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  1. Hi, Two years ago (2012) I was placed in the WRAG ESA group for a year then this time last year I received my ESA50 form for review......I filled it in with all evidence and details of docs, social workers, support worker etc and I was then moved into the support group (2013). It is coming up for the time of the year when I last received my ESA50 last year. Should I expect another one soon? I don't know if I can be faced with all the stress and hassle again especially as I have just moved to a different doctor............ Thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply antone. I guess that as I have never received DLA then the last part in the quote does not apply to me and that it is safe to say that I have been moved from WRAG to support group? Thanks for all the help. I just wish that the DWP / ATOS was as helpful and sent me the correct paper work rather than making this a guess game. Thanks all x
  3. Many thanks for that Margret. Out of interest....what is enhanced disability premium and how do you qualify? Does everyone in support group get that? Thanks again
  4. No - it just gave the last digits of my account number and sort code with the amount of £43. ESA is listed at the top but nothing else. I had my usual fortnightly ESA payment yesterday but it was exactly £43 extra also.
  5. Late last year I was placed in the ESA WRAG group after I went to appeal and I was recommended not to be reviewed for 1 year. One year later I received a new ESA50 form, I filled it in and sent it off. My mental health has deteriorated since I filled in the last ESA50 in 2012. I put in all my symptoms and problems and included psychiatrists, doctors etc details to be contacted at the end of the form. Two weeks ago I received a random letter informing me they were going to pay an additional £43 in respect of my ESA claim into my bank with no reason why. I ignored it thinking it would be some winter payment allowance or something. Yesterday I received my ESAin my bank but it was £230 something instead of my usual £193 (after deductions). Have I been moved from WRAG to Support Group? I'm confused. I've been worrying that I will be forced onto JSA for weeks now but this is strange - it is weekend now so I can't call them
  6. Hey all. I applied for ESA last year and got refused. I won on appeal and they recommended that I should not be re-assessed until August 2013. I was placed into the ESA working group in August 2012. In February I got a letter asking me to go to an Ingeus interview. I went on time but they were 30 mins late and had to get out of the place. I told them to contact me to rearrange an appointment but I have never heard back and still get my benefits. Should I contact them to try and sort out an interview? Will my ESA stop in August? I'm going into hospital for a week at the start of August so don't want come out and have to sort it out. Thanks for any help
  7. Yes. Had that last week.
  8. Hi, I am currently on ESA - work group after winning my appeal two months ago. I was recommended that I don't be reassessed for another year. I have just had a call from Ingeus who want me to go in and see them to make an appointment. How often will I need to go and see them and is it compulsory? Currently I go into hospital 4 times a week for treatment and don't want to miss any of these appointments. Thanks.
  9. Ah, ok thanks. Do they force you to look for work or volunteering?
  10. No idea to be honest, think it is the working group or whatever it is called. I am just out of a 12 week stay in hospital so did not really keep up to date with all the paper work. Will try and find out for sure.
  11. I am on ESA but today I received a letter here for a 'ESA personal adviser interview' at my local JobCentre for next month. In October I won my ESA appeal and I was recommended that I do not get re-assesed for another year. Does anyone know what this interview is about and what is expected?
  12. I have already told them to go ahead with the medical notes and hospital letters in my absence. I the letter even explains that I am in rehab. If it gets refused then I will have to leave this rehab programme early then back to square one. Worried..........
  13. I am currently in rehab. My appeal date is next month. I am not due to finish rehab until middle of November. I have got the hospital doctor to write to the HM Courts & Tribunals Service explaining this. Will this be enough for when my case is heard even though I wont be present at the appeal? Will they backdate it to the start of the ESA claim? Tha ks
  14. Typing this from phone so excuse errors. I got admitted last week to residential rehab for a 3 month stay. My last fit note ran out last week. The Dr issued another for the next 3 months. It was just the normal notes the GP gives me. Med 3 i think. My white fitnote says i am currently in residential detox and treatment for 3 months. Also, the date of my tribunial hearing is next month. I gave the hospital the paperwork and they said they would sort it out. Do you think they will just write to the courts? Bit worried.
  15. I just wanted to say that being out of work sucks. I am currently out of work and signed off with something I hope to sort out soon. Most nights my dreams are about previous experiences at work. I dream of putting on my shirt and tie and getting on that bus again at 8am. Fingers crossed. Praying for all others in similar circumstances.
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