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  1. If you are thinking about the severe disability premium (SDP) then your mother won't qualify for that because you are living in the same household as her and you only get the SDP if you are living alone and nobody else receives carers allowance for you. It won't make any difference though if you son claims carers for you or your mum as long as you are both receiving the right level of DLA , PIP or AA.
  2. It is highly unlikely that you will be allowed extra time to submit that information. Your physical restrictions and pain are not considered in the planning and following journey activity as they are considered in the next activity (moving around) that considers the ability to stand and move. So your wife accompanying you to help you in and out of the car is not considered, they are looking at it you have any cognitive, sensory or mental health that would prevent you from planning and following a journey. How often do you go the local shops and how often do you go to work? Does your wife ac
  3. I haven't had any dealings with UC for over 12 months sorry, but from my understanding as the lead carer your will not be set a MIF until your child turns 1, however if your husband was self employed prior to the claim then he will have a MIF set. Have you been in to see someone on the UC team who is not actually a Work Coach so it could be a PASA (personal and account support agent) but they may have to call the main service centre hotline for advice during the interview as they don't usually get involved in this type of enquiry and work coaches only deal with the work related items. I'm r
  4. As an appointee you are the representative for your mother, An AP is an assessment provider HP is the healthcare provider which for DWP is one and the same. A corporate appointee is usually a private firm or local authority that act on behalf of a claimant in a larger scale and you are an appointee which is an individual appointment for a claimant. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/personal-independence-payment-assessment-guide-for-assessment-providers If that link doesn't work go to the gov.uk website and look for personal independence payment assessment guide for assessmen
  5. Don't know anything about child DLA sorry , but with regards to your Mothers PIP application you will need to contact them and as you are an appointee there should be no requirement for a face to face interview it should be considered as a paper based review. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/547146/pip-assessment-guide.pdf 2.15.17. Where a claimant has an appointee, this will be flagged in the initial referral to the AP. Where an appointee has been nominated to represent the claimant, the claimant must not be instructed to attend a face to
  6. If you don't agree with a claimant commitment you can dispute it, you then have to construct a version that you think is reasonable and the two versions are sent to the DMA team to consider both versions. I've seen a few of them sent away and seen both outcomes so before anyone tries to say that DMA will simply take the JCP staff CC that is not the case. Also if the CC is not signed then it is not valid but old versions are not retained electronically so keep any paper copies that you have in case you need to submit as evidence. Directions are not used as much now as the CC is supposed
  7. The company will need a form completing for you go to give your permission for the DWP to disclose any information and then it will be sent directly to your local Benefit Delivery Centre to complete. As this is not a payment critical form it is highly likely that the form will not be classed as high priority and will be dealt with in strict date receipt order.
  8. or it goes on your claimant commitment that you will attend daily or have daily contact in one form or another.
  9. Permitted periods are not automatic for job searching so unless you have been actively employed in that field for at least 2 years you can't just stick to one area and you will be expected to search for all work that you are capable and qualified to do. When I left the JCP last year there was something coming in about mandatory contact but I haven't kept upto date with it sorry as I'm in another field now. The contact could be however you and your work coach deem acceptable, it could be by telephone, email, job clubs, training sessions, work experience or face to face appointments when I le
  10. The jobpoints were removed from JCP offices some time ago as you could search but not apply for jobs. So there are now computers available to use. The jobseekers agreement SHOULD be a discussion between you and your work coach and they should ask what type of work you think you are likely to achieve as well as what you would like to do. Try not to worry too much at the moment as you don't know what the outcome of your ESA50 is yet.
  11. Apologies for the abbreviations it is the DWP speak in me, I use to work front facing in a JCP office and worked as part of the UC team but don't classify myself as a horror (I left the front facing side of DWP/JCP last year as to be honest I was verbally abused and threatened in front of my child when out of work by someone who simply recognised me from working in that particular office and not because of anything that I had done as I had no interaction with that particular claimant and I now work in another part of DWP) If you get a fit note from your GP you need to call the Service Cen
  12. You can also look at applying for recoverable hardship payments of UC, it is repayable if you are entitled to it. Did you keep evidence of all your job searching for the weeks in questions as on UC if you are sick you are still required to follow your CC as usual, if it is going to be a long term illness you can have you CC reviewed to take some reductions into account however until you have had a WCA that states you are in the WRAG or SG you are required to continue to provide the evidence. If you have the evidence you can request an appointment to have the information copied and sent to
  13. I think that if you were to make a claim for HB you would be directed towards UC anyway as a single non householder as UC has been introduced to replace the income related benefits. IT woudl behighly likely that both the HB and JSA would be declined and you would be advised to claim UC to cover everything.
  14. D you have any specialist input for your mental health CPN or counsellor? If you do then you could ask them or your GP for a letter to state that you current mental health is unstable and it would be recommended for you to have either a home consultation or paper based review. Try to get your GP to emphasise the need for the paper based review but there are never any guarantees. PIP ad ESA are seperate so if you decided not to go ahead with the claim it wouldn't effect your ESA but why should you go without when there are alternative ways of conducting the assessment.
  15. Assuming the medical assessment is for ESA then there will be no impact on your carers but the PIP medical would potentially have an impact on your carers allowance. If she passes the medical assessments then your carers allowance will remain in payment. If she fails the medical then your will be entitled to carers allowance for a run on period of 8 weeks, that will also give her a chance to request a mandatory reconsideration if she does not agree with the decision. If the PIP is not reinstated or the mandatory reconsideration is not changed in her favour then you would lose your car
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