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Found 3 results

  1. I am in urgently, need your help and advice guys. Me and my mother signed up to E4L around July last year which we have been using fine for past four months. my father noticed a strange direct debit leaving their joint account, which he didn't recognised so he cancelled it. This we later found out to be from Harland or E4L, £11.99. He cancelled this direct debit via bank and then mother got an email from them, stating the account is now in default. A £25 admin fee has been added alongside the month where the monthly payment has not been released. Additionally, my mother has not been well due to a heart condition so she not even had the chance to use their service around Nov/Dec. I contacted the harland team and mentioned that mother been in hospital and my father accidently cancelled the contract. They, however, would not accept this and persist in paying the £25 fine and a months membership, which we decline. We are OK to pay the monthly fee but not the fine. I believe my father, recently, went back to the bank to reinstate the direct debit. What is the best way on moving forward? Any advice will be appreciated thank you very much KoshiZee
  2. Hi. Last year I was seriously ill in hospital. Social services became involved and my mum and dad looked after my son. He then because a looked after child/in care but under my mum and dads care. My son has still stayed with me two nights a week and comes round most days. Because of this, child benefit continued as he was still with me some of the time. I assumed that the same applied with child tax credits so continued to claim, and have continued buying his clothes, paying nursery fees etc. he has a room in my house and I have also paid for his clubs and toys etc. However today I randomly stumbled upon a link that said that although child benefit continued if I had him at least two nights a week and contributed to his upbringing, I was unable to claim child tax credits because the local authority pay my parents a small sum of money each week. This means I have wrongly claimed for a year and I can't believe how stupid I have been. I don't know what to do, obviously I'm Ringing then Tomo morning to to tell them that I'm not entitled and that I wrongly claimed but it's a genuine mistake. Will they just let me pay the money back or will I be prosecuted and have a criminal record? I am so so worried and have worries over my health as it is, and I honestly never meant to do this. I'm so Embarrassed and humiliated. Ang advice please.
  3. hello all, i quit my first job 5 yrs ago when i relocated..i attended a first interview 10days ago in a well know co..wen asked, wat was i upto in past 5 ys, i told i tuk off to spend time with my family & applied for visa & work permit & by the time i got it, it was last year but the fact is i got my visa in 2008....i actually wanted to say that i strtd lukin for work since a year ! he wrote down somethin at my visa status on my resume ! i shud have corrected myself but i was so tensed attendin an interview after 7 yrs now i got a final intervw with vp.. i'm so tensed & guilty that i'm unable to prepare..this job would help me with my financial situation..i'll b interviewed by a diff person..what shud i do, say if the topic arises abt my visa status ! the date on my work permit is 2008 ! any suggestions wud really help me out here ! thankyou, yum
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