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  1. I wouldn't dare complain, it was terrifying going through that, I just want rid of them so they can't tell me what to do. The fraud officer was really nasty on the phone when I wrote in to relinquish all my HB and CTR. They showed me no evidence, they'd have had a job to as there is none because nothing's happened except my bf stays over. He said hey had enough evidence to prosecute me but I guess they just say that to scare you. They've got what they wanted, I've ended my claim, I'm not prepared to go through this again and I'm definitely not prepared to only see my bf one night a week. We ar
  2. I discussed it with my divorce solicitor. It's not her area and she would have recommended someone else to represent me in this if I needed it, but she said the same, that there's no limit on nights a week etc, which is also what CAB and WTC said. WTC were great, asked if we shared bills (no), any joint bank accounts (no), who shops and pays for food and house stuff (me), does he give me any money (no), then said there's no limit on nights etc. I volunteered other info like that I'm going on holiday with him soon and we'd shared the cost and they said that was fine and a holiday with a bf didn
  3. Thanks for your reply. They moved it forward. It was awful, worse than I thought, I should have taken a solicitor. They didn't produce any evidence other than my facebook profile photo of me and my boyfriend which was available to anyone online (it's not any more though!) like having a photo of you together means you're leaving together?! My soon-to-be-ex-husband pays the mortgage on my marital home which he lives in alone. My boyfriend pays his own mortgage on his own house and council tax too. I rent, alone, and claim HB etc. They would have been welcome to my bills and bank statements as no
  4. Thanks for your reply. I'm working at the moment so am struggling to get hold of CAB. However I have rung the fraud officer who sent the letter and asked what it's about. He wouldn't discuss it, but did offer to move my appointment to tomorrow morning so at least I don't have to cry over it for the next fortnight!
  5. Hi - I'd be really grateful for some advice. On Saturday I received a letter from the council to attend an IUC on 13th May regarding allegations of a fraudulent benefit claim. I'm a single mum in a rented house. I work full time, low wage, receive HB and CTR, and also WTC and CTC. I am married, but legally separated from Sept 2011 and began divorce proceedings in April 2012. I have a marital home (no equity) and a mortgage, my husband lived in that and pays the mortgage as I moved out when it became too difficult to live with him. I have a boyfriend who I met in July 2012.
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