat foolishly I phoned the bailiff who said he was going to call back that evening to the house to collect all the money or goods. Since then I have been going out of my mind, hiding behind closed doors, terrified of every knock at the door. My council tax payments for this year and last are paid up to date. This is a debt from three years ago when i had a bereavement and financially things went mad I've been making regular payments every month and missed one and now they are demanding payment in full as there is a liability order. I wish I could pay it but money is so tight and wages just cover all bills Thankfully, that evening I found this site and have followed the advice given to others; hide car told kids not to answer door, no phone contact, recorded letter asking for list of charges and offer to pay instalments, a nominal payment made to the council on line. I phoned the council who said they couldn't help. when I asked if anything I can do he advised to let them in (oh,no,no,no,no,no,) . i would like to say a big thank you to all who post on this site you have helped me keep sane. though I'm still anxious and scared you have given me the knowledge to be able to handle this.(I knew no different I would have let him in) So far no more visits, and avoiding answering the phone but terrified of him calling back and caught on the hop. Can the letter for debt collectors, withdrawing right to call, apply to bailiffs. Is there anything else I can do to stop them calling.
  6. I have just received a letter from EQUITA CERTIFIED BAILIFFS. They claim they have been instructed by my council in connection with a Warrant of Execution granted by the Traffic Enforcement Centre at Northampton County Court to recover some arrears. The letter mentions no date on which the alledged offence occurred, no registration details of the car involved, no amount supposedly owing. At first I thought it may be a fraud, but though the phone number and PO box address are different to that on the Equity website, a google search seems to indicate they are genuine. The thing is that I HAVE NO OUTSTANDING traffic violations or parking offences or road/car related fines and as far as I can remember I've never even been to Northampton and my borough council is miles and miles away. I have received no warning or correspondence regarding this, prior to this letter, and I haven't got a clue what it is about. I am worried that the thugs will turn up and clamp my car or something. I've had that experience before when the DVLA clamped my car outside my house the day after I bought it - the same day I was going to tax it. Because my friend had also had his car clamped outside my house previously (when he was hospitalised in Spain) I even called the local police the evening before to ask their advice and they said it would be okay as the DVLA are obliged to knock on my door before clamping. It turned out the police woman's advise was wrong and my neighbour is a witch.
  7. Today my parents received a letter at their London address (where i dont live since Feb 2011) regarding council tax which i owed of £1003.81 for a Birmingham address. I had a monthly direct debit set-up for some reason ended up failing and being removed, since then this is the first time i have heard from Equita. The letter is under my wife's and my name she is out of work since Feb 2011 til present and i have just started last week. None of us have the funds to pay the amount. The letter posted THROUGH THE DOOR on the 10th Oct 2011 stated: "Payment due in full in 24 hours.....i have attended today with the intention of removing goods and chattels as are necessary to discharge the outstanding council tax liability order and additional enforcement charges cost.....Please note no further arrangements are acceptable and payment is now required in full......i will attend your address to remove goods even in your absence....should you wish to avoid this contact me immediately....no contact will be taken as your refusal to pay" I rang them (before reading that i shouldnt ) to say my parents received this letter but i dont live there anymore. I told him i have been out of work for 2 years and only started working this week. He replied saying it doesn't matter he needs full payment or a court order would be issued, i said it doesnt matter even if i go to court as i cant pay and will still arrange a monthly plan. Obviously more fees would be occurred so i would rather deal with this matter ASAP. The bailiff told me he'll give me til Thursday (4 days) to try and get the money but said i doubt i can. The only method for me will be to get a monthly plan sorted again but im not sure they will....or is there any way i can? Please do help me
  8. Help!!! Please. In January I received a letter from Equita with reference to an unpaid congestion charge asking for £198.44 by return. I did not have the whole amount, and so rang them offering to pay £100.00 and the balance £98.44 the following month. The final payment would be paid on 18/2/11. They accepted this amount, I thought, and took £100.00 by card. This morning(10/3/11) at 7.45 a bailiff woke me having clamped my car - he demanded £445.24! On the 'notice of seizure and inventory of Goods' it stated that 'Amount owing' was £185.00 (How can that be right?) Bailiff Costs £260.24 (For a debt for under £100.00?) Total £445.24 I did not have the money....I phoned the police and they kindly came out (I was very glad to see them - the bailiff was really aggressive) but - there was nothing they could do. I spoke to the Equita office - who told me that I had 'broken my arrangement' and that the balance was due a week after the initial payment. There is no way I would have made that arrangement...I would not have had the balance the following week. He unclamped my car and left saying he will be back on Monday morning to collect the money - or take the car! Is this it? Do I have to pay all those charges for a debt that was under £100.00? I have searched everywhere for an easy to understand table of charges..but have failed dismally. All help would be appreciated.
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