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Found 16 results

  1. I am so angry at my partner. I have just found out he is being investigated for benefit fraud. He received a letter asking him to go for an interview under caution regarding his housing benefit, income support and carers allowance. He was on these benefits before moving in with me. He has ignored the letter and missed the interview. I am intending on getting him to call tomorrow to talk to them and stop burying his head in the sand. He was down as his mother’s carer. He lived with a flat mate and had housing benefit and income support also paid. He started work and cancelled his income support and housing benefit. He wrongly assumed his carers allowance would be cancelled as a result too. He never contacted them though and as a result has about a years overpayment now. The carers allowance has always gone into his mother’s account and she always kept it herself. It was the arrangement they had...he got the income support and she kept the carers allowance. But because it continued to go into her account he never realised it was still being paid and she never said anything to him about it. Next thing we know he receives this letter. The letter states it’s also about housing benefit and income support too. He definitely didn’t receive them in the past year so I can only assume they’re doing a big investigation about everything he’s ever received now. Whats likely to happen to him?? I’m so worried and so angry at him for not phoning to cancel in the first place and being so stupid to just assume all benefits are linked and let each other know about any changes! I’m also so annoyed at his mother as she never said anything this whole year and was receiving money she was not entitled to in his name! He’s going to be the one facing the consequences but she’s been the one with the money in her account! What happens now? Will he be prosecuted?
  2. Hi all, have a friend who has received a letter asking him to attend an interview under caution, letter is ambiguous as it states he may been seen by either fraud department or some one from housing/LA. He has no idea what it could be so I had him ring the person named on the letter and their direct line to inquire for more information but they reused to dilvulge any further information stating they would inform him on the day. He would like me to go with him for support but looking at his letter it states several times that he may take a legal representative so the question is can I go support him or is the letter correct that it must be a legal person. Have read several posts on CAG that say someone can go for support with someone on an IUC interview but confused that the letter states what it has. Regards to all
  3. Hi, I wonder if anyone can tell me, after an IUC do you get a letter to say that they are going to prosecute? and can you appeal their decision to prosecute? Many thanks in advance
  4. Need some advice if possible. I am currently on DLA HRM and LRC since 2006, my initial application failed for any MR but awarded LRC so I asked for a review which agreed same so I went to appeal and in between provided further evidence. Please note I had included on my application and in continuation sheet that my condition was variable and reference was made to good and bad days. I went to appeal hearing and it was agreed to adjourn for more information from a medical examination. I had the examination and just a week later suffered a brain injury which almost killed me and required surgery, upon discharge more documentation from the tribunal service had arrived including he doctors report which was to be added to my bundle for the next hearing. There were one or two errors in my opinion in the docs statement so I wrote to the tribunal to say so and to advise that I had just been discharged from hospital with a serious brain injury, that my care needs had increased temporarily and my mobility remained unchanged and confirmed attendance at the rescheduled hearing although I could no longer drive (DVLA removed my licence for 6 months min). To my surprise without the final hearing I received notification from the tribunal service that my appeal was revised by the Appeals Officer, without the further hearing and was a more favourable one! I then received instanty an award letter from DWP stating HRM and LRC indefinately. Since the award I have the added post brain trauma syptoms which are in addition to my original claim but by care needs are now as they were at the point of claim, mobility remains the same. I have just received a letter to invite me to attend and IUC with DWP regarding possible criminal offence regarding my benefits, I only claim DLA as work (home based) as I did at the point of claim. I have read everything I can on this online so am getting rather clued up but am absolutely dreading the interview. I have arranged for legal representation as I know I will not cope with the interview on my own. I am guessing if they have had a tip off that I am not disabled that I will have been under surveillance and that they will have evidence to now support the allegation; however my circumstances have not changed in my opinion, I am as I was at the point of application and have referred to good days to show that my issues are not always present i.e variable so I am assuming any evidence would be around those such times (I am never out in public at the worst times) If anything my condition is worse given the new syptoms and I am guessing he will not be aware of my brain issue or new syptoms which, given they will not change my award were never reported directly to DWP as they are technically additional issues with mobility and mental health and this will not increase my award! I have had and continue to have ongoing treatment for all my conditions, have been hospitalised four times since claiming including two strokes, now what a benefit thief would have to suffer! What I am worried about is that I never qualified in the first instance and I am wondering if the Tribunal, faced with news of my significant brain trauma and hospitalisation, have made a decision to award and I am now paying the price! My mobility features on servere discomfort and pain and whilst I had stated risk of fall and stumbles and the need (but do not always have) for somebody to be with me; for the record I attended the hearing alone as it was not possible to have somebody with me. Two questions, If I have stated variation in my application and I have variation now can they prosecute on this i.e. no change in circumstance to report and secondly, would the tribunal have a manuscript of the hearing and details as to why they overturned the decision as I think this would also support my case and if so how can I get access to this. I am rather expecting the chap from DWP will be sat there, with my application and photos/video of my walking unaided or not seemingly with pain which is not unusual but not my permanent state of mobility; I usually always have a walking aid unless extremely well (rarely) Will he have all the tribunal paperwork as within this is where all relevance to variable is in the main other than reference to this in a few places in my application? I also hope he has the written note sent to the Tribunal (and confirmed as received) stating I had had the brain injury, was now home and care needs increased but mobility not) as this is a change in circumstance which I have reported. I do not believe anything has changed, no surgery, no cure and still with a degenerative condition! I am fully aware of the need to notify if anything changes but not if it changes day by day? I would be on the phone to DLA every day! Has anybody been to an IUC, how was it and what should I expect. This is making me more sick, have not eaten a thing for 48 hrs, pain is escalating and affecting everything for me! One minute I am a wreck the next I want to fight this all the way, they can not accuse me of fraud, I have not knowingly done anything and actually pay more in taxes that the bloody benefit is worth! One last point, phoned today to rearrange the interview and the chap was a little bit shocked to hear I was bringing a legal rep; not rolling over with this. Any help, support, encouragement or opinion gratefully received. Worried sick!
  5. Please dont judge, i honestly feel so sick, i cant sleep, and i cant eat. I need help asap. I have a partner, who doesnt live with me, due to the fact hes getting help for anger problems, and tbh we cant afford to live together. He stays on his mates sofa 3-4times a week and then at mine the rest. Obv he leaves for work and comes home when hes staying here. He pays £100 to my landlord for the extra hb doesnt cover, which helps alot else i would be in debt. He doesnt pay any other bills,apart from halfs on sky internet, which he uses when he stays. we have two children together, he has never "lived"with me, apart from when we lived at my mum n dads for a year, but he had his own room, and paid rent. I have a feeling i know who has "grassed" on me, a women we had a kind of thing with a year ago. OH ended up cheating on me with her. I finished, He realised what he did, so stopped it with her and came back to me. She was jealous, and said some very hurtful things, and did hurtful things. Anyway, heres the awkward bit. Were engaged. He proposed last year. weve set a date for July 13th, and have gave notice of the marriage. So i dont know if there going to believe were not living together, even though we have two children and are "getting married". Although the wedding is on hold until he sorts his anger out. He has until Jan. I feel sick everyday, I have postnatal depression, which is all time high, So feel like breakingdown all the time. Forgot to add, he did stay with me for a few weeks this year, As my depression got so bad that i couldnt even get out of bed. [my mum passed away two years ago]. WHAT evidence could they have on me? I know all his bills ect does get sent to the house. what am i going to do? i cant live without my own money, i feel sick and worried
  6. Sorry if this is in the wrong place its my first time posting and im hoping someone can help me. This morning I got a letter saying I have to attend an IUC on 10th Oct with regards to my claim for houseing benifit and council tax benifit being fraudulent. It doesnt say anything else on the letter as to why my claim is meant to be fraudlent. In order to further understand this i contacted the benifits office to see what we are getting. I am married with 5 children aged 11, 7, 5 ,3 ,& 7months. My husband works for the village council for 12 hours per week and I help a friend out now and again for a max of 4 hours per week. which makes a total of 16 hours. I help out a friend at childrens parties she does and i get paid in cash which covers my petrol and no more, I do it to help her out and to get out of the house not to make money from but I thought I was doing the right thing by saying I worked 4 hours when I very often dont do that many hours sometimes I dont do any at all which is quite often with everything thats gone on and the fact Ive recently had a baby by c-section and before that had illness due to pregnancy. I did not claim any money during my pregnancy and do not claim any other benifits Having looked at the claim it is all in my husbands name and states he works 16 hours and the amount he get. This amount is what we both get combined working 12 + 4 hours. I was unaware, stupidly, that it is down as all the hours being my husbands and not both of ours. The claim for houseing and council tax benifit is just in my name although the award has on it the 16 hours and the money we get. I have not tried to claim any money but saying we are not working and I really dont know where I stand on all of this tbh. I suffer from depression and after loseing both my father and father in law in the last couple of months my head is spinning and im in such a mess I really dont know what to, Im scared im going to go to prision over this. If anyone can please help me I would be so so grateful.
  7. Hi all, My story is a rather messy one, I think so anyway..my solicitor and other professional bodies I've spoken to don't seem to think so though but I'm still scared out my wits and have been feeling a lot more ill than usual since all this started, my depression and paranoia have shot through the roof to the point where I'm not leaving the house for days at a time. I'm seriously on the edge....Anyway I'll start at the beginning... I was called in for an IUC around 5 weeks ago now because they received an allegation that I was living with a partner. I know who made the allegation...It was my ex best friend, we had a bitter fall out, she even warned me she was going to do it but I never thought she would because she knew she would be telling lies. Anyway basically I've allowed a male friend to stay with me for around the past 18 months but have allowed him to use my address for a lot longer than that. Before he moved in he used my address to apply for loans etc, I didn't know there was anything wrong with that. I've been in bad debt for years and he basically used the loans etc to buy furniture for my home. I pay him back money out of my benefits every month which can be seen on my bank statement. No money at all comes from him to me and we have no joint accounts. We lead completely separate lives as far as cooking, laundry, watching tv etc goes. We even have our own sky boxes, tv's and our own PC's...couldn't be more separate if we tried! I'm disabled and currently on IS and CTB...I also get DLA. I own my own home so don't claim HB or anything. I also have mental health and addiction problems and NEED someone to live with me, the thought of living on my own 24/7 scares me to death plus with my disability I need a lot of help doing various things around the house. I can't even change a light bulb. Ok so back to the interview...it was clear they wanted me to admit we were living as a couple but I refused to admit to something I'm not guilty of. I did admit we had a brief "fling" or whatever you want to call it back in the summer for 3 months but our living arrangements still stayed the same. They basically just asked me questions about our living arrangements as I mentioned above and whether or not we socialise together etc. What really shocked me was they had contacted his employer to find out when he started working there and to find out what address he had put down which obviously was mine as he's used mine for years, they had copies of his credit files from a credit reference agency with details of all loans etc he had taken out again which all showed my address. They had print outs of my bank statements for the last year which CLEARLY shows he does not contribute to my household in any way but in fact I pay him money each month towards the loans he took out to but furniture etc for my home. They asked me about various transactions, nothing too serious. I think they had a printout of his facebook account as I recognised his profile picture on a piece of paper they held up...they didn't actually put any of the evidence down in front of me, they only held it up sideways which really bugged me. They also asked if I had one and whether it was active or not. Facebook?? honestly?? They could have just taken me to a computer and looked at mine then and there but no they want me to think they are accessing it privately which is fine I really don't care. At the end of the interview they said they may contact my neighbours to ask their view on whether or not they see us as being a couple or not which I find rediculous as they barely know me/him. I like to lead a private life, my neighbours are not the nicest of people and what if this creates a backlash of absuse against me?? They also said they may ask him to come in and speak to them but he does NOT have to attend. Well the letter came in a couple of weeks ago asking him to phone and make an appointment but he's so furious about his employer being contacted he's refusing to cooperate. He's not bothered about them digging into his financial details as he/we have nothing to hide but he's embarassed and stressed out that his employer may think he's linked to a fraud case. Does anyone know if this will harm my case in any great way given that they did say he was under no obligation to attend? There was also a man from the council present, he didn't ask many questions, I'm guessing because the main part of the interview went on for nearly 2 hours. But I did find it strange that he was the one that asked about my health conditions. Should I have notified the council of someone living in my house even though they were not contributing financially? I feel like I want to put in a complaint about the way I was treated at the IUC...at the end he was very intimidating (my advocate that I took in with me agreed) and asked me repeatedly at the end were we living together as a couple...he was CLEARLY trying to get me to admit guilt. I've read the legislation on IUC's and this is against the rules. He also said further investigations would need to be done because there was a few contradictions in the answers I had given. Now when I first went in I offered to let them see the bottles and leaflets of the medication I was on which clearly states side effects of memory problems and mental confusion and they COMPLETELY disregarded this, didn't even look at them or barely acknowledge my advocate telling them. So it ended with them telling me they would be conduction further investigations under the RIPA Act. Sorry if this story seems all jumbled up, my head is all over the place at the moment. I'm basically not denying he lives here or has used my address for however many years but I am disputing the fact that they think we are a couple and they think he has been living here a lot longer than he actually has been. I can see how it looks on paper because of the credit stuff but SURELY they cannot charge me with fraud based on this evidence alone. Unfortunately he has no proof of a previous address because he stayed with various friends/family just like he is with me at present. By the way...I used to work for DWP and process claims and we were told that people using other peoples addresses for claims etc was fine so I don't see how that's any different!! That's the main reason I didn't think I was doing anything wrong. Thanks for reading, any help/advice would be very appreciated.
  8. Hello, I am 19 years old and a student. Today I received a letter in the mail concerning an IUC dated for August 6th. To explain this benefit fraud; I lived alone from March 1st 2012 - September 10th 2012 and failed to contact the Council. The reason for this was because my father (who set up my flat and also Housing Benefits) told me not to worry about anything and he will sort everything out, it appears he failed to do so. I was receiving £127 a fortnight (to pay my landlady) and was receiving this up until last month AFTER moving out, to my absolute horror. This totals a £2540 overpayment. I KNOW that this is my responsibility 100% and I have explained this whole situation to my mother who will accompany me in this IUC. To conclude this, I would like some advice on what to expect, I am worried sick and cannot eat or think about anything BUT this. I've done a lot of research but I understand that I cannot compare cases. What should I expect and what advice can some of you give me? I really don't want this to hinder my future as I am only 19 and soon to move to attend a new University and hopefully begin my life. Thank you all very much!
  9. Hi all I had an IUC back in March which I'm appealing the decision of. It's all very sketchy. I've no idea if they intend to take me to court or not. I have the bundle of papers sent through and the transcript does not match up with what was said on the day so I need to request a copy of the tape too. My advocate also agrees there are things in there I did not say and things in there that the FIS didn't say. It's full of lies to say the least. Anyway that aside...about a week after my IS was stopped someone from DWP phoned me to confirm my bank details to start paying me CONTS IB. I wasn't asked to fill in any forms or anything so didn't have to actually state my living arrangements, however, I've now to be reassessed for ESA and I don't know what to do. If I put down on the form that I'm single and have a lodger/flatmate they may think I'm lying again and open another case and obviously I can't put down that I'm in a relationship because that's not true so what's the best thing to do? My mum seems to so think that by not claiming at all is an admission of guilt but I don't agree....they scared and bullied me at my IUC and really I want nothing more to do with them. I'm looking into selling my house, moving into somewhere cheaper and living off the profits or attending college. I realise this isn't a long term solution but it might see me through until all this investigation is over. Course all that is going to take time too, my mum said she would help me out but I don't want to rely on her for too long. I get high rate DLA care so will have to cut out the extra things I bought for my disability. My mortgage is nearly paid off and is just over £100 a month so I might just be able to manage. Does anyone have any advice please? Thank You
  10. Scenario: Mrs AA who is in her late fifties has been claiming CT benefit for the past three years and declaring that only herself and her 24 year old daughter are living there, her income is circa £81 per week and her daughters income was £25p/w at the time. She only claims a widows benefit and as she is generally housebound as uncapable going far distances alone, she does not work or go to the job centre to claim her JSA. Mrs AA has limited english speaking, reading and writing capability due to being brought up in a non english speaking envirnoment and has mainly depended on her children to interpret and help her with her claim, primarily her daughters. The daughter moved out for approx 14 months from Feb 2011 and Apr 2012 during which time in Sept 2011 She started another job £400 p/c/m on average and that has been her income since. Mrs AA did not notify the council of the changes i.e. daughter leaving and daughter returning with a different income. Recently as October 2012 Mrs AA recieves a letter from the Birmingham City Council Counter Benefit Fraud Team or FINCBFT inviting her to an interview with one of the auditors: "We are in receipt of information that indicates that the details we hold in relation to your benefit claim may be incorrect. As a result, we would like to interview you regarding this matter.... etc etc .... If you are unable to speak or read English please bring along someone who can interpret for you...... etc etc..... If you normally wear reading glasses, could you please bring them with you to the interview as you may be asked to view documents..... etc etc" PLEASE NOTE: there is no mention of fraud within the body of the letter nor is there any mention of the interview being conducted under caution. I am another daughter of Mrs AA and I have been living away from the address in question for some time now but have had some bank accounts and some credit cards under this address and I generally help my mother with her benefit claims (along with another one of my sisters who occasionally helps out too). I called the auditor on behalf of Mrs AA saying she can come but I'll have to bring her due to Mrs AA not being able to travel alone nor being able to speak English, auditor said fine but then hesitated and said not anyone directly involved with the claim or anyone who has helped her with the claim. I said fine, I helped her quite some time ago and she replied "ok, we'll see" I took my mother at the appointed time and the auditor came down to meet us in reception and she started off (in front of all other waiting public) "I need to interview Mrs AA, I understand she can't speak English", I replied "Yes, I'm here to interpret", Auditor says "you are connected to the case (I think she said this), so it can't be you" quickly followed by "I need to interview the person responsbile for filing the claim, was that yourself?", Panic took over so I mentioned that it was my other sister, auditor took details down of other sister at which point I said we both had equal contributions, so auditor took my details down too (both us sisters live in the same house) and the auditor later said "I'll be wanting to interview your other sister (and also dropped in "or whoever filed the benefit claim")". The tone of voice was different (to when we spoke on the phone) as if firm and strict, lacking pleasantness or tact, courtesy and as if her judgement passed already. so now a letter is pending to be received by my sister living at the our address. At times I feel this is a trap, the way the auditor worded the letter (standard no doubt) and the way the auditor spoke on the phone and the way she spoke to us in front of the public, she has confused the hell out of "who should/can attend or who shouldnt" in two comms encounters... because it is I who helped her with the claim in the end, can I now attend although I was previously told I couldn't? Anyway even more curious to know what info they have which goes against the claim and confused to why Mrs AA hasnt had a notification yet saying her benefit has stopped pending investigation. Do I have the right to request what info they have before hand? What happens next, what are the options, what is the best one to proceed with? Although the letter is vague, I don't think it would be wise for Mrs AA to attend the interview until it has been made clear whether the interview is a IUC type or not, but any way of finding out what info they have before going in blind? if it is a IUC a legal aid rep will be needed but it hasnt been confirmed yet and im not sure of the process within the birmingham city council. Is it worth contacting the local MP about this as it potentially can explode to something unexpected / undesired or it could be wrapped up in five minutes??? if it could be wrapped up in five minutes why has it ended up in the CBFT department, hence it must be serious but wheres the IUC letter, on the internet / forums there are a lot of mentions of this letter but not of the one Mrs AA received...... somethings got to be different. Aware that these new counter benefit teams emerged around oct 2010 around the UK since the election of the coalition government to crack down on benefit fraud as part of its new budget and it looks like auditors have targets to meet and are using a whatever means necessary? Also aware the current benefit system ends in April 2013 where a new system comes in which reduces the likely hood of some people claiming where they were able to before... Your opinions and advice will be deeply appreciated.
  11. Hi, I want to DELETE my other post but do not know how to do it so sorry for posting this again but I wanted to change title and make clearer. I am being investigated for benefit fraud. At this point, i am not sure what claims/ addresses they suspect or if they suspect all but I stupidly attended an interview under caution because the only offence I had knowingly committed was not changing my claim in time, that lead to 3 weeks overpayment, I admitted it and then got invited to interview. When I got to the interview I was interviewed for 2 and a half hours about ALL claims, the past 4 years of my life from age 16 to 19 and now, although I have not claimed for 6 months,now 20 years old. Address 1: 16 years old. They say I could only have claimed if I was a care leaver, I was not, never claimed I was. Claim was initatlly refused due to age, boss who was also the landlord said he would look into it, then two weeks later got a letter saying it had been awarded based on new information. I asked my boss what information he provided, I had NOTHING to do with it and NO knowledge he was submitting info. He claimed he just wrote to them saying we was in areas etc. It comes to light now that he must have said I had come from care, as this would have been the only reason they would have awarded it. Address 2: Lost job with first landlord, who was my boss. Guy who worked with this boss said to contact his Mother and ask to rent a room at her house as she used to rent to students. I had become depressed and quite mentally ill, self harming etc and I explained to the landlady I needed to claim HB. She said it was fine. During my time here, aged 16 and 10 months of age until 17 and 9 months of age, there was a fire that meant it was not safe for my landlords to live in and insurance put them in a hotel but would not house me. I stayed at the house during this time, investigator has flagged this up saying I couldn't have lived there. The difference is, is that the house was uninhabitable while work was going on for two people aged 73 and 74, one who had breathing problems from Asbestos. The kitchen was destroyed but I could still use a bedroom and bathroom, I pretty much didn't eat and when I did it was chips or toast etc. I stayed with friends when plumbing was done upstairs etc. I did not inform them of the fre, to be honest it NEVER crossed my mind. Address 3: Moved to a room, found add on gumtree. Turns out landlord was a sub-letter and not landlord, who had a criminal record for fraud (investigator told me about fraud, I found out about him not being landlord) One Day fake landlord tells us to get out, we say no we have a tenancy, he explains it doesn't mean anything, hes not the landlord etc. I left the next Day but carried on claiming for 3 weeks until the landlord got post for me and phoned benefits department, I admitted this before and during interview and offered to pay back etc. The son of Address 2, I started a relationship with during my time at address 3. He lived abroad during the time I rented a room at his parents and he would visit and stay in his own room. We become best friends and got very close but couldn't have a relationship and I was mentally unwell. Then we began a relationship some time after I moved out and he moved back to the UK. BEING ACCUSED OF (Contradicting by the way) Address 1: Not sure but they are suspicious of the fact I was not a care leaver. With all the new info I suspect my landlord lied to get them to change the claim decision from rejected to awarded by telling them I had come from care. Address 2: Sharing a room with the son, being in a relationship and therefore not being entitled to claim when I lived there as it is his family. NOT TRUE. Not living at the property during the fire, I suppose partly true and I shouldn't have stayed there due to the state of the house but I did. Address 2 and 3: Of knowing my landlord at address 3, whilst living at address 2 who aided me in committing fraud on a larger scale (her own words I have no idea what evidence is on this). Address 3: Continuing to claim fraudulently with the help of landlord at address 3. I suspect this is due to his history of fraud and they have put 2 and 2 together and made 11! Contradicting accusations: Address 2: Was in a relationship with son of landlord but he wasn't living there but because he was my boyfriend he paid the rent to his parents for me OR convinced his parents not to charge me. Address 3: Having my partner (who at this point WAS my partner) paying my rent for me and me pocketing the benefit. Despite me telling them he was on a £600 a month wage. I really would appreciate your advice in terms of; IF I am guilty of some fraud, will me age of 16 and 17 make it harder to prosecute Are other advice on the issues above. Cannot sleep or eat properly, having panic attacks and so on. THANK YOU.
  12. hi can anybody give me any advice at the end of november my partner got his job back after being made redundant in may, i was still working part time so we claimed h/b and c/t for that period, however i didn't phone h/b to tell them until january 5th as i was told i would be intitled to a 4 week run on as my partner had been unemployed for more than 26 weeks (just). so my benefit stopped immediatly as from phoning them or so i thought i recived a few revised benefit letters each time phone and told them i was no longer entitled to benefit s could the stop it which they did then here it comes august 1st 3 letters arrive 1 for housing benefit over payment, one for council tax over payment and 1 demanding payment in 14days now yesterday i get home and another letter asking me to ring with in 7days to arrange an appointment for an IUC if i fail a court or jury may decide in my absence and my faliure to say any thing basically wouldn't look good , i really didnt think 5 weeks was such a major deal i was obviously wrong does any one know what steps i should take i really dont know what to do?
  13. I had my IUC two months ago and one month after the IUC, I received the overpayment letter/statement and have now started a payment plan. I was told that once the overpayment dept have calculated the overpayment they return the file to the investigator who in turn passes it to the CPT department. They then decide whether to prosecute or not. Do you know how long this all takes. I know for a fact that the file was returned to the investigator nearly one month ago. I have heard nothing since. At the interview I was told that once the investigator gets back the file, they have 28 days to decide whether to prosecute. Is that the case? Thank you
  14. Hi everyone, im new here and im looking for advice on council tax benefit fraud?! to cut a long story short, my partner and i split up in Feb 2011 so he moved out and i claimed single element of council tax, on a night out we met up n ended up spending night together resulting in us having another baby, we were still separated but in December last year(baby was born Jan 2) we decided to try and give it another go and he gradually started to stay more often to help me with baby and our other children has my daughter has asthma i also suffer with depression and i really needed his help! my partner told me on few occasions to notify the council that he was back living with me but due to suffering PND i just totally forgot. back in June i received a letter informing me that i had to go for an IUC. it frightened me to death well anyway i went and admitted it and i am now paying £280 back, the problem i got now is they want to interview my partner and he doesn't want to go as he works for a neighboring local authority that will be merging with this authority and he also feels that now its being paid back he shouldn't have to go. does anyone know what will happen if he doesn't go to the IUC?
  15. Hi all, Today I have received a letter telling me I'm being investigated for benefit fraud and I must attend an interview under caution. I can categorically state I've not been involved in benefit fraud and I'm a mixture of angry and worried. I called them to ask what it was about and all they would say is that they have reason to believe my partner was living with me when I claimed. Here's the situation: I was living with my partner until June 2010. Due to various reasons we separated and he moved out. From this point I claimed benefits as I was looking after our child etc. He moved into work accommodation and paid his rent, bills and registered to vote etc etc. This can obviously be proven. We had a child together and when I called benefits to advise that my partner moved out they said "will you be sorting out child maintenance?" I replied that we would sort it out between us which they were happy with. We were amicable for the sake of our daughters and he suggested paying the gas, electric, water, tv license aswell as contributing to clothes, nappies etc for kids. This contribution amounted to about the same value as the £180 per month I would get from the CSA. It made sense too as I only have a post office account so could not have direct debits. So he kept to the direct debits. His accommodation was a single room in works accommodation and due to the nature of his work it was not appropriate for kids to go there. He would come and visit the kids and take them out a few days a week. On the odd occasion he would stay overnight to look after them more. He would sleep on the sofa and didn't eat with us at all as he was on maximuscle protein shakes so didn't eat lol. By staying over on the odd occasion I mean rarely. This continued for months. In may 2011 we began to discuss getting back together and he moved in early June and we immediately informed dwp and hmrc etc. Today 6/7 weeks later we have received this letter. I'm just worried and angry as I don't see that Ive done anything wrong at all. I can prove he lived elsewhere. What evidence could they have when ive been completely above board? Any help, advice etc would be great. Thanks
  16. I have to attend an interview under caution shortly. It is to do with undeclared income and receiving income support and HB. Can you tell me how long I will have to wait until I know the decision , i.e. if they will prosecute ? I am guessing that they definitely will prosecute but I was just wondering how long the delay was between them interviewing me and then calculating the overpayment/deciding to prosecute. Obviously if I am going to jail a timescale would be useful. Thanks
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