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  1. I am permitted to be with him, the issue is with him being agoraphobic and not being in the correct mental state to be able to deal with leaving the house, talking to a complete stranger in a situation and place he is not used to or comfortable with. Yet he is still being forced into the interview and told he has to attend no matter what even after I spoke on the phone today about his problems.
  2. My son suffers from Anxiety, Depression and Agoraphobia among other things, He's gone through all the usual stuff so far, failing his ATOS medical, appealing and succeeding and has been placed in the WRAG and I am currently appealing on his behalf to be placed in the support group and have been waiting months as usual for a reply. I called to check on the status of his appeal since getting a letter about his interview and now they have no record of it, even after calling up months ago to check they had indeed recieved it. However I am more concerned about this interview, originally we were told it was possible for a home visit but this has turned out to be false and he is being forced into going to his first work related interview next monday at the job centre. He has already had this deferred once already and now they are adamant that he has to go next week. There is no way he is going to be able to go and the thought it is already affecting him and making him shake/panic and worry, I am wondering what i can do if anything about this interview?
  3. Yeah, she has already gone today to immediatly pay the late payment but what of the £74 they are trying to get hold of? just tell them to get lost and they can't do anything about it? or what.
  4. the court set the £2 a month, not sure on total debt but current remaining is £800 with interest
  5. Will find out asap if it has a ccj against it, no a bailiff has not been into our house in the past this is the first time anyone has ever came round. sorry for not being clear about the person who came round, they work for cl finance and has said that a bailiff will be coming next week for a payment.
  6. he gave her a piece of card which i could have made in about 5 mins on ms paint with his name and number on which she called him for help/advice and he didn't seem interested in coming to an agreement on payment, on the card it had the company name which was CL finance
  7. I'm here because i'm looking for a bit of advice to help my mother. She currently pays £2 a month to Howard-Cohen however unknowingly missed a payment that was due on the 23rd of August, thinking she had already paid the amount due she was surpised this morning by a visit from a man working for CL finance saying that my mother has to pay £74 on monday next week to someone he is sending round (which she cannot at all afford) otherwise an amount of around £800 in goods will be seized. Now i have no idea on how any of this works but i find it strange that she didn't receive a call or letter from Howard-Cohen saying she hasn't paid, because of she did she would have paid immediatly the monthly amount and also there was no warning of someone coming round demanding money. She called Howard-Cohen but they said they can't/won't help because the debt is now with the man who came round from CL finance this morning and the man who came round this morning wasn't helpful at all, but also has said once the £74 has been paid the debt will go back with Howard-Cohen. I was wondering if anyone here could give any help or advice. if any more info is needed i will try to find out what i can.
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