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  1. 3 weeks ago my work sent me to an Occupational Health interview. The company that did this was Atos. They wrote up their report and said it would be between 3 and 6 months before I was likely to be fit to return to work. I was sent a copy as well as work. I, a while ago applied for benefits inc. incapacity. I have an interview the first week in July with Atos through the DWP. Do I need to phone them and tell them I had this? Will I still need to attend the DWP interview or do you think my report they did for my work will be used. Am pertrified at the thought of going after what I have read especially with having chronic depression.
  2. I had my interview and was only there 10 mins was able to show the chap that I had notified pension credit of a change of circumstance my wife had transferred £15000 from her life assurance to her building society account although the officer died not say anything I have been told by people not in the know my money will be stopped until the overpayment s are worked out is this true
  3. Hello everyone, I received a letter yesterday asking me to attend an interview under caution, because my local authority suspects I have been committing benefit fraud. This is quite complicated, so please bear with me: I lived in Wales until April last year, at which time I had to move to England to take care of my daughter full time (her mother is an alcoholic and mentally unstable , and was incapable of looking after her any longer.) I wasn't working at the time (claiming JSA), so all benefits were transferred over to me (HB, Child Benefit, Child Tax Credit). In September, my girlfriend (we'll call her "C") also moved to the same town as me, having got a job in the area. However, the job only paid around £250 pcm, so she decided to stay with her sister (we'll call her "K") because she couldn't contribute half of the £1000 (approx) monthly outgoings of my household. Here's where it gets complicated. Although C was living with K, she was using my address as a postal address due to previous mail theft at K's residence. I knew this was a bad idea, but C didn't have much choice. C has also been staying at my house quite regularly, but not contributing to the household income (provable with my bank statements). This arrangement continued, without incident, until February this year, when I got a part-time job working from home. Upon getting the job, I immediately signed off JSA, and my benefits were adjusted according to my new income. Around a month ago, I received a letter from HMRC, asking why I was claiming Tax Credits as a single person when they have information which suggests that C was living with me. I called them to explain the situation, and offered to send them bank statements, utility bills, tenancy agreement etc to show that everything was in my name, and that C was not contributing to the household income. The man I spoke to said this was fine - I just needed to show I wasn't in any way financially dependent on C. I was about to send all these documents off to HMRC when I received a letter from my council, asking me to attend an interview under caution because they suspected I had been committing benefit fraud. I immediately phoned them (presuming this letter was a result of the HMRC investigation), and explained the situation as calmly as I could, and told them that I was already dealing with it. They then informed me that it was the DWP who had approached them (as a result of an allegation made to the DWP from an unknown source), and that the fraud investigation was tied to JSA claim, as opposed to Tax Credits. As I said, I stopped claiming JSA in February, so I'm baffled as to why that's an issue now. The interview is next week, and while I've got all my documents ready, everything I've read about these interviews has said I should not attend alone. However, I don't qualify for legal aid and can't get hold of anyone at my local CAB. Should I just go alone anyway, and just try to stay calm? Should I be worried that there's no documentation that proves that C lives with K? They have an informal arrangement, although K is willing to state that C is staying with her at the moment. Is it likely that the interviewer will accept what I have to say, considering I have a year's worth of bank statements here which show I have been paying all bills, rent etc? There is one provable instance of C helping with money in that entire time - I borrowed £200 from her in January to cover my overspending at Xmas. I'm obviously pretty concerned about this, and have never had to deal with anything like it, so some feedback would be much appreciated.
  4. I had a letter from the Jobcentreplus saying I was invited to an interview with a customer compliance officer. I think it was a regular letter that is sent out, it just said the visit has been arranged because your circumstances may have changed and we need to ensure your payments are correct. I rang to request a home interview due to my health issues and the man said yes no problem and he would find my file and get his diary then ring me back. When he did he seemed to think there had been a mistake and said dont come to the interview but he would check through my file and if he does have to interview me he would send another appointment for a few weeks time at home. I have now recieved a home interview appointment, no specific time just between 9.30am - 3.30pm. I am of course like most people having these interviews really worried and nervous. I feel a bit more nervous because I'm thinking why does he need to interview me now after first seeming to think it was a mistake. I rang them again to ask what was the reason for the interview, this time a lady answered, last time it was the actual man that was going to interview me. She checked the system and said there is nothing noted on there then asked if there have been any changes and I said no so she said and its just a review type check and nothing to worry about. I am worrying though and keep wondering why. I recently set up 3 new savings accounts all to be funded by £1 a month just to keep the new rules for halifax reward account as they now require you to have at least 2 direct debits from them to keep the reward, could it have triggered an interview? I also have 3 reward accounts using one as my main account and the others just basically to get the monthly reward, I have to fund them by 1k a month but only do that by transferring between one to the other. I'm worried if these accounts will confuse the situation. I have an ISA for my funeral expenses depressing as that sounds but its below the allowed threshold. They have asked for id and bank statements but didnt say how many months worth, how many should I supply? as I have to request these from halifax as I have online statements or would they accept printed ones for the time being? thats if you can print them directly from online. Also, will this interview be just about my ESA Support group benefit alone with Jobcentreplus as its headed from Jobcentreplus customer compliance or will it take into account my DLA HRC HRM awards as well? Sorry its so long but any knowledge from other members would be much appreciated, Thanks
  5. Murphy applied for a fork lift operator post at a famous Irish brewing firm based in Dublin. A Pole applied for the same job and since both applicants had similar qualifications, they had to take a test and were led to a quiet room with no interruptions by the Manager. When the results were in, both men had scored 19 out of 20. The manager went to Murphy and said, "Thank you for coming to the interview, but we’ve decided to give the Pole the job." Murphy, "And why would you be doing that? We both got 19 questions correct. This being Ireland and me being Irish surely I should get the job." Manager, "We have made our decision not on the correct answers, but on the question you got wrong." Murphy, "And just how would one incorrect answer be better than another?" Manager, "Simple. On question number 7 the Pole wrote down, 'I don’t know.' You put down, ‘Neither do I’."
  6. Hi - I'd be really grateful for some advice. On Saturday I received a letter from the council to attend an IUC on 13th May regarding allegations of a fraudulent benefit claim. I'm a single mum in a rented house. I work full time, low wage, receive HB and CTR, and also WTC and CTC. I am married, but legally separated from Sept 2011 and began divorce proceedings in April 2012. I have a marital home (no equity) and a mortgage, my husband lived in that and pays the mortgage as I moved out when it became too difficult to live with him. I have a boyfriend who I met in July 2012. He stays over often, but lives with his Auntie. He is also separated and mid-divorce. He has a marital home and pays a mortgage and his wife and child live there. He moved out a couple of years ago, lives with his auntie, pays her food money etc, and also tops up her CT as she lost the 25% single occupancy discount when he moved in. All his mail etc goes to his home at his auntie's. We have no joint financial dealings at all, he just stays over and goes, my bills are my own, in my name and paid by me. He's great and we spend a lot of time together, but neither of us want to move in together, when financially and emotionally we are both in a big enough mess already with divorces, mortgages etc. My husband is being very difficult, won't sign divorce papers or disclose info about his pension etc. I am divorcing him for unreasonable behaviour. Last week his solicitor told mine that he wants to divorce me for adultery even though I didn't meet my boyfriend until after we split up. He has also accused me, in a solicitors letter, of living with my boyfriend. He is angry at my new relationship and causing trouble whenever he can. When I received this IUC letter my immediate thought was that my husband has tried to report me for fraud, saying that me boyfriend lives here or something. However, having googled and panicked all weekend, I now have another thought. WTC messed up my income and were underpaying me. When I applied for HB I submitted evidence, a copy of the WTC letter etc. WTC then rectified their mistake and my WTC went up to pay me back for the underpayment, some of which pre-dated my HB claim. I then got a letter from HB in Feb 2013 saying that there had been an overpayment of just over £1000 because of this. I appealed saying that firstly I gave them my WTC letter and everything correctly when I applied and WTCs constant mistakes are not my fault, and secondly that the Feb letter said that WTC had notified them of the change in Sept 2012, so I asked why they had taken 6 months to deal with it, letting an overpayment accrue in the meantime. All I have had since are a series of confusing award letters that are 20+ pages long from which I gather that they are recovering the HB part (£700) of the O/P from my benefit. The CT O/P of £300 was taken my DD from my bank at the time. Having googled all weekend trying to work out what's going on, thinking it must be an accusation by my husband, I have now established that HB might be considering the above O/P as fraudulent on the basis that I didn't provide info of my WTC increase?? It wasn't deliberate, they knew I got WTC, and WTC told them of the change. I'm self-employed so understanding how it's all worked out is a nightmare. The WTC and HB letters are dozens of pages long and computer generated so that there's no proper letter of explanation, you just have to interpret the amounts as best you can! I thought WTC were repaying me money from before my HB claim, it's so complicated. All I can think to do is ring the CAB... I have now been on hold for 56 mins! Any advice would be gratefully received, I'm worried sick. Thanks
  7. Hi, I'm new here and was just wondering if someone could give me a little advice please. I've been on Job seekers since May 2012, on the 12th of April I had my usual sign on and interview, the advisor can be a bit temperemental, some days she's super nice and others she's horrible.Well at my last interview she more or less told me I'm' weird'. I already have confidence issues as well as really bad anxiety and this upset me deeply, I almost cried sitting there. Anyway she told me she was going to phone me for a phone interview the following Friday (not sure what for to be honest, she never says much when I'm in the room with her), thing is I missed the call, and didn't know I'd missed it until Friday evening. Me being anxious with bad panic attacks I've been too scared to phone and explain that I'd left my mobile on silent. She also wanted me to attend this thing on Wednesday (24th) about interview techniques, however I live more than 20miles away from the JC and couldn't afford to go down. It also seemed pointless as I'm quite intelligent, just shy and nervous. I'm now scared that I've messed up. She didn't give me a letter saying I had to do either of the things, just that I might benefit from the interview technique thing. Can she sanction me for missing the phone interview? Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. Hi, I’m new here and would really appreciate some help. I’ve read through many posts dealing with similar scenarios to the one I’m experiencing right now, but to be honest, they’re giving me even more to worry about. Two weeks ago I received a letter from my LA asking me to attend an Interview Under Caution. I have been claiming housing and council tax benefits for the last 3 years and cancelled my claim recently. Within 3 days I received the IUC letter. I have sought advice from a solicitor specialising in this sort of thing and he will attend the rescheduled interview with me in a couple of weeks. However, I have a few questions I wanted to put out to this forum – all contributions welcome, thanks. My solicitor told me that the investigators have probably already seen my bank statements, and herein lies a problem. Over the past 3 years there are quite a few transactions on my accounts that are not mine. I have a business partner whom I have allowed to use my main account when they did not have their own bank account. Monies have entered and left the accounts, but not all are mine. How do I prove to the LA that they aren’t mine? I was the sole claimant. Have the LA the right to interview my business partner under caution too, even though they have not made a claim for any benefits whatsoever? They had no knowledge of my claim and now I’ve told them what’s happened they’re scared of messing up in case it makes my case look worse. I didn’t declare this other activity to HB as I knew it wasn’t mine and what’s it got to do with my claim anyway? Sorry, but I think I’ve been a bit naive here. Is naivete a defence? Will my business partner be investigated/open to scrutiny too? My home is also the business address, and although my business partner doesn’t live here, they have spent some nights a week stopping over when we’ve been working. We are not co-habiting, our relationship is strictly business and friendship. Neither do we have any financial links, other than the bank account transactions. I’m worried that the LA will try to put them in the property, which would affect my claim as a single occupant. HB knew I was self employed when I made the initial claim, so it’s not as if I’ve had a business without their knowledge, but they haven’t been made aware of changes in circumstances over time, especially over the last 12 months. I realise I’ve been stupid, but I need to present a defence that doesn’t implicate anyone else, but at the same time I do need my business partner to back me up. I wish I could handle this myself, but without my business partner my case looks a whole lot worse. Also, I do have a history of stress/anxiety/depression issues and was retired from my profession on the grounds of ill health several years ago. I’ve already made an appointment with my GP because my mental state has been shot to sh*t since that letter landed a couple of weeks ago. I’m having difficulty functioning at the moment, sick with worry and cannot sleep properly. My business partner is scared that our names are going to be splashed all over the local paper and we won’t be able to hold our heads up when the sh*t hits the fan. We’re both scared witless and would appreciate some input. Many thanks
  9. Hi All I would like to ask for some advice but would like to first hold back information which could lead to me being readily identified. I've spent the past few hours searching and reading through this forum, but I can't see any threads from someone similar to me, which leads me to fear that I could be facing a substantial fine/jail time/lord knows what. I was caught using a relatives photo oyster card (a retired pass). At the time I had my details taken by the ticket inspector, but at no point did he mention that I was being interviewed under caution. He asked me 5 basic questions (Did I intend to avoid paying my fare today? etc), and I answered all of them honestly. Reading through the forum it seems as though I was interviewed under caution (although he did not mention the word caution), and I had to sign and date the form he completed. I have now received a letter asking me to contact the revenue control inspector so that I can have an interview under caution in relation to this matter. Is this because the initial inspector did not mention I was under caution? Or is this because they want to gather as much information as possible before taking me to criminal court? Most other people are given the option of sending a letter apologising, but I have to be interviewed. Note - I haven't phoned the inspector yet to arrange my availability for an interview.
  10. A while back JCP asked me to apply for a number of jobs with low hours and high travel costs. The vast majority either ignored my application or got back to me telling me that I lived too far to be considered. However, two of the employers have been completely moronic and have actually offered me job interviews. I wasted £10.50 travelling to one yesterday, where the interviewer immediately rejected me for living too far. However, my upcoming interview is much worse. The job is six hours a day and five days a week, which sounds nice enough compared to most jobs out there. It's minimum wage of course, so I'll be paid £30.95 a day. However, it will cost me £48.50 a day to travel there. I'd be working too many hours and would also be paid too much to be able to claim JSA, so I'd end up paying £87.75 a week to have a job if I took it. The interview clashes with my signing time, so if I am to attend the interview I'll have to inform JCP that I can't make it to my usual signing time as I have an interview. I'm not sure what the best course of action would be. £48.50 is a lot to spend just to travel to a job interview for a job I'll have no choice but to turn down if I'm offered it. Do I just not bother attending the interview and hope it doesn't get back to DWP? Or should I explain to them why the job wouldn't be worth having, hoping they'll allow me to not attend the interview and sign on as normal this week.
  11. hi, recieved the letter friday and been paniking since, i phoned jobcentre and they assured me they are picked at random. i did some part time work... 2 hours a week earning 12.00 week which is under the £20.00 limit your allowed but its only just dawned on me that i maybe should of told them of this work and i am worried now i am under investigattion for a oversight on my behalf. I am currently claiming jsa and i dont know what to do? i am thinking of phoneing up tomorrow and admitting to my mistake and that i am willing to provide any letters etc they need, i am no longer working as it was only a temp position. I honestly didnt realise i could of done wrong by my claim help!!!
  12. Hi everyone. I am new to this site which I did not know existed until today and hope to be able to get some advice and contribute advice in the future. My concern is that I have received a "Invitation to Office Interview" from Jobcentreplus Customer Compliance. The letter has been sent from Newlands JCP Customer Compliance Support Team in G43 area of Glasgow but the interview is at my local Jobcentre in Parkhead Glasgow. The letter is not hand signed. As far as I am aware I am not doing / claiming anything wrong and only moved to this address as a lodger 6 months ago. Do I need to be worried about anything or any advice of what happens at this interview. I am on IS / HB (rent) and SDA but do not claim CTB as its my landlords responsibility. Thank you for any pointers
  13. I have received a letter from the job centre stating "I am conducting an investigation into alleged criminal offences in relation to a claim to benefit." Try and keep it brief, on and off with ex for a number of years, have a 5yr old together then had a one night stand with the ex and another person around the same time and fell pregnant (despite using contraception) and have a newborn baby who I'm 99% certain is the ex's. I live on my own with the 2kids, claim income support, tax credit, child ben, and housing benefit. Ex came with me to register the birth of the newborn and is named on the birth cert, ex was homeless at this time and so his address on the birth cert is the same as mine. He calls in regularly to see the kids, and has stayed over a few times in the spare bedroom to help me out with the kids. The letter doesn't say what I'm meant to have done wrong but I'm assuming they think he lives with me which isn't the case. What happens at these interviews? I get tongue tied when stressed and want to know what to expect, if they have evidence of ex leaving my house which they may well have as he comes to see the kids can they prosecute me even if I say I haven't done anything wrong? The letter also hasn't come from my local job centre it has come from an office in a different county borough, does anyone know if this is 'normal'? Any advice would be great!
  14. Hello there, I am new to this and have not posted before so I hope I may be able to receive some advice and assistance. I will try and keep this as brief as I can. I had a serious car accident last August and as a result lost my job, this also made an existing injury worse and as a result, I had surgery on Feb 6th, this year. I was signed off for a period of 12 weeks but in any event never returned to work following the car accident in August last year. I made a claim for ESA in September and was granted this for the 13 week period, had a medical in December and was written to in January to say I had passed the medical and would be put into the work activity group. At this stage I appealed this as I knew I was due to have surgery in February and would therefore be signed off for a further period of 12 weeks. I was told it was 'tough' and that if this is the group I was put in, this is the group I would have to stay in. Not knowing any different, I left it like this. Then someone said I should appeal and I spoke to a different person at the DWP who said I should appeal to at least go into the support group until after I was signed back fit for work following surgery. I therefore made my Appeal some 2 months ago. I have still not heard back from anyone and have just rung the DWP for a lady to tell me 'tough luck', 'not her problem' and I 'have to do what we say'. I have a 'back to work' interview on Thursday this week at my local job centre. I have just rung them to say that I am not in a position to go in as I still cannot leave the house following surgery, I am struggling to walk and I am in constant pain. I was met with 'tough, if you don't come in we will stop your money'. At this point I burst into tears and asked if they were happy for me to struggle in hardly being able to stand and they replied yes. These people are so heartless. I appealed to go into the support group so I would not have to go out to interviews etc and now here I am having to go to one and being told my appeal will take up to 12 months!!! What is the point in that....I don't need the decision in a year, I need it now! I have worked all my life, this is the first time I have ever claimed benefit and am going to University in September to become a Social Worker. I am being told they will stop me doing this as they want me to return to work. Surely they can't do this? The whole point of going to Uni is to further my career and get a better, well paid career but they would wish to send me back to work instead? It doesn't make sense to me. I am only ever going to remain on the benefit up until I start University in any event so I am not looking to remain on it long term! Does anyone have anything to add or advise? Thank you for reading. A very frustrated lady!
  15. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone here. I'm not a big poster but i visit a couple of times every day to see what i can learn from you guys. I do not no what position i would be in without this forum, it kept the wolves from the door I finally saved up enough cash to declare personal bankruptcy - not an easy decision or one i would recommend without a LOT of research and reading. I called some of my creditors yesterday to inform them, just for my own peace of mind and also to bring some closure to my financial situation. Thanks again
  16. I went to a group interview with a Merlin Entertainments establishment in December, and was asked to provide my passport for verification of my right to work in the UK. I did so willingly and they collected everyones in and took them away to copy. Later, in the middle of our session, they went round handing them back to the 'correct' people and it wasn't until I got home that I realised I had been given the wrong one. I tried contacting them by every way possible asking if they could just contact everybody else who was at the interview and ask them to check whether they had mine, but they were completely uncooperative. They said they couldn't do anything, said I should just buy a new one, and basically just ignored all further correspondence I tried to have with them. It was such a simple request that they could have helped me with and I feel like if they had done it, I would have got my passport back. As it was in the end I had to buy another one at 130 pounds in order not to shatter my christmas plans, money I did not have as I was job seeking in the first place. I then contacted them again with a very polite, formal letter explaining everything and asking whether they would at least acknowledge the serious neglect that happened on their part, but again I have been absolutely ignored. My other worry is of course that someone has used my passport to gain a false identity, so it could be a very serious matter. I have followed up the letter with calls and emails, which have been passed on through different departments and again, ignored. Could anyone tell me what the situation is here, I mean are they liable for anything at all? Is there someone else I should contact, or do they just get away it scott-free? It makes me so angry as I have been through so much hassle and none of it was my fault- I applied in good faith for a job I believed in and ended up forking out around 200 pounds in phone calls, transport and new passport. Anything anyone could suggest would be GREATLY appreciated!
  17. Hi, hope someone can help me. I took Friday off work to attend an interview in Central London with a mental health trust. Paid for the ticket Thursday evening (£50ish) and hopped on the 0900 from Southampton to Waterloo. When I arrived at Clapham Junction I got a call from the agent saying that the interview had been cancelled as they had recruited internally. I'm a contractor at the moment, so I don't get paid for days off - so now I'm £260 out of pocket for absolutely nothing. I wouldn't have minded (or known) if they had given the interview then just not appointed me to the position - but to cancel it when I'm already on the way is a bit rude, and very unprofessional. Should I put in a money-claim-online against the agency who offered the interview (I'm currently working for them now) or the managers that cancelled the interview last minute? Or am I not going to get anywhere with this and just accept the loss and move on? Cheers, Ben
  18. Hi all, Just some advice really, My girlfriend has had a investigation interview with regard to a complaint that been lodged by a customer. The customer was served and decided to wait for there food. During the 2-3 minute wait a co worker has passed the counter and my girlfriend has said that she would drop an invite off for her (we get married next month) The customer complained about this and she has had a meeting which all they asked her did she remember the event (which she said no) and has she received customer service training (she said yes but it was 18 months ago). She has never had any problems or warnings in the past and has been told that she has a good chance of getting a written warning. Please could someone advise me on this please. Thank you in advance
  19. I am due to attend a disciplinary interview next week in regards to some problems at work. These problems relate to stock items found within a work wastebin. An investigation was undertaken in regards to these items and I was called to and investigation interview without any prior notification. At this interview no evidence to support my employers was submitted, however I did admit to throwing some items away but at no time was I given an opportunity to state which Items I had thrown away. I am now due to attend a disciplinary meeting in regards to items I had no prior knowledge off. As part of this disciplinary procedure I have been given photographic evidence of items, and a brief investigation statement carried out by my line manager. These photographs are not of the items I admit to throwing away. In his investigation report, he reports conversation he had with my workmates whoever provides no written statements from these workmates. My line manager has had it in form ever since he came to our store a few months ago. His first conversation with me when he first joined was in regards to extending my probationary period beyond its stated term. I informed our HR department about this and other issues, ever since then he has obviously had it in for my, some of his tactics used are the constant changing of my rotas, often without any prior notification. Any advice would be much appreciated. Robin
  20. I recently recieved a phone call about work I did last summer without telling the job centre. I worked for approximately 3 weeks. During this time i was on housing benefit and income support. I have been living away from my parents since july 2011 and am a full time student with no other income so i was entitled to these benefits. I moved out of the address of which i received housing benefit around july 2012. I have now moved into a place for which i get housing benefit. This tenancy started on 2 jan 2013. Between moving in and moving out i have been living at different friends housing every night or where ever i can stay. I told the council that i was moving out so the housing benefit was stopped however the income support was not stopped. ( i thought they were the same people) I understand that as i was working i was not entitled to benefit which is fair enough. However, would i have still been entitled to income support despite not having a permanent address? If i was not the amount over-paid would be around £1700, but the eligibility criteria is that i am estranged from parents ( which i am) and that i am in full time education with no other income. I meet this criteria. What would a likely punishment be if they decided to take action? This is a first offence.
  21. Hello everyone, Firstly I would like to state my post is a request for opinions on matters relating to the likely interpretation of the Equality Act law in terms of my situation, and consequently the potential for an Employment Tribunal to be successful or not. I was particularly hoping someone with experience of employment law issues in disability discrimination, in particular Autistic Spectrum Disorders, would be able to offer some advice. The law is open to a large amount of interpretation, and Autistic conditions are largely misunderstood and misinterpreted by the general population - making this issue somewhat more complex than normal. I have Asperger's Syndrome. I have no doubts whatsoever this will be considered a disability under section 6 and the relevant schedule 1 of the act. Cases such as Hewett V Motorola and Isles V Ealing Council both establish this to be the case (was going to link to these but cannot add links due to having under 20 posts.) I recently applied for a job under a guaranteed interview for disabled people scheme. As reasonable adjustments at interview I requested that I be provided the questions in writing prior to interview, and the interview panel be made aware of my condition and the nature of my difficulties. These requests were met and a set of questions provided. Although shortly after a new set of questions replacing the old set were provided, and the new set included questions on competencies not covered in the original questions, including team work and customer appreciation. As my condition primarily affects social interaction and communication, it is obvious I would have difficulties with these skills. Post interview feedback indicated that while my 10 minute technical presentation and technical skills for the position were considered good, lack of evidence of team work and customer appreciation were the two reasons for which I was rejected. I would argue that a reasonable adjustment would have been to consider these skills as meeting expectations, assuming reasonable adjustments could be made in the position itself to accommodate those difficulties. This is based on a tribunal recommendation in the case of Hewett V Motorola - Hewett was working for Motorola and given an appraisal ranking of SI (Some Improvement) as he was criticised as being over-sensitive to banter which is a result of his disability. One recommendation of the employment tribunal was that a reasonable adjustment would have been to modify his appraisal ranking to Meeting Expectations, due to this issue relating to his disability. In the case of Isles V Ealing Council see the quote below. However, one difference between that case and my case is the respondent explicitly referred to his disability when suggesting reasonable adjustments could not be made relating to certain competencies in regard of his condition. I would infer from this that in recruitment a reasonable adjustment would be to consider features relating to a disability as meeting expectations, assuming reasonable adjustments can be made to accommodate those difficulties. For example, a profoundly deaf person applying for a job as a sound engineer may not be able to perform the duties required of the job. Whereas a deaf person applying for a job in an office may benefit from a sign language interpreter and still be able to carry out duties required of the job. Then we move on to consideration of what is a reasonable adjustment. For example, in many organisations a sign language interpreter may not be considered a reasonable adjustment, due to the organisation's resources and size. I would argue that if an employer offers to provide a sign language interpreter at interview at their cost (as they did in this instance), they are aware of the difficulties likely to be encountered by a deaf person - and are able to meet adjustments required - and consider such adjustments reasonable within their organisation. Clearly my needs are different to that of a deaf sign language user. However, I would argue the effect of my condition in relation to colleagues and customers is likely to be similar. If a deaf person were posed questions on these issues, they too might find offering good examples of these skills at interview difficult compared with a candidate without their difficulties. I therefore would argue that... My disability would be considered a disability. Changing questions is suggestive of indirect discrimination under S19. Refusal to offer a position on the basis of competencies relating to disability when reasonable adjustments were possible, is suggestive of direct discrimination under S13. Reasonable adjustments, required under S20, for the position itself in relation to my disability were not adequately considered. Adjustments as required were reasonable and other similar adjustments were considered reasonable by the employer. A reasonable adjustment at interview would have been to consider competencies relating to difficulties arising from my disability as meeting expectations, so long as those competencies would be likely to be overcome with a reasonable adjustment. I therefore feel, dependent on responses to questions in response to my request for information under section 138 an Employment tribunal would be justified. Even though I would likely find the process difficult due to my disability and would have no legal support as legal aid is not possible and I have little money. My aim is not to procure compensation, but to try help prevent people with atypical neurological conditions like Asperger Syndrome, having to endure discrimination - and loss of dignity through repeated unemployment despite good ability to do certain jobs. And if not to raise awareness of such conditions, at least in the organisation to which I applied. And also maybe to set some sort of precedent about the legal status of the Equality Act in relation to such situations. Would an employment tribunal case set a binding legal precedent for future cases? I am nearly 31 and have never managed to get a paid job of any kind, and I think this is disgusting when I have a First Class Honours degree and a Masters - I am clearly of some benefit in the work place but continually hit this brick wall with decisions not to employ me being consistently related to my condition. Even in unskilled positions where you would not expect adept ability at team work to be particularly important like shelf stacking. I am fed up of being treated in this manner and really want some way to work to earn my own money, even if it is for minimum wage. Had I been interviewed for University and subject to the same assessments I would likely have never achieved a First Class degree. I just want to be considered in terms of my ability to do the job (which the big part is the technical side) without being hindered by my disability when compared to other candidates. It is clear this is happening when I am rejected due to reasons relating to my disability. Thanks in advance for any help. Particularly those with knowledge of employment law issues in disability discrimination - or knowledge of disabilities such as Autistic Spectrum Disorders, like Asperger's Syndrome.
  22. Hi me and my wife claim joint jsa i sign on she doesnt and she hasnt had to for 6 months. we have 19month old child.. now am just after some information on what my wife will have to do at this interview. when she goes what will happen? once she has been do i continue to sign on once a fornight? will she have to start signing on if she does will she have to attend same time as me,or will the signing continue with me just doing it? all info much appreciate
  23. Hi, am in WRAG, informed of this about Nov 25th. Since then, not heard anything. How long does it usually take for all the interview stuff to start? Thanks.
  24. Hi everyone I am accompanying someone this afternoon to their first interview with the Job Centre - he should be in the Support Group - GP has said there is no way this person can work. Is anyone able to tell me what to expect from today? The claimant suffers with mental health issues - reason I am accompanying is to attempt to keep him calm, be there to understand what is expected of him and because he will not go to unfamiliar places alone and the location of the Job Centre he has been sent to is unfamiliar and a half hour drive away. Also, last week, he received another assessment form to complete - he only won at tribunal in September having been awarded nil points by ATOS. Any thoughts on this also will be greatly appreciated.
  25. hi all just wondering if anyone can offer some advice re my mother in laws pension credit application basically back in june my father in law suffered a severe stroke which has left him partially paralysed and unable to speak,he has gone into full time residential care and unfortunately my mother in law has now lost his pension and some of his dla money so we were advised to apply for pension credit for her when i first enquired i was told a representative of the benefits agency could visit her and sort everything out but basically she is elderly has just suffered all the stress of the stroke and its aftermath and doesnt handle/understand interviews or officialdom very well !! i told the guy this and he said dont worry then just apply online so we did that but she then got a call again requesting an interview and although she agreed without really realising what was happening,she then cancelled as it was scheduled for the same day as an important operation for her husband.the lady who she spoke to was very off about the cancellation and seemed to suggest they could not process her application without the interview so my question is do you have to be interviewed at home in regards to a pension credit application or can you refuse this? has anyone got a draft letter i may use to find out the situation and to decline said interviews requesting the application proceed as a postal one only? many thanks for any help and advice
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