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  1. Yes that's the one It just seems odd to get letters but no follow up from Pension Service
  2. Hi 18 months ago I received a letter from the Pension Service (as per my post of March 2014 ) Although they said they would contact me by Phone for bank account / saving balances etc No one phoned I contacted Pension Service and they knew nothing about the letter I have just received a similar letter 3 weeks ago sent as I reached 65 I have the details requested but a bit concerned they have not contacted me yet is this normal
  3. Hi Just had to change bank accounts and was rather suprised that I had to notify both departments of the change of account details I expected to only make one call to change my details has any one else had this
  4. Thanks I will show him the reply and hopefully he will stop panicking:lol:
  5. Hi I am trying to reassure a friend who is convinced that if he tells the DWP of a change in bank account they will reassess his DLA claim I have said that he will not be reassessed untill 2015 at the earliest (re DLA website ) unless his care / mobility needs change Unfortunatley you know what chinese whispers are like I am now beginning to question the advice given has anyone heard about the above Thanks
  6. Thanks id 6052 just found pension credit regs which confirms regular payments from a relative DOES NOT count as income
  7. Hi Just been browsing the threads and a thought came to mind I am on Pension Credit and have two grown up sons at home Pension Credit are aware of this My sons every month pay from their wages their share of the household bills inc the Council Tax plus anything they had borrowed over the month (from my account ) This can be a credit of over £250 per month into my account (They mark the transfer as "BOARD " Will Pension Credit assume that these payments are Income when they reassess my claim or will they accept the transactions for what they are
  8. Hi Just had written confirmation from pension credit I CAN close ESA(CB) without penalty Thanks everyone
  9. account has been reinstated
  10. I wonder if that when the "advisor's " both past and present realised i DID NOT want an overdraft / credit card that is when they implied i should not have that account I will ring telephone banking and register a complaint tomorrow
  11. I have checked it does not seem to have a regular credit stipulation average credit between the basic and the select has been about £1000 per month but I have had no end of problems with staff telling me I should not have been upgraded When I have queried this with management they have said there is no reason why I should not have been offered the Select account p.s I have had no problem with using a basic account - i am just confused
  12. Hi Just a little confused I had 3 accounts at with Nat West Basic Account, Select Account which was to replace the Basic Account when I got around to giving the DWP the new details; and a Savings Account The Select and the Savings Account had NIL balances I have always kept my accounts in order and not had any borrowing from the bank I called today with a routine banking query and was asked to see a member of staff who then persuaded me that if I am not using the accounts (Select and Savings ) I should really close them down I understand the logic of having what were dormant accounts closed but wonder why the Bank wanted the Select account closing when it was last used about 6 weeks ago or should I not been offered an upgraded bank account in the first place
  13. Hi found this The Disability Rights Handbook has a section about Men having to be treated equally with Women. So a man who is the same age as a woman who is receiving State Pension, when he is not yet eligible, is entitled to NI credits until he reaches State Pension Age, without having to claim ESA or JSA. When State Pension ages become equal for men and women, these temporary arrangements will cease. so it seems the DWP are right
  14. Hi Just received a note from the DWP suggesting I close my ESA (WR(contribution based )) and claim Pension Credit ( I am 63 and a half) I only receive a NI contribution from ESA plus Pension Credit so it makes sense I phoned DWP and they say if I close ESA I will not have to have any medical or take part in work related programmes I have checked with former colleagues ( at the CAB ) they confirm that the info is correct Just seems to good to be true any one had any experience of this
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